How to set up “Adsense for Search”


Google Adsense It is one of the best way to monetize your blog. Any blogger can quickly add text ads, link ads, and AdSense ads to the site/blog. In this article, we will show you step by step how to add the “Adsense Search” tab to your site and make the results appear within your blog.

Adsense for search helps maximize your earnings, it helps readers find content on your blog. Even if you don’t use AdSense for search, you should have a search box on your blog to ensure that your readers can find content on your blog. Moreover, displaying search results in your blog will help in Reduce bounce rate of your blog .

When we configure Adsense for search, you have two options:

  1. Show search results within the blog page.
  2. Show search results on a page Google .

In order to retain the visitor on your blog and lower the bounce rate, it is a good idea to display the search result in your blog. In this tutorial, I will be sharing how you can create an AdSense for search and show results within your blog page.

You can make money using Google Adsense for search, so why not use it? Want to make a jump? Huh! Read this tutorial! I know, I know you know about Adsense for search but it is good to let people know that they are losing a huge amount of money from their search results.

For this tutorial, I will be using an interface The new adsense as an example and if you are still using the interface adsense old, you can click on “Try the new AdSense interface” at the top right to enter the new AdSense dashboard.

1) Open your AdSense account, click on My Ads, choose Search from the left, click on Custom Search Engines and click on New Custom Search Engine.

  pure adsense
pure adsense

The following page will appear, click on the button shown in the image.

pure adsense
pure adsense

The following page has been made:

pure adsense
pure adsense

2) Fill in the name of this ad unit, keywords and all other data.

3) In “What to search for” select “Only the sites you want” and type URLs complete (including //:http) sites you want to be searched. You can just add your site to show results from your blog/website.

Then click on ‘Search Results’, and you will see more options, as the following screenshot shows.

pure adsense
pure adsense

4) In Search Results and Site, go to Search Results and select On my website and enter your site link.

5) Now log in to WordPress dashboard]and create a new wordpress page. This page will be where the search results will be displayed. It is best to create a page name using Search and don’t forget to use any index tag for that page. So let’s assume your page name is

6) In the image above, in the URL field, you will add Replace the domain name with your actual domain name.

7) Click on “Save and Get Code”. You will get two tokens. The first code is for displaying the search box, and the second code is added on the page where you want to show the search results, i.e. the page you create in the fifth step.

8) Open your WordPress dashboard and open the editor HTML for the page you created in step five. Paste the second code you got in the previous step.

in the content editor Gutenberg Add a new block/component called html code, click on ‘ text’ Then add the code where you want the ad to appear on your text editor (code editor), .

pure adsense
pure adsense

9) Create an item widget /widget a new text and then paste the first code in it.

10) It’s all right! You’re done, start earning from search results.

[*] If your search box is big then search for “size=” in the first adsense code and set its value to a smaller amount as you like.

Many AdSense publishers have claimed that the search box helps them generate good revenue. You can always configure the ad placement to search during ad setup or modify the already created channel from the dashboard.

Did we know if you are using AdSense for search and does the search result appear on your blog page or have you let readers away from your blog?

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