3 Easy Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

how to get free YouTube subscribers
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  • September 30, 2022
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How to get 1000 subscribers

Profiting from YouTube is the best way to profit from the Internet for beginners and professionals for several reasons, such as the multiplicity of ways to profit from YouTube and the different methods of withdrawing from it that suit most people,

but the biggest obstacle for channel owners and content creators is to increase the number of subscribers in legitimate ways without using subscription exchange sites And bring subscribers in easy and free ways.
Increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel

Why should you avoid the program to increase YouTube subscribers?
Beware of programs to increase YouTube subscribers, because they will never benefit your channel. This type of program will only bring fake subscribers to your YouTube channel, meaning that you will not get any interaction or any profits, and the second reason is that it may lead to the closure of your channel because this is against the laws of the Creators Forum in The YouTube .

how to increase subscribers

There are many ways to increase subscribers to YouTube channels, including paid methods and free ones (of course we are talking about legitimate methods and not subscription exchange sites).

Paid method

Buy YouTube subscribers

The paid way to get fast YouTube subscriptions is by making a YouTube advertisement through Google AdWords to get views of your video, comments, likes and subscriptions also according to the budget that you will pay with your advertisement.

With a simple calculation for almost every ad campaign you do and for every 10,000 views you will bring to your video, you will get 100 subscribers to your channel.
10 thousand video views = 100 YouTube subscribers.

That is, if your advertising campaign targets Arabs, especially North African countries, it will cost you approximately $100 to get this number of views and subscribers.

The process may seem a little expensive, especially for brothers who are beginning to profit from the Internet and who do not have enough money to promote their channel, so I will also provide you with a free way to get YouTube subscribers for your channel.

The free method

This method is not well known in our Arab world, and I have made a video explaining the strategy in detail and how you can get a large percentage of views for your video, even if your channel is small.

The method depends on using the tube buddy extension for your Google Chrome browser, as it will provide you with many important information about your channel and the keywords for each video and each YouTube channel,

especially the percentage of competition for any keyword before using it, and the most important feature is the right time to upload your video to get Get the largest number of views and therefore the largest number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Best way to get more YouTube subscribers

As for the third method, it is definitely the best, and it is one of the secrets that I personally use and that made my blog channel profits exceed 200 thousand subscribers in a short period of time.

A new and exclusive idea that will help you increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel
As we explained earlier, there are many distinctive ways to quickly enlarge YouTube channels, but I personally prefer my exclusive way to work through the so-called content lock!

If you do not understand the meaning, it is simply to lock certain content, such as an important link, and only allow the download of that link for everyone who will press the subscribe button through his channel, and therefore everyone interested in that link will subscribe to get that important information as shown in the image below.

Enlarge YouTube channel
In this way, you can get more than 1000 subscribers via YouTube easily daily and in a legal and legitimate way.
What you should focus on is the quality of the content and that the closed link is very important so that all followers of the video seek to get it.
The best site that offers this service in a free way is Toneden, where you can create an account for free and start working.

At the end, these were the most important ways that I personally used to increase subscribers to my channel and how to know their number and all their statistics without using any programs or applications that might harm my channel. If you have any questions, leave a comment below the article.

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