How to increase Instagram followers for free and from zero to fame

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  • February 12, 2022
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Perhaps the most frequently asked question among Instagram pioneers nowadays is: How to increase Instagram followers for free?

Do I have to pay money to get a strong start on Instagram?

This is a natural thing, as the Instagram account has become an essential account for social media pioneers, especially the accounts of influencers, marketers and brands, as it is considered one of the most important platforms for interacting with followers and for marketing products and services alike.

If you are looking for a powerful Instagram account for marketing and business, and here we are talking about an account backed by real and interactive followers, then this article is for you!

Where we will provide you with the most effective ways to increase your Instagram followers and turn your Instagram account into an attractive account with innovative and new ideas, according to modern Instagram algorithms and how it works by identifying similar publications and showing them to each user according to his interests, thus spending the users as long as possible on the platform and increasing their profits.

10 Strategies to Increase Your Instagram Followers for Free

After we learned in a previous article about the secrets of profit from Instagram 2021, here are the most important steps that must be taken to have a suitable opportunity for marketing and promotion.

Improve your Business Account

Before you take any external step to attract followers, make sure to improve your profile starting with the name by making it simple, eye-catching and accessible, or clearly affiliated with the company or brand depending on the type of account.

You must write a profile about you, your field, specialization, and goal of the account, and you must work to show it appropriately, which makes the visitor press the follow button immediately after visiting your account.

It is preferable to add your website link in your bio or use tools that allow you to add more than one link at the same time (for example, your website, services you provide, your online store, your YouTube channel, etc.), and one of the most prominent examples of our free tool Which allows you to combine more than one link into one link that you put in the bio, giving your account an official character.

Keep posting regular and attractive contents

Organized accounts always gain popularity and engaged followers. Therefore, you should publish the contents of your account at regular times during the day and suit the peak times of your followers according to your community and industry,

Here’s a sprout social tool that offers you great features for scheduling your posts as well as other features that help you coordinate your posts and connect with your audience easily.

Another tool called later helps you schedule the posts you want to publish over the week or month for free. Where you do not need to be bound and busy yourself daily to publish posts on your page, but you can schedule a daily post throughout the week in less than an hour!

One of the most important things to do is to maintain a consistent feel to your posts. Paying attention to the appearance of publications and giving them a special artistic touch and high quality attracts visitors to follow you and interact with your publications.

Many competitors offer the best content, whether images or videos, especially promotional ones, so you have to pay attention to those details and stay away from random posts and stick to your specialty.

Avoid getting fake followers

Stay away completely from buying followers in order to attract more to your account, it may seem easy at first when you want to grow the account quickly, but remember that what comes easy goes easy. So do not fall into the trap of using free Instagram followers program or programs!

The fake numbers that you will bring will not really help you buy anything from products or services, but will lose the credibility of the account and the trust of visitors from followers and companies, and this is something you will not want in the world of Instagram marketing!

So be patient and build your account with mutual trust with your followers, you need followers who interact with your posts by liking, sharing and commenting to achieve the goal of marketing either for you, your field or for brands.

And don’t worry if it’s been a month or two since you created your page and you haven’t found the result you’re looking for! It takes time, effort, and sometimes luck! Just one post from your page can go viral overnight and reach thousands of people, and then your page must be backed by rich content in order for visitors to follow you!

Promote your account

Promote your Instagram account everywhere, you need to connect to as many people as possible.

You can simply include it on your own site if it exists, share it on all your other social media accounts and share your featured posts on other sites so that you get people’s attention and get them to follow you on the platform.

By the way, promoting your account and asking to follow among your friends and acquaintances is not a bad thing! On the contrary, you will get an interactive local following that can bring more and more followers to your account.

When you promote the account, be sure to provide inspirational contents to the visitor and not only promote your account, market products and request follow-up only, but provide useful and interesting content such as tips in your field or show some of your own work for the followers to enjoy.

One of the best techniques to promote your page for free is to use another platform that has a significant number of followers and put a note (below every post, video or photo on this other platform) remembering that you are active on Instagram and followers can communicate with you through it! In this case, your followers will go to add you and send their inquiries!

Find out what your followers are looking for

It sounds a little complicated but knowing what your audience like will save you a lot of time to post the required content. This is achieved by monitoring the posts with high interaction rates and knowing the reasons for interacting with them, either according to the type of content, description or used hashtags, which we will talk about later in the article.

Always use the trending topics and popular marketing methods on Instagram that can be used to keep up with updates and stay on top of appearances.

In fact, you will only be able to know the required content through experience, so be bold and think of innovative and new ways to publish your content while sticking to your field, always keep this point.

You can also look at the accounts of your competitors, it may inspire you with new ideas, but stay away from the copy-paste process, as it will not show the fruits of your effort, keep your own fingerprint for the contents of your posts and account.

Social Media Marketing Guide

Write an appropriate and correct description of the posts in Instagram, you will find many posts with different interaction rates, even though they are from the same account! You will find that the description attached to the content plays an important role.

So, formulate the content with simple and expressive words that give the purpose of the publication as soon as you read it, and you can add some emoji (emoji) that give a clear impression of the purpose of the publication, and you can refer to other accounts of celebrities and influencers related to the topic of the content and your field.

Some experiments have shown that long-described posts between (35-100) words lead to content reaching a larger number of followers, and this is due to the Instagram algorithms, which tend to publish written content, which increases interaction.

So appreciate the appropriate description of your account contents so that you get priority in getting your posts to the right place.

Find the right hashtags

It is one of the most reliable ways to get more followers. Hashtags have proven their primary role in spreading accounts and posts on social media in general, but on Instagram, using hashtags in a proper way is a very important thing for growth.

But do not enter the space of hashtags and choose randomly, as this will not bring the desired result. As a marketer, you should look for hashtags related to the content of your Instagram posts and your account domain in general.

To find the right hashtag, look for well-known hashtags, but do not contain many posts, so that you will not have to compete to appear among more than a million publications using the same hashtag on Instagram. Find hashtags that target your audience and that attract people to visit your account and thus increase your Instagram followers for free.

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in one post, so use them smartly and do not repeat the same hashtags in each post, but choose them in a variety of ways with regard to marketing in your field and the content of the post.

And do not forget that you can create a special hashtag for your page, this will help to spread the trade name of the page, and attach your hashtag to all the publications you publish, so that all your publications are in one easily accessible place.

Stay in touch with your audience

Of all the effort involved in building a business account, Instagram followers really appreciate your contact and respond as quickly as possible to comments and messages.

Opening the space for conversation through eye-catching visual contents is the preferred and most popular type of communication between followers and account holders via Instagram, according to the latest study from the sprout social site.

And the audience always prefers to discuss all new products or services of brands and influential accounts, so make sure to display all new in the best way and communicate and respond as quickly as possible and as much as possible in the number of comments and messages in order to maintain a relationship of trust and credibility with followers, and therefore whenever The more discussion about your Instagram posts, the more followers you have, so this works in your favor, too.

Communicate with your competitors’ followers

This step is to comment and share the posts of competitor accounts on Instagram. Where you can take precedence in responding appropriately and usefully to the comments of followers in accounts that are similar to your field and specialization, and perhaps open discussions as needed and the importance of the topics raised.

This positive interaction will bring more users to visit your hard working account and subsequently follow you.

In this step, there is a mutual benefit for you and your competitor’s account, whose contents you contributed to by interacting with it by commenting and possibly sharing the post if it is closely related to your field.

Do Follow for follow,

The shoutout method is for an account similar to your industry to publish your account on their profile and ask their audience to follow you, which is one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to get engaged followers.

It can be done either by mutual benefit where you exchange accounts constantly and at different times, or by paying a sum of money for publishing and requesting a follow-up, or by providing some of your free services represented in your specialization, and the decision to conclude these commercial agreements is up to the people themselves to reach a means that satisfies both parties .

The follow for follow strategy is to follow engaged accounts with interests related to your industry that you can find in shared accounts of celebrities and influencers or in the comments on your posts.

You follow them with the aim of following in return, and you can unfollow them after a while if they do not meet you with the follow-up.

But we have to note that following this method constantly will expose you to ban from the Instagram site. On average, you can follow 20 accounts per day, and in any case, when your account reaches 10,000 followers, you will not need this method.

Another important topic is the guide to working online in video editing

These were my friends the best and most reliable strategies to get more Instagram followers for free. Actually, these tips are enough to open your horizons and make your account more attractive to followers, and by following them and working correctly and innovatively, you will build a close relationship with the audience.

But at the same time, do not expect getting large numbers of followers in a short time, just be patient and work to provide useful content to all those interested in your specialty and promote your products and services intelligently and you will definitely reach your goal.

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