How to increase AdSense profits in 30 effective and guaranteed ways


get to know me 30 guaranteed and effective ways to increase Adsense profits 2022

Over the years the world of the internet has come to know, we have found an increasing number of website owners coming to and selling their sites using Adsense. Larger companies usually have a team dedicated solely to selling advertising inventory directly so smaller sites tend to rely on ad networks such as adsense To generate revenue, I have, in this article we will outline for you several ways to increase AdSense profits.

The reason he made it adsense A source of a quick stream of revenue for those starting online is the ease of setup (in just a few hours) and the speed at which you’ll start seeing the pennies pour in. However, optimizing AdSense to ensure that you, your visitors, and advertisers get the most out of your site, is a more in-depth process.

Below, we’ve put together a list of 30 tips, tricks, and tryouts to help you earn more money with AdSense and increase revenue over time without deciding to sell or quit.

Increase Adsense Earnings: Quick Tips and Fixes

I found the official guide provided during the Google AdSense signup process to be somewhat limited and not provide much useful advice.

Some of the tips below may appear obvious to the most experienced website owner, and you’d be surprised how many people have lost their low-hanging fruit by not knowing about these quick Adsense fixes.

1. Use standard ad units

There are more than a dozen ad units offered by Google and partners must choose between them. However, using the most popular sizes (i.e. 300 x 250, 728 x 90, or 160 x 600) will give Google a wider range of advertisers to choose from.

2. Allow text and image ads

You can choose within AdSense to restrict an ad unit to “images only” or allow both text and image ads. Allowing both will give Adsense a deeper selection of ads to choose from and will in turn increase your clicks and hence your prices and earnings.

3. Place ad units above the content

This may seem obvious, but the closer to the top of the page your ads are on, the more likely they are to be shown and clicked (plus the more money you have to earn).

4. The relative position of the ads

Placing ads above content is generally beneficial for revenue, the relative position of an ad (i.e. what is placed next to it) can be more important than its explicit position. (Think about the most interactive area and then place the ad in an area that is likely to be clicked).

5. Check your opportunities

In your AdSense Partners account, you will see the Opportunities tool that highlights the degree to which your revenue has improved. This tool is simple and generic, but it’s worth checking you get the highest possible score or digging a little deeper to check or fix something.

6. Add a number of Adsense ad units

Adsense does not specify the number of ad units per page, but the content should not be mixed with the ads and become difficult to differentiate between them. However, in some cases, pages can easily accommodate more ads without overwhelming your visitors.
If you are looking to increase your revenue and think your site can do well with more ad units, you can always add other Adsense units.

7. Set up a custom search engine on your site (Adsense Pure)

This is a great way to get more AdSense units on your site, as the CSE will usually see a high number of clicks per minute (although the traffic is relatively light).

See also: How to create a pure adsense box Putting in a page of your blog and making the results appear on a page of your site?
However, be careful not to overdo it:
When AdSense earnings start to increase, it becomes easy to make bad decisions that can be harmful to your site in order to generate additional revenue. What may seem like a short-term profit can hurt your long-term profits and returned traffic.

Increase Adsense Profits: Ideas and Practices to Try

We believe that the easiest path to success with AdSense is to be able to experiment with what works best for your site and your audience. Since your website audience will be unique to each other, it is impossible to give you suggestions that are universally applicable to every niche. However, we’ve put together a few ideas for experimentation to get you started and help you figure out what works best for you.

1. Resize your ads

Try replacing 300 x 250 ads with 300 x 600 ads.

This small increase in ad size will allow you to allocate more premium places and deliver more eye-catching ads with better calls-to-action (hopefully translating into higher click-through rates).

Similarly, changing the leaderboard size from 728×90 to 970×90 helps ads attract more new and returning visitors. However (as mentioned in point 1), if you use these uniquely sized ad units, this may limit the number of advertisers you have to choose between.

2. Change the colors of your ad units

A simple suggestion, but taking the time to find the perfect combination of text/background and border color can be time consuming but can result in huge rewards for your AdSense earnings.

Changing the colors of the links module from the standard blue to a color that is more in keeping with your site can be very effective.
Place a link ad unit below the main menu:

This is in line with the AdSense terms of service and can quickly become a great source of income for your site.

3. Mix banner ads with text

An effective way to draw attention to your banner ads is to mix them up and include them in your content.

You can experiment with different positions within your text to see who gets the most clicks.

4. Placing banner ads at the bottom and top

Bulletin boards (728 x 90 ad units) are most commonly placed at the top of a page with the intention of making it the first thing people see. However, when visitors immediately scroll to the bottom, the ad is lost. One solution to this is to place the ad right above the title of the article, so it is displayed for a longer period of time with more interaction with the visitor.
Do you do a number of Google experiments? :

It is very easy to run A/B experiments within your Google AdSense account. Meaning, there is no reason not to do at least one experiment at all times to find out which ad or ad format will give you the most revenue.

5. Shift from right to left

Since most people in the world read from left to right, it makes sense that the content on the left of your site should be viewed more often than the content on your right. (For example, if you have an ad unit in the right sidebar of a page, try moving it to the left).

6. Put ads in the comments section

This is a part of the site in general that is far below visual, but an area that has also garnered a very high level of engagement (great for ad impressions and potential earnings).

7. Align ads with your content

If your ad is adjacent to an introductory video, for example, when visitors expand the video to watch it, the ad will be taken out of sight. Answering this can move the ad to the bottom of the page to stay in view.

8. Stopping other revenue streams

As noted previously, we generally encourage running other types of monetization efforts besides banners adsense to supplement and diversify your income. However, to analyze the effect on performance adsense your business, it may be worth turning them off to see if they are preventing you from achieving a higher income.

Increase Adsense Profits: Our Technical Tips

In addition to the many creative-based elements outlined above for increasing revenue, we have some behind-the-scenes insights that can help your entire ad serving process run much more smoothly.

Increasing the speed of your websites, improving the appearance of your site on mobile devices and taking advantage of the analytics/reporting methods available can all be beneficial to your overall income.

1. Top performing ad units first in HTML:

Ads are filled on a first-come, first-served basis by AdSense. This means that if you have your best performing ads first in HTML you will ensure that it is shown to the viewers first.

2. Optimizing the site to receive and use mobile devices

It may come as a surprise to some that a high percentage of the traffic to your site comes from mobile devices (and it’s growing rapidly).

Make sure you visit your site from your reader’s point of view to understand your ad unit’s experience, if it’s sub-optimal, there may be some quick fixes for you to improve user experience.

3. Mobile-friendly ad partners

Many ad networks (such as automatically adjust ads to display in a way that makes sense to mobile devices.

You’ll be happy to hear that there’s no extra work required for this, it’s the same code that runs traditional desktop ads.

4.Improve the page loading speed

Not only will slow loading ads on your site lower the performance of your ads, but it will also lower the performance of your ads as a whole.

5. Try sticky link ads on mobile devices

AdSense can now offer partners optimized for mobile on Mobile Anchor Ads that will stick to the bottom of the mobile device screen while the user is scrolling.

6. Always use ads that scale depending on the device

Another option is the Google Responsive Adsense Code. With this, you can enable your site to dramatically and automatically change the size of the ads displayed on the user’s screen.

7. Get to know your AdSense reports

AdSense features a very detailed and flexible reporting interface where you can analyze information about your conversions. Taking the time to understand all of the data available to you will help you become a much better ad optimizer.

Do you want to be banned from adsense!!

In this article, we have taken what you must do to earn money and increase your earnings from AdSense. However, we also thought it might be useful to highlight what not to do when you start optimizing and experimenting with display ad revenue.

Hide ads: As a general rule, your ads should never be deceptive. It is difficult to define this format as you can see from our points above that there are infinitely different variations of ad size and placement.

Advertising should always be clear to your readers that the units they click on are ads. If you are misleading by giving them the impression that the link leads to another section of your site for example – this could lead to penalties from Google.

Talking about your ads: According to its terms and conditions, Google does not want you to share a lot of information about your experiences and triumphs with AdSense. Publishers like you are not allowed to share any confidential information like CPM or CTR.

However you are allowed to discuss the percentage change in earnings (i.e. of changes you may make to your site), you should always avoid specific amounts and prices as that can also leave you in a sticky situation with AdSense.

Don’t think short term: As mentioned earlier, you should always put your visitors first and think of the bigger picture (especially if you are looking to sell your site someday). You may find opportunities for easy extra earnings that come at the expense of your users’ experience and long-term prospects for the site.

It is important to keep a close eye on any metrics that may be affected by your AdSense experiences such as your visitor time on the site and bounce rates.

So do you know how you can increase your Adsense earnings?

As a website owner, you can easily get caught up in the day-to-day running of your site and underestimate the value of taking the time to properly optimize your ads in order to improve your business.

Even the most modest improvements in a few key performance metrics can significantly increase your incremental earnings (especially as your traffic grows). We encourage you to try these tips out and try them for yourself – be sure to leave a comment below to let us know how you got on!

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