How to get the most powerful YouTube hashtags to increase followers


Dear esteemed, this will be important for every person who wants to enlarge his fanbase on YouTube and increase followers and views on YouTube, specifically YouTube Shortz, where we will learn more about the importance of placing the hashtag in the description of the video or title and the extent of its impact on the video that you publish on YouTube, as we will learn about How can you get The most powerful YouTube hashtags ready through Youtube hashtag It gives you the most used hashtags.

Therefore, dear reader, if you want to increase followers and views on YouTube and YouTube Shorts, and are looking for famous YouTube hashtags to increase subscriptions and likes, then this is directed to you, so follow the explanation to learn the details.

How to get the most powerful YouTube hashtags to increase followers

YouTube is the largest platform for watching and displaying videos in the world, as the number of users of the application has reached more than two billion users per month, which is a record number in which YouTube surpasses many other applications, and people target it either with the intention of working and producing attractive content with the aim of Profit from YouTube Or for the purpose of browsing videos and entertainment.

It is a huge site that includes millions of videos of all kinds, and the American company Google has recently worked on developing YouTube and adding YouTube Shorts to its list of applications and issued it to enter the arena of competition with the world-famous Tik Tok application, where the user can publish videos that do not exceed one minute in length, and the idea of ​​​​this application A list of increasing followers and subscribers in the user’s account.

YouTube Shorts was able to enter the field of competition strongly, as it recently topped the search lists as a substitute for Tik Tok, which ranked first in the list of the most downloaded applications for a long time, and the percentage of YouTube Shorts usage is increasing day by day thanks to the features it possesses that the Tik Tok application does not have.

Today, in our article, we will discuss how to increase followers through YouTube hashtags.

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What features does YouTube Shortz offer to users?

There are many features that a YouTube Shortz user gets, which are as follows:

  1. First, it can play music while recording a short video on YouTube Shorts.
  2. The user can control the video speed option according to the user’s desire.
  3. Allows the feature of merging more than one clip into one video.
  4. The application is fast in performance and superior in this feature.
  5. You can scroll between the videos vertically to see all the short videos on YouTube Shorts.
  6. It includes a reverse timing feature to prevent touching the phone screen before or after recording.
  7. Finally, the application is available on all devices running Android or IOS.

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What is the effect of the YouTube hashtag in the videos?

It is important to specify the YouTube hashtag in the video on your YouTube account, because if not specified, YouTube will put a hashtag on the first 3 words that you put in the description of the video, so we, in turn, will explain how to put the YouTube hashtag on YouTube videos, which is as follows :

  • First, upload your video from the video upload page to YouTube, and do not forget to write the hashtag of the video at its beginning, either in the video title or in the description, for example ( or #youtube).
  • In this case, the active hashtag will be added above the title of the video.
  • In the event that you do not enter a hashtag in the title, three hashtags in the description of the video will be selected.
  • When you publish your video with the hashtag that you set, it will appear to the video searcher as soon as he searches for your video by placing the hashtag in the search box, where a full page will appear in front of the user showing the search results.
  • Therefore, putting hashtags in the video description or in the title will help you increase followers by making your videos appear in the search history as soon as you put the hashtag.

How to create a youtube shorts account

Although the YouTube Shortz application is very similar to the Tik Tok application in terms of publishing videos that do not exceed 60 seconds in length, in addition to the possibility of publishing very short videos of only 15 seconds in length, with the possibility of merging the video with music, songs, or even the soundtrack of series in order to publish a representative scene However, the application was not issued except in the state of India only as a preliminary experience of the application.

This is because Google aspires for the application to reach various countries of the world, including the Arab countries, so that the application takes a prominent position among the applications, and the application is now gaining fame before its launch in most countries, but it is expected that the application will gain great fame within a short period.

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How to get popular youtube hashtags

For those who take a long time searching for trend hashtags, whether it is about techniques, cooking, songs, games, and other types of hashtags that may take a very long time to collect the most powerful hashtags that help him increase followers on YouTube. You will not have to do this method after this site, which will put the most used YouTube hashtags ready for you to copy directly.

Hashtag generator website

This site is considered one of the best sites that give you 10 popular hashtags related to a specific topic. For example, if the topic you are searching for is related to games, the site shows you the top 10 tags or hashtags used on YouTube about games, as well as the rest of the categories. The site also has a very nice feature, which is identifying the places you target, meaning if you are looking for the most powerful YouTube hashtags in Saudi Arabia, it will put you the most famous hashtags used in Saudi Arabia only, and the same applies to the rest of the countries, whether you are searching for YouTube hashtags Egypt, Iraq or the Emirates Or Algeria and others, so it is considered the best site that gives you the most shared hashtags or those that have gained the highest popularity.

Hashtag generator link from here

How to upload short videos to YouTube shorts

Many users are looking for a way to upload short videos to YouTube Shorts, as we will present to you in this paragraph how to upload videos in an easy and simple way, just follow the following steps:

  1. First, the duration of the video shoot should not exceed 30 seconds, so that the clip is either for a movie, a song, or something else.
  2. It is important to put the portrait technology in order for the short video to be clear on the mobile phone.
  3. After you finish filming the whole scene, download the clip to your personal YouTube channel, and don’t forget to write #Shorts in the title of the video.

And if you want to see and watch all your short videos, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to the YouTube application either on your phone or through the computer by entering the YouTube website.
  2. In your personal channel, you will find three dots on the top right.
  3. Click on the desktop and you will find YouTube Studio.
  4. Click on the three lines on the right side, and it may be on the left side, according to the language used.
  5. By clicking on these lines, you will be taken to your page settings, such as the dashboard or content language.
  6. Among the options, you will find the option to customize, click on it, and some promotional videos and some other videos for the channel will appear in front of you.
  7. You will find a page named Short Videos, click on it, and here all your short videos will appear in front of you, and you will be able to watch them as if you were watching them on the home page of such videos.

This was our topic for today, dear ones, as we learned through this article what is the effect of YouTube Shorts on increasing followers, in addition to a lot of details about it. If you are a fan of creating content and publishing short videos, do not hesitate to participate in the YouTube Shorts application, we hope that the article has won your admiration my friends.

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