How to create an online store on Blogger in an easy way

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  • January 7, 2024
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Creating an online store on Blogger may seem like an impossible task because the platform does not officially support the creation of online stores. However, there are indirect ways through which we can achieve this easily.

In this article, we explain to you several different ways to create an online store on Blogger without going into complex technical details.

First you have to create a website on Blogger

The first step in creating an online store on Blogger is to complete the steps Create a website on BloggerYes, what you read is correct, a website and not an online store. This is because simply creating an online store directly on Blogger is something that the platform does not support.

Therefore, in this step we will implement the basic steps to create a website or blog on Blogger. These steps include the following:

  • Create an account on the Blogger platform (or log in to this platform if you do not already have an account).
  • Create a new website on the platform (which will later turn into our online store).

Secondly, choose one of the methods for creating an online store on Blogger

1. By linking your store on Sellfy to your website on Blogger

In this method you will need to create a store on a website Sellfy First, then create a website on Blogger and then link the two together. Do not worry, creating a store on Sellfy can be completed within minutes, as we will explain in the following steps:

a) Registration

Click on Start Free Trial to create your Sellfy account or register through your Google account.

(See the following picture):

Register on the sellfy websiteRegister on the sellfy website

Do not worry about subscribing to the free trial period because it does not require a bank card. You can also choose the price plan that suits you or even cancel later if the price or subscription details do not suit you.

b) Add your store details

1. Choose the name of your store and click on the pencil mark next to your website link to change its name in the link (See the following picture):

Choose the name of your store on sellfyChoose the name of your store on sellfy

2. Choose the type of products that you will sell through the store (See the following picture):

Choose the products you will sell on your sellfy storeChoose the products you will sell on your sellfy store

3. Add the link to your store’s account on social media sites or the link to your main store and its category if you have one. You can also click Next to skip this step and move to the next step.

4. Now add products to your store by clicking on Add product (see the following image):

Add products to your store on SellfyAdd products to your store on Sellfy

5. Again, choose the nature of your store’s products.

6. Now add the required product data in the following image:

Add product data in SellfyAdd product data in Sellfy

7. Add the rest of the product data and the number of available pieces in the Stock field after deselecting Unlimited.

8. Finally, repeat this step with the number of products you will sell through your store.

c) Link your Sellfy store to your Blogger website

From your Sellfy account, go to the Store Settings section, then Embed options. From here, select the codes you want to import from your store and add them to your Blogger site.

Choose to redeem the code for All products, then go to the bottom of the page and copy the code that will appear below Get code.

Now go to your site’s control panel on Blogger to add this code. Go to Layout, search for Add A Gadget, and click on it. A window will appear, from which choose HTML/JavaScript, and the following window will appear:

Link your Sellfy store to your Blogger blogLink your Sellfy store to your Blogger blog

Ignore the Title field and add the code you copied from your Sellfy store in the Content field and hit Save to save it.

To try, I added the Windows 10 operating system activation key to my store on Sellfy, then I added its code to my Blogger website so that it appears as follows on the site:

Example of a Sellfy product appearing on your Blogger blogExample of a Sellfy product appearing on your Blogger blog

When you click on the product name (Windows 10 Key), the ability to add the product to the shopping cart will appear. Now your online store customer can click on Add to cart to add the product to his shopping cart.

Then your customer is supposed to write his email address and click Continue to complete the purchase process. For your information, the purchase process takes place mainly through your store on Sellfy.

As for the Blogger platform, it is considered an intermediary platform whose mission is to transfer the process to your store on Sellfy. Finally, you can repeat the process with the number of products available on your site and control the order and way these products appear through your account settings on the Blogger platform.

2. Installing one of the online store templates

This is a completely different way to create an online store on Blogger. In this method, your site on Blogger is converted into an online store by installing an online store template.

You can use the free templates available in the Blogger template library or purchase an online store template from sites specialized in selling Blogger templates.

You can use one of the following templates to convert your Blogger website into an online store:

  • Amazon Store
  • SoraShop
  • SoraMart
  • Mega Shop
  • Value

Most of the companies that develop the previous templates provide free and paid versions at reasonable prices.

Installing one of the previous templates is very easy. All you have to do is download the template file from its home page, then unzip the file and add it to your site on Blogger by logging into the site’s control panel.

From within your Blogger account control panel, click on Theme, then click on the arrow next to Customize. Now choose Restore from the list of options that will appear to you in the following image:

Using a Blogger template to create an online storeUsing a Blogger template to create an online store

Now the following window will appear. Click on Upload and choose the template file you chose.

After clicking on Upload, another window will appear for you, from which you can choose the location of the online store template file on your device, andFor your information, the template file must have an extension supported by the Blogger platform, such as xml or text.

Finally, this is the final appearance after installing the online store template on my Blogger website (see the following image):

An online store template on BloggerAn online store template on Blogger

3. Create your own online store pages on Blogger

This method depends on creating your own online store pages on Blogger. This includes but is not limited to the following pages:

  • Product pages.
  • Shopping cart page.
  • Payment page.
  • Social media page or Contact Us.

You can add new pages to your site through the Blogger control panel. Go to your site’s control panel on Blogger and click on New Page to show you a new page.

To add HTML code for the products page or any other pages, click on the pencil mark and choose HTML VIEW.

Building a store on Blogger using html codeBuilding a store on Blogger using html code

Now a window will appear in which you can write your page codes.

I know what you’re thinking, where can I find HTML codes for my store pages on Blogger? Well there are several ways through which you can get the HTML code for any page you want.

The first and most famous method: It is learning this language or the field of website programming. Do not worry, website programming is classified by some as the easiest aspect of programming in general, and the possibility of learning it on your own by studying free courses is very high.

As for the second method: It involves hiring a programmer to write the programming code for your store’s pages on Blogger. This can be completed by hiring one of your acquaintances as a programmer or dealing with one of the programming companies in your country.

You can also hire a programmer from Freelancing sites Like Fiverr or Upwork.

Finally, you can rely on an artificial intelligence program such as CHAT GPT To write the codes for the pages that your store needs, this method requires some familiarity with the HTML language so that you can modify (if necessary) the codes that you will get from the program.

Tips for creating an online store on Blogger

1. I understand the Blogger platform

You need to understand the Blogger platform sufficiently before starting to create an online store on it. This is not difficult, especially because the platform is easy to use, and there are many sources that you can rely on to study its features and tools, and the most important of these sources is YouTube.

Also, look for user experiences with creating an online store on Blogger and review them to benefit from them. Finally, try to communicate with the owners of online stores on the Blogger platform and ask them about the difficulties they faced while creating their stores and how they overcame them.

2. Increase your knowledge of HTML

It is preferable that you have some knowledge of the programming language HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The amount of knowledge is up to you, but the greater it is, the better, because it will enable you to create an online store on Blogger through which you can sell your products safely and easily.

Increasing knowledge has nothing to do with your reliance on a programmer or programming company to create your online store’s pages on Blogger. Your knowledge of the HTML language and its auxiliary elements will help you determine the appearance of your store and the details of its pages in terms of the arrangement and shape of their elements.

3. Experiment, then experiment

We advise you to spend a lot of time experimenting with all aspects of your online store. This includes trying out the store itself, purchasing through it, and payment methods if possible, even for small amounts. Also try the templates and show them to your friends and target audience.

Allocate a period of experimentation to ensure that your store works as desired and appears attractive to your customers.

4. Pay attention to safety

Secure your primary Google account, which you will use to create your online store on Blogger, by all possible means. Also, try to use a new email account that you have not used before for correspondence, and activate all the security tools and methods that Google provides for it.

Finally, if you are going to rely on Sellfy, try to create a separate account on it and do not rely on registering through Google.

Your Sellfy account will contain important data, such as data on the means of receiving profits and data on your bank accounts, so be sure to secure it well.

5. Don’t forget that Blogger is a temporary stage

Let’s be honest, Blogger is not the best platform through which you can create your online store, especially in the long term. In other words, rely on Blogger for a temporary period only until there is a financial and technical capability that helps you move your store to a better platform.

WordPress is considered a good option for creating online stores, as it does not require indirect methods to create an online store on it. Consider transferring your store to WordPress in the future and strive to achieve the requirements of this goal.


In this article, we tried to explain how to create an online store on Blogger in a smooth and easy way and in more than one way and style.

In general, creating an online store on Blogger is considered a suitable solution for entering the world E-Commerce At the lowest possible costs and with limited technical experience.

Do you see Blogger as a reliable platform for selling products online permanently or for a temporary period? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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