How to buy from Ali Express without a visa

What is Ali Express? What are the How to buy from Ali Express? What are the payment methods that can be used to purchase from it? How is the process of exchanging or returning products? And other questions about the Aliexpress site, as many people wonder how to buy from this site.

Do not worry, dear visitor. We will answer all these questions through this article. Follow us and learn more about this huge Chinese site, Ali Express.

How to buy from Ali Express without a visa

If dear reader, we will learn through this topic How to buy from Ali Express without a visa This is because there are many people or merchants who do not know how to buy from this Chinese site and how to deal with it, whether by paying or communicating with suppliers, so follow with us to know the details about the purchase method by steps.

About Ali Express

location Ali Express It is a huge retail business on the Internet, owned by the Alibaba Group.

The beginnings of this site were as an intermediary between companies, then its scope expanded later to include many services such as those related to trade or serving individuals as well as electronic payment services, as well as cloud computing.

What are the reasons for resorting to e-commerce via Ali Express:

There are several reasons to buy from this huge Chinese site, as follows:

  • Ali Express is a site that features free shipping for almost all products.
  • The ability to import all products via AliexPress.
  • Ali Express puts product descriptions in addition to pictures.
  • Ali Express is directly connected to the manufacturers, and therefore its products are less expensive than the products available on Amazon or any other shopping site.
  • Ali Express works on shipping services to nearly 190 countries around the world.
  • Possibility to purchase small quantities on aliexpress.
  • Safe payment methods provided by Ali Express to the buyer.
  • Ali Express is a trusted and secured site through which you can buy products at a cheaper price than the local purchase prices.
  • You can get your money back in full if the product arrived damaged, delayed in its arrival, or if it did not arrive at all.

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How to buy from Ali Express?

In the event that you want to buy from Ali Express, whether with a credit card or without a card, or pay upon receipt, regardless of where you are from, whether you are from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, or in any country around the world, you must follow the following steps:

The process of searching for the product when purchasing from the Express website:

The process of reaching the product you want to buy may seem difficult, especially if you have open options, so we offer you the solution, as all you need to get that is the following:

  • Work to create an account on the aliexPress site, as to make a purchase from this huge site, you must create a new account either by entering your e-mail, or by registering via Facebook or Google from your account.
  • When you complete the registration process, an order will appear for you to enter your personal information, and lists of many products sold in the market will appear, such as accessories, gifts, clothes, and other information such as social status, field of work, average salary, as well as other sites that you use will be required from you. to purchase.
  • Doing a search for the products that you want to buy, as when you search for the products that you want to buy, you must choose from them what has received positive ratings and comments, and what is recommended is to work on choosing the products that have obtained approximately the highest percentage of positive reviews, it has become Now you can purchase products by entering the product page and clicking on the purchase icon, or you can add them to your shopping cart by clicking on the add to shopping cart icon.
  • Head to the sub-category that has more to do with your business. In order to get what you want, you must narrow your search results by heading to the sub-category or searching for related keywords.
  • In order to be able to get the products that are frequently requested from Ali Express, sort the results through the orders option, where you will see a set of product lists that have the highest sales.
  • The ability to search by tools, as there are two tools on the Ali Express website through which you can search for products, namely: the Ali Helper search tool, as this tool works to help you see the general level of trust in the supplier and the supplier’s response ratings, in the event that the products Matches the description or not, the image search tool: This tool is easy to use. All you have to do is click the right mouse button on one of the images and then click on the image search option, and then the product will appear to you through the image.

Verify the reliability of the supplier before making a purchase

Before you purchase the product from Ali Express, you must first ensure the reliability of the supplier and work to choose the ideal supplier from Ali Express, and therefore you must carry out the process of examining the product, after you have confirmed the good reputation of the supplier, you must examine the product page, through the description in a form Detailed product page in addition to the pictures, as well as the excellent reviews obtained from customers. You should also look at the quality of shipping, and what is recommended is epacket shipping, as it is faster.

The process of searching for the name of the supplier or company via the Internet You can also verify the reliability of the supplier by searching for it via the Internet, all you have to do is type the name of the company or the name of the supplier, and then view the information and evaluations of the product.

In addition to customer reviews, and most importantly, you review the guarantees provided by the supplier, which is that delivery will take place on time, as well as returns and refunds in the event that the products do not match the description.

How to communicate with the supplier of Ali Express

In order to communicate with the supplier from Ali Express directly, press the CONTACT button, and after you get the final price of the product from the supplier, you can verify the price by communicating with more than one supplier, in order to ascertain the real price in addition to obtaining the best price .

And in the event that you wish to negotiate with the supplier about the price of the product, you should know that the maximum purchase from Ali Express is one hundred pieces, in addition to that the prices on this site are approximately fixed, as well as the inability to request modification to the shape of the product or its design specifically for you. Rather, the product will arrive as shown on the product page.

You must also check whether the shipping price is included with the price of the product or not, in addition to that you can request a sample of the product before the process of finalizing the deal, in order to verify all steps of the purchase process from Ali Express, in terms of form, quality, method of packaging, as well as the period that takes place. When the product arrives to you.

This step will do two things for you:

  1. Increased confidence in the supplier and the product and reassurance of your money.
  2. To use the sample as your own experiment and advertise it on your website or on Facebook.

After doing all these steps now you can send your message to the supplier as it should include:

  • Determine the quantity of the products you want to buy.
  • Setting product specifications in terms of colors, measurements, and others.
  • Write your address in detail.
  • Determine how and how to ship.

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What are the payment methods available on Ali Express?

As for the payment method, Ali Express provides many safe payment methods, which are:

Paypal payment method:

This method is available in most countries, where you can complete the payment process securely without the need for a debit or credit card; All you have to do is make a transfer from your bank account to paypal.

Payment by bank transfer:

This method is available in all countries, where the transfer is made internationally and the payment is in dollars, and it must be mentioned that this method can be used when the value of purchases exceeds 20 US dollars.

Payment via Western Union

This method is done by going to one of the western union offices, submitting the form, and then waiting for three days until the upload is verified.

Knowing that Western Union offices are available in all countries of the world, but it is a less secure payment method than others, and the reason for this is that the transfer via Western Union takes place in the name of a person and not in the name of the company’s account.

Payment via Alipay

This method is available all over the world, where payment is made by debit or credit card, after the arrival of the goods to the importer without the product being damaged, and it is one of the most used methods.

It should be mentioned that all the payment methods available on the Ali Express website depend on the country to which the goods will be shipped, and to find out that you can get all the payment options available on Express when clicking on the option (show all payment methods), before completing the order process.

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The most important tips to consider when buying from Ali Express

Through the following, we will provide some advice before making purchases from Express, in order to avoid problems or risks of purchases, as follows:

  • Avoid clicking on the option (confirm receipt of the shipment) before its arrival, because if anything happens to the product or it does not reach you, because you cannot contact the support team because you have confirmed receipt.
  • When you buy products and ship them more than three times, you will be considered a merchant, which increases customs fees for you.
  • You should look at seller ratings before making purchases.
  • Work to compare prices between Ali Express and local websites, as sometimes the cost is lower, in addition to saving the time required for international shipping and the customs clearance process.
  • Although the site supports the Arabic language, it is preferred to use the English language, and the reason for this is that the prices of the products appear translated, and this does not give any meaning to the product.

At the end of the talk about how to buy from Ali Express without a visa, we have provided you with a detailed explanation of the Ali Express website, one of the most important Chinese sites famous in the world of e-commerce.

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