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how to become a freelancer
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  • September 8, 2022
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Becoming a freelance writer is not difficult.

You will need to invest time and energy, think on your feet and act quickly when clients contact you. In this article, I will cover the steps of how to be a freelance writer and get started on your journey!

  1. Be creative

The best way to get started writing is to write about something you love. If you have a passion for something, then you’ll find yourself naturally being drawn to write about it.

You may not always know what to write about, but if you keep at it, you’ll start to notice trends and themes that interest you.

  1. Write regularly

Writing is a skill that requires practice. There are no shortcuts to becoming a good writer. Writing daily is the best way to improve your skills.

Even if you only write for five minutes each day, you’re still making progress.

  1. Read widely

Reading will help you develop your own style and voice as a writer. Reading different types of books will help you understand how writers approach their craft.

Try reading biographies, autobiographies, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and anything else that interests you.

  1. Find your niche

Once you’ve developed a strong foundation in writing, you should focus on finding your niche.

What type of content do you enjoy writing?

Do you prefer long-form articles or short stories?

Are you interested in business topics or lifestyle pieces?

Once you figure out what kind of content you’d like to produce, you’ll be able to find opportunities to share your work online.

  1. Network

Networking is the best way to connect with people who might need your services. Start by joining groups on social media where you can meet like-minded individuals.

Join local communities and participate in events. Attend conferences and workshops to learn more about the writing.

  1. Build relationships

Building relationships with potential clients is a great way to gain experience and building your portfolio. Clients often hire freelancers based on recommendations from friends and family.

Make sure to do your best so that they recommend you to others.

  1. Get paid

Freelance writing isn’t just about building a portfolio; it’s also about earning money.

Many websites offer free opportunities to submit articles.

However, you’ll likely need to pay to publish your work. Freelance sites charge anywhere from $10-$100 per article depending on the size and quality of the piece.

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