How do you price your work in freelance?

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  • November 27, 2023
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How do you price your services as a freelancer?If you work as a freelancer, it is important that you correctly define the value of your business. The value of your business reflects the skills and experience you offer, and it determines how much your business is worth to customers. There are several ways to determine the value of your freelance work, and I will explain some tips to help you with that.

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The importance of pricing work in freelance

Pricing work in Freelance field It is of great importance to maintain the stability and quality of the work provided, as it helps determine the value of the service provided and achieve an appropriate financial return for the effort expended.
Setting the appropriate service price helps attract target customers and motivate them to contract with you. When you provide a service that meets customer needs at an appropriate price, you will have a permanent customer portfolio and recommendations from others.
Pricing work correctly helps you achieve sustainable profitability and provide high-quality services. If the expected cost of project implementation is accurately calculated and the price of the service is set accordingly, you can guarantee that you will not suffer financial losses and will be able to carry out the tasks effectively and profitably.

Determine your costs

Factors that should be taken into consideration when calculating costs in self-employment:

1. Cost of living:
When you work as a freelancer, you must take your personal living costs into account when calculating your business costs. This includes rent, food, electricity, water, health insurance, transportation, and any other costs related to your personal life.
2. Business costs:
You may need to purchase special tools and equipment to practice your freelance work, such as computers, software, hand tools, and production materials. All of these costs must be taken into account when calculating job costs.

3. Taxes and Fees:
Being self-employed means that you are responsible for paying the necessary taxes and fees on your income. Make sure to account for these costs accurately when calculating your freelance costs.

4. Marketing and advertising:
Since you work as a freelancer, you are responsible for obtaining clients and clients. Sometimes you will need to spend time and money on marketing and advertising campaigns to promote your services and increase the number of customers. You should include these costs in your calculations as well.

5. Skills development:
Professional development costs must be taken into account. You may need to attend training courses, workshops, and conferences to improve and develop your professional skills. Make sure to allocate part of your budget to these costs.

6. Time and effort:
When you work as a freelancer, your time and effort are also part of the costs of the job. You may need to work intensely at times and put in extra effort to complete projects. This time and effort must be taken into account when calculating the costs of freelancing.

Taking all of these factors into consideration when calculating the costs of freelancing will help you achieve financial success, achieve your career goals, and get the most out of your freelancing.

How to analyze the market in the field of freelancing and explore average prices

Market analysis is an essential part of your freelance strategy. Market analysis helps you understand the nature of the market, the needs of potential customers, and your competitors.

When you want to explore average prices in the market, you should collect data on the prices offered by different freelancers in your industry and analyze this data. You can do this by searching for freelance offers on recruitment platforms or social media sites.

Collect data about the prices that freelancers ask for and whether there have been any increases or decreases in prices based on the services provided.

After collecting data, analyze it to explore average prices in the market.

If average market prices are considered abnormally high, you can exploit this discovery to offer your services at more competitive prices.

On the other hand, if average market prices are very low, you may have to re-evaluate your pricing strategy to ensure that you are making acceptable profits.

Don’t forget to also review other factors such as your experience, skills, and reputation to determine the value you can provide to customers. You may have unique skills or experience that set you apart from competitors, making you able to command relatively high prices in the market.

The importance of customer experience in determining your prices as Freelance

First and foremost, you need to properly evaluate your skills and experience. If you have unique and specialized skills, your work may be worth more accordingly. Respect and appreciation for the work you provide will also be a major factor in determining the value of your work.

Customer experience is of great importance when setting your rates as Freelance. When you have a successful and satisfying customer experience, you will be able to set more accurate and fair prices. Mutual understanding between you and the client can lead to setting prices that reflect the value of the work you provide and meet the client’s expectations at the same time.

When you have an unsatisfactory or negative customer experience, it can negatively impact your freelance pricing. The customer may feel that he paid more than he expected or that he did not get the right value for what he paid. This can decrease your chances of getting new projects and increase the number of regular clients.

There are many factors that influence the customer experience in determining your prices. For example, the professionalism and quality of the work you provide can contribute to a positive customer experience. Good communication and communication with the customer can also play an important role in understanding their needs and expectations.

In addition, providing excellent after-sales service can contribute to enhancing the customer experience. When a client feels that he or she receives continued support and attention after the work is completed, he or she will likely feel satisfied and want to return to cooperate with you in the future. This can increase your chances of setting new rates based on positive past experience and the customer’s trust in you.

A practical example of applying correct pricing in your freelance business

In this video, he explains to you in a simple way how to price your freelance work in a practical way


Ultimately, determining the value of your work as a freelancer requires a lot of research and judgment. Ensure that you are able to deliver the required quality and meet customer expectations based on the value you define. This process may require some experimentation and adjustments before it reaches a balanced and satisfactory working value.


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