How do you get an Esaad card? The most important information about the Esaad card


How to get a happiness cardFollow with us, dear reader, today’s article, and know more about what is the Esaad card? Who is eligible for this card? Why did the UAE government launch it, and what are the conditions for obtaining an Esaad card? and how to get it.

We provide all of these answers to you by providing more details about the Esaad card and how to apply for it in 2023 for citizens and expatriates via the website. Technical dot com just stay with us.

How do I get an Esaad card?  The most important information about the Esaad card
How do I get a happiness card?

Many citizens and foreigners residing in the UAE are wondering how to obtain a happiness card, who are eligible for a happiness card, and can expatriates obtain a happiness card? What is the way to register for the Esaad card?

Therefore, let us, through this topic, learn more about this card, what are its features, how to apply for an Esaad card, how to communicate with Esaad in case you encounter any problem with the card, and other details you can find in this explanation, just follow us.

What is the Esaad card?

Under the slogan (As you make people happy, we must make you happy) and the UAE government is keen to take care of its employees, the Dubai Police General Command launched an initiative to support employees working in government agencies, which enables them to obtain a happiness card in order to meet all daily needs with ease with offers and discounts. provided by the card.

What are the conditions for obtaining an Esaad card?

Before we get to know how to apply for a happiness card, you must know what are the conditions for obtaining it, as there are some conditions that must be met in order to obtain a happiness card, as follows:

  • The basic condition for obtaining an Esaad card is that this card is only eligible for employees in the public sector, and that they hold an Emirates ID or have a valid card.
  • They must also provide documents showing a salary statement obtained from the department in which they are employed.
  • The first-degree relatives of the employees, including the father, mother, children, wife and husband, benefit from this card.

Advantages of the Esaad card

Before we explain how to obtain an Esaad card, we will mention to you the most important advantages that holders of this card receive, which are as follows:

  • One of the advantages of the Esaad card is that its users can obtain multiple discounts from restaurants, for example, a 15% discount offered at Chili’s Restaurant, Gourmet Restaurant, Romano’s Macaroni Restaurant and Burger Kitchen, and they can also get a 20% discount offered from Burger Fuel Restaurant and Nando’s Restaurant.
  • Among the advantages of the Esaad card is also the enjoyment of discounts and offers on all services and goods, as well as all employee needs.
  • Also, obtaining discounts for clothes and fashion, as a 25% discount is obtained from Betty Batou Fashion, a 20% discount from United Designo, as well as a 20% discount from Gymboree, and 15% when purchasing from Sacoor Kids Fashion.
  • Those who are entitled to a happiness card can get discounts from some hotels such as Avani Deira Hotel by 45%, and the Caribbean Cruise Hotel by 40%. As for the Al Mirath Hotel Bangkok, it offers holders of a happiness card 40% discount, as well as the Four Seasons Hotel offers a 40% discount for Esaad card holders.

How to obtain an Esaad card?

After we got acquainted with the terms of the Esaad card and the benefits enjoyed by the Esaad card holders, we will mention to you the following how to obtain a Esaad card, through the following:

  • You must first register on the official website of the Esaad card from here:
  • Work to record all the data that is required of you within the correct fields.
  • Then apply for an Esaad card in order to be able to obtain the card.
  • Then wait until the response is received via your e-mail, where the content of the message is to inform you that the Esaad card has been activated electronically.

How to apply for a Happiness Card 2023

For those who are wondering how to request and obtain an Esaad card, an Esaad card is requested by following these steps:

  • After clicking on the Esaad card link esaad In order to enter the official website, you will find a page in front of you in order to register the required data such as a photo, first and last name.
  • Enter the e-mail twice in order to confirm receiving the Esaad card.
  • This is followed by entering your password twice for confirmation, and then entering your mobile phone number.
  • Choose the language through which you want to receive notifications, as you will see two options, either activate the card in Arabic or activate it in English.
  • Work on choosing the city in which you can, as you have many options.
  • Enter your address and make sure it is spelled correctly.
  • Next, write the Emirates ID number.
  • Enter the verification code to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Finally, the request to obtain an Esaad card is sent by pressing the “Submit” button, bearing in mind that you can cancel the request by pressing the Cancel Request button.

How do I communicate with Asaad?

Esaad card holders can contact Esaad to ask any inquiries or questions or to file complaints, by following the following steps:

  • Log in to the official website of the Esaad card from here.
  • Clicking on the connection option.
  • Work on selecting the type of request through the drop-down list.
  • Enter your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Write a title that matches the inquiries to be responsible for.
  • After that, click on Confirm and then click on Send.

What is the contact number for the Esaad card?

Where the Dubai Police General Command worked to allocate a special number in order to communicate about matters related to the Esaad card, as well as obtain all the necessary information by communicating with customer service, via the electronic number:

Esaad card phone number: 050333200. Or at the following number: 901.

How is the Esaad card canceled?

In order to cancel the Esaad card, all you have to do is call 901, which is designated for reporting problems that Esaad card holders face, such as reporting the card being stolen or lost.

Esaad application on Android and iPhone phones

What is unique about the Esaad service is that there is an application for this card. You can download the application directly from the following:

  • You can download the Esaad application on all devices running the Android system from Here.
  • You can download the Esaad application on all devices iPhone andiPad operating system iOS from Here.

Here, my dear dear ones, we have come to the end of talking about how to obtain a Esaad card and apply for a card 2023, in addition to the conditions for obtaining it and the most important advantages that Esaad card holders enjoy, as the UAE continues to make efforts to preserve and advance the country and the citizen.

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