How do I know who watched my YouTube videos?


How do I know who watched my YouTube videos?? After providing theYouTube StudioThat YouTube put forward, through which you can get full details about the channel from views and subscriptions, and a comprehensive analysis of them. There have been many inquiries related to this feature, the most important of which is is it possible to know who watched my videos on YouTube? And how are YouTube views calculated? So we will show Today, the answer to all the information related to the YouTube views report.

How do I know who watched my YouTube videos?

There is a large number of individuals who own channels with content on YouTube, as today it is the largest electronic platform that displays video clips of all kinds in accordance with the laws and conditions of the YouTube site policy, and many people were able to reach fame through the content that it provides on YouTube.

In addition to the financial and material benefits that the channel owner gets if the number of channel subscribers reaches a large number within a short period of time. A number of people are looking for the feature of knowing which users have watched their YouTube videos.

In light of this great demand on the way this feature works, we will today, in our article, present a method of knowing who watched the videos on YouTube.

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How do I know who watched my YouTube videos?

In fact, Google did not work to develop a feature that enables the owner of the channel on YouTube to know who watched his videos, but it worked to provide reports from which the owner of the content would benefit from developing his channel and moving forward in providing wonderful content that is appropriate to the current reality. You can view the report in two ways, either through Devices running on the Android system or through a laptop, and we will classify the two methods as follows:

First for mobile devices (Android – iPhone)

  1. Go to the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on your profile picture on your channel.
  3. In the center of the screen, you will see an option named “Statistics”. Click on it, and a quick summary of your channel and the ratings you got from your subscribers and non-subscribers will appear in front of you.

You can see the statistics through the YouTube Studio application on mobile devices according to the following steps:

  1. First, go to the YouTube Studio app on your smartphone.
  2. A list will appear in front of you on the screen. Looking at the bottom of it, you will find the statistics icon. Click on it.
  3. A new window will appear in front of you with several options at the top, you will find the audience option, click on it.

What details does this report provide?

In fact, this report is important and helps you a lot in developing your content, as it provides you with many options that help you understand what your audience wants, in addition to more details about your audience, which are as follows:

1. Common time viewers are using YouTube

This report helps you to know the times that YouTube users watched your content in the last 28 days. It also helps you to know the appropriate time to schedule the show and the appropriate publishing time to reach the largest number of viewers and subscribers on YouTube.

2. Bell notifications for subscribers

This report helps you know the subscribers who receive bell notifications from your YouTube channel, along with more information about subscriber notifications.

3. Watch time in the channel

This report tells you about the watch time that subscribers and non-subscribers spend watching videos on your channel.

4. The content your audience watched on your channel

This report provides you with all the details about regular videos, short videos, in addition to the live broadcast videos that users have watched in the last 7 days, and therefore you can use it to find more new topics to create content that your audience actually requests.

5. The channels your audience watches

This report introduces you to the channels that your audience watches in the last 28 days, and of course your channel is out of the list so that it helps you to know the channels that viewers care about, so that you, in turn, enter the competition arena and create appropriate content as requested by the audience. In the end, the benefit is distributed to you and everyone.

6. Geographical location

This report displays the most viewed region or country for your videos, which recorded the longest viewing time from around the world.

7. Viewer age

The report shows you the age groups that recorded the longest time watching your videos.

8. Sex

The report presents the distribution of the percentage of your audience and love by gender, male or female.

9. The most important languages ​​of translation or explanation

Finally, the report shows the percentage of the audience watching your videos according to the subtitle language.

Secondly, viewing the YouTube report on the computer

  1. Go to the browser on your personal computer.
  2. Log in to YouTube.
  3. Click on the right menu, you will find the statistics, click on it.
  4. At the top of the screen, you will find the audience option.
  5. A full report will appear in front of you that includes all the options that you can see from the mobile phone.

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Top tips for creating content on a YouTube channel

  1. First, you must work on creating and producing a video that revolves around a specific topic with a main idea, and you do not have to multiply ideas so that the viewer does not get distracted and leave the video without completing it or subscribing to the channel.
  2. It is important that the content format is of high quality, and that the ideas are well arranged and organized.
  3. You must interact with your audience to know their requirements and comments, while seeing the discussions that take place between you and the audience. It is important that you enjoy your audience and develop the content according to what they want.
  4. Create your own brand so that your content is unique from other channels.
  5. Don’t forget to promote your content and channels on social media to reach the largest number of users.
  6. Do not repeat successful ideas, as they may later turn into failed ideas and lose your followers.
  7. Post videos frequently so that the audience notices your interaction and your presence around the clock in providing distinctive content.

This was our topic for today, as we gave you the most important details about how to view the YouTube report on the audience to know the subscribers to the channel and other important details. We also gave you the most important ideas and tips if you want to create content on YouTube and establish a distinctive and unique channel, we hope it will be The article is useful, hoping that it will benefit everyone.

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