How do I know if the site is reliable or not? 7 steps to verify the credibility of websites


How do I know if a site is reliable or not?? We will know through this article How to find out which websites are reliable Before using it, as there are many harmful sites and stores that may cause damage to a device or may exploit you to steal your private information such as credit cards or passwords for your personal accounts, so it is very necessary to learn the rules of electronic security and to know the extent of the security of sites before entering them or giving them any information Personal or payment to purchase products.

But how do you identify suspicious websites? How do you distinguish between safe and unsafe websites? Or if you come across a site that offers a product at an attractive price and you want to check the website? Then you are in the right place because we will show you 7 important steps before entering any site to know the reliability of the site and whether it is a safe site or a fraud.

How do you know if the site is reliable or not?

After the Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, whether at work or in study, it must be dealt with carefully and practically, as today there are thousands of websites on the Internet in various fields, whether they are specialized sites in the field of education or in electronic commerce and other fields.

Today, there are many fraudulent sites that you can visit and you are asked to pay money either in exchange for purchasing a product or vice versa. Many users from all over the world.

Therefore, today you find many questions about this topic, after the spread of scams by websites, many users began to ask how to inquire and inquire about how the site knows whether the site is documented or not, which we will present in our article today.

So, dear reader, if you want to check fraud sites or wonder how do I know that the shopping site is safe? Are there sites to check the trusted sites, follow the steps with us so that you can know if the site is a fraud or not.

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How do you know if the site you are browsing is reliable or not?

Many users ask about a way to know whether the site is reliable or not, so it is natural to ask to take care and avoid fraudulent operations that happen on the Internet, but before entering this site we must get to know the concept of a reliable site so that we can form an integrated idea about this matter.

The concept of a trusted site comes as a safe site that the user can trust without harming the device or threatening the safety of your private information on the Internet, as the browser will not block these sites if you change the protection settings away from the maximum protection option.

You can consider a secure site as a site where you can put your personal information without fear or even sell your own products without being hacked, monitored or fraudulently stolen on the Internet.

If you are looking for ways to find out if a site is reliable or not, you must follow these steps:

The trusted site includes several different characteristics. If you see these characteristics present within the site, you can give this site the status of a trusted site and deal with it comfortably without fear. The characteristics of a trusted site are as follows:

1. Pass the security checks via the Google tool

It is the easiest way to know the reliable and safe sites through the Google tool to check websites, where you can find out whether the site is reliable or not by placing it in special protection tests in Google to see if the site is safe for browsing and you can do that, for example through the service The well-known protection provided by Google, and you can benefit from this service by copying the website link and going to the Google protection service, and we will put the link for you at the bottom. To buy or not, and really reliable sites pass this test easily, so it is considered the best fake site detection site for Google.

Google Protection Tool.

2. Make sure that the safe browsing option is enabled in the browser, and the site must pass this option

Today, there are many browsers through which websites can be browsed, and they have developed in a distinctive way in recent times until there was a safe browsing option where the user can activate this option from the settings of each browser. If you actually activate this option and search for the site and it appears in the search results, the site It is highly secure, because if the site is not secure, the site will not show it in the search results.

3. Safe websites have clear links

You can actually see this through famous websites on the Internet, such as well-known shopping sites on the Internet, such as Amazon and other sites, as the link is clear and free of all strange symbols that refer to something suspicious that calls for suspicion. For example, you can see the link to the Google site very clear and empty Of all the strange symbols that arouse suspicion in the same user, where you can see that the link means the existing and written only.

4. Make sure that the site uses the HTTPS protocol

One of the most important simple things through which you can evaluate safe websites from unsafe ones is the encryption of the protocol, as the HTTPS protocol is a means of communication between the servers on which all websites work and computers that are used to browse websites and that the letter S at the end The protocol is a symbol, and Secure means that the process of transferring data that takes place between the browser and the website is secure. Therefore, if you find this protocol present on the website and includes the letter S at the end, know that this website is really reliable and reliable in exchanging data and information without any problems.

5. The site has a high level privacy policy

Trusted websites have a high-level privacy policy, and you can see that on many well-known websites on the Internet, because the privacy policy is a strict constitution by the owner of the site in the way of dealing with user data, and it clarifies in this policy the extent to which the parties have access to This information.

Although there are some sites that share some information about the user and clarify this matter in the privacy policy and it is considered a kind of harm to them, but at the same time it is considered a kind of transparency that the site clarified in the privacy policy and therefore the choice will be up to the user either to allow the sharing of this information or not.

6. The site should not have a lot of pop-up options

Ads are a means of profit on the Internet, but the appearance of a large number of ads and exaggeration in them is really annoying, in addition to that the site does not take the option of ease of browsing into consideration, and you will not find the site any interest in protecting the user from directing to harmful sites or to web pages It has nothing to do with the subject that the user originally entered.

It is possible to find some trusted sites that include ads, but the choice is up to the user so that he can disable or activate them so that he is not forced to enter a site by simply clicking on an icon on the original site.

7. The ownership of the site must belong to the company itself that owns the site

Getting to know the company that owns the site helps you increase your confidence in the site, especially if the site deals in money transfers around the world, especially with regard to all information related to registration within the site, in addition to its legal status and place of origin of the site.

And you can verify the owner company through many tools on the Internet that guarantee the reliability of the site, for example the icann tool, as it is one of the most important and best tools that helps to know all the information related to the site and the date of its establishment, in addition to that it displays all the certificates that characterize the site.

The famous reliable sites on the Internet are distinguished by the fact that the owner is clear, for example, the Facebook company. It is clear that its ownership belongs to the Meta company, as well as WhatsApp.

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What are the safe payment methods?

There are many payment methods available on the Internet, but not all of them are safe, and since payment is one of the most important things that concern most users, we will, in this paragraph, provide basic methods that help you make sure that the site is reliable and that the payment methods it provides are safe. The payment methods are as follows :

1. First, pay via bank credit cards

The credit card is classified as one of the best safe methods of online payment, and we recommend from this position to use credit cards if available when paying after online shopping, and the availability of this payment method on the site proves, at the very least, that this website is really reliable, as the bank works to review The financial transfer process that you wish through this site, and in the event that the process is suspicious and unsafe, it will inform you immediately.

2. Online payment via digital payment methods

There are many applications specializing in digital payment, and they are effective methods that stand between the website and the bank account information of individuals, for example paying via Paypal or Venmo and other means, but before making a financial transfer through these methods, you should make sure that the site is actually safe Then select the amount you want to pay online, and the amount will be transferred instantly.

3. Cash Payment (Payment upon receipt)

It is one of the distinctive methods provided by many online shopping sites, and do not hesitate if it exists, as it is almost sure that the site is safe and reliable, as you do not have to pay the price of the product that you bought from the Internet before receiving it, in this case you will be able to confirm the product that you purchased from The Internet will guarantee the user access to good service at the lowest costs and damage that may befall the user in the event that the payment is not secure.

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How do you make sure that the site is reliable and safe for online shopping?

Many wonder how do I know that the safe shopping site? And we are talking about online shopping sites because they are one of the most fraudulent websites, so you find many people asking about ways to make sure that the site they are shopping from is safe to use.

If you are a beginner in using websites and online shopping in particular, there are some main points that the user should pay attention to before purchasing from the site, which are as follows:

1. Do not believe everything you see from electronic payment methods

Although the previous payment methods that we mentioned above are the safest to make sure that the site is honest and reliable, this method cannot be followed in all sites, and the reason for this is due to the presence of some fraudulent sites that work to convince the user that they actually provide safe payment methods, but The truth is the opposite, as the means it provides are icons only bearing the Visa Card and PayPal logos only, so that the user cannot benefit from the services of this site at all.

2. Ensure that the site includes a credibility certificate

In the event that the site contains a certificate of credibility, it will be easier to deal with and purchase from it, as the certificate of credibility is a means to prove that this website includes safety and protection conditions that must be provided to users, and that clicking on these signs will take you to another page to inform you about the meaning of these certificates Sometimes these certificates bear the names of Norton or McAfee and other names of well-known companies that work in the field of protecting websites on the Internet.

This was our topic for today, as we provided you with a set of characteristics that you must follow to make sure that the site you are browsing is really safe, where you can, through the previous steps, make sure that the site is safe and browse safely away from the fraudulent operations that we see and hear about on the Internet, so do not surf the Internet before Your reading of the steps mentioned above and applying them correctly, we hope that the article will be useful, my friends.

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