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How do I get people to buy from me? Whether you are the owner of a small business or a large company, in order to succeed in selling your products, it is not enough for your product or service to be good only. Rather, there is another challenge that you will face: How do you convince a hesitant customer to make a purchasing decision? How do you attract a customer to buy?

Beside Buying and selling skills Which should be learned first. Here I will talk about techniques and methods to convince the customer to buy that depend on the use of some psychological tricks. I mean honest and ethical methods of persuasion, not deceptive tricks.

I will start with how to attract a customer or client and convince him to buy through 5 steps that have a magical effect, then I will move on to how to convince a hesitant customer to make a purchasing decision through psychological persuasion methods and techniques.

How to convince a customer to buy in 5 steps

1. Sell benefits and benefits to the consumer, not advantages and features.

The successful salesman must sell the benefits of the product to the customer, not the advantages of the product, because the consumer needs to know what will satisfy his needs, not the advantages and characteristics that the company’s product possesses. For example, when the salesman shows a car to the customer:

It is wrong for the salesman to tell the customer that this car has a crash protection system (a benefit), but it is correct for the salesman to tell the customer that this car will keep your family safe while driving the car (a benefit).

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2. Address the consumer’s emotions instead of using logic.

It is easy to persuade a customer to buy by using language that affects his emotions, while it is difficult to convince him by logic. For example, a sales representative telling a customer that his purchase of a car sold by the company will make him a special and eye-catching person (focusing on emotions) is better than saying that this car is durable and strong (focusing on logic).

3. Don’t chatter and focus on the product features that matter to the customer.

Some sales staff annoy the customer by mentioning boring details about the product. For example, a real estate marketing employee should not burden the client with details about the house, such as the type of paint, the type of wood used, the type of decorations, and the type of windows… even though they may be important to some clients.

It is better for the seller to talk about the benefits that are important to each customer, such as the large area of ​​the house and its good view. This is closer to convincing the customer to buy.

4. Create a convincing reason for the customer to buy your product.

The sales representative must create a compelling reason for the customer to buy his product. This reason must be in the form of a unique benefit that the company’s product brings to the customer. For example, a sales representative for a contracting company submits an offer to a government agency in order to construct a group of buildings for this agency in a period of time. No other contracting company present in the market will be able to complete this project in this record time.

5. Make the benefits achieved by the product appear tangible.

The customer usually ignores the benefits that are abstract and tends to the tangible benefits that are expressed in numbers. For example, it is wrong for the sales representative of a raw materials supply company to say to his customer that your purchase of this deal of raw materials from our company will save you costs (abstract), but he should tell him that your purchase of this deal will save you 25% of the purchase cost, and he can explain to the customer how He will save these costs by purchasing this transaction (tangible).

How do you convince a hesitant customer?

Techniques and methods to persuade a hesitant customer to buy depend on the use of some psychological tricks and effective communication to motivate him to make a purchase decision.

How to convince a hesitant customerHow to convince a hesitant customer

Here are some examples of how to convince a hesitant customer to buy the product:

Exploiting the principle of scarcity:

Demonstrating the value of a product by emphasizing its scarcity or limited time availability is a dangerous tactic to convince a hesitant customer to make a purchasing decision. For example, you can say “This offer is only valid until the end of the week” or “We have a limited number of this product.”

Create incentives to buy:

Try offering the hesitant customer incentives, such as price cuts, free gifts, or free shipping, to encourage them to make a purchasing decision.

Convince him that the purchasing decision will bring personal benefit:

Try to show the personal benefits that the customer can gain after the decision to purchase, by focusing on the benefits that the customer will get from the product or service. Or you can show the potential negatives of not making a purchase decision, such as missing the opportunity to receive a special offer or missing the opportunity to improve it. His quality of life.

Use social confirmation:

Showing how others use the product or service makes the customer feel like they are following the right steps when making a purchasing decision.

Harnessing the power of recommendations:

Use previous customers’ opinions and recommendations as a tool to convince the customer of the quality of the product or service.

Use the repetition principle:

The repetition principle may work in some cases of a hesitant buyer. Represent the product or service to the customer in different ways and from a variety of perspectives. Repetition helps build interest in the product.

a summary

Now that you know how to convince a customer to buy from you, and that you are able to… Increase your sales If you talk about your product in a language that the customer understands.

You will get more clients and customers if you link the benefits and advantages that the customer will receive when using the product instead of the characteristics and features of the product. The customer does not buy the product for its characteristics and features only, but rather makes the purchasing decision because he is convinced of some of the benefits of these features.

Regarding how to convince a hesitant customer, try as much as possible to alleviate the feeling of hesitation by mentioning the potential negatives of not making a purchase decision.

Always remember that using psychological techniques to persuade a customer to buy must be done in an ethical and responsible manner, as you must work to truly meet the customer’s needs and live up to his expectations, so as not to harm customer confidence or damage your reputation.


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