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  • January 15, 2024
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If you are a gamer, you will most likely be looking for a framerate program that helps increase the refresh rate of frames and display them on the screen as well. Accordingly, you will need a professional program that provides you with the best performance and is easy to use. In this article, we will review for you the most prominent programs designated for this purpose, in addition to some manual settings that will contribute to improving the performance of your computer and that will provide you with the best performance alongside any of the mentioned programs.

Smart game booster, a firmware program to increase the device’s performance

It is considered a program Smart Game Booster An excellent framerate program that contributes to increasing the performance of your device when playing. The device terminates unnecessary processes on the device and frees up more system resources to give you the best gaming experience. In addition to cleaning RAM.

On the other hand, the program monitors and controls the temperature of the CPU and GPU to ensure that they are not damaged. The program also fully diagnoses the condition of your computer and provides you with a list of games that you can run on your computer. The device also allows you to enhance the performance of a single program without having to fully control the device if you prefer.

All the program requires is the click of a button to be ready to play at the highest possible frame refresh rate. Thus, the program combines ease of use and high performance at the same time. However, we must point out that the program is not free, but rather requires an annual subscription worth approximately $20.

Download Smart Game Booster

msi afterburner is the best frame rate program to show the frame rate on the screen

If you want to show the frame rate on your device screen, the program msi afterburner It will help you with that. In addition to showing the frame refresh rate, the program allows you to display the performance of all components of your device on the screen, such as the performance of the central processing unit, RAM, graphics card, and other components.

The program also increases the frame refresh rate, as it adjusts the graphics processing unit settings and changes the speed of the fans by allocating buttons to control the speed. The program also works to increase the speed of the central processing unit, which is called overclocking. It also increases the memory frequency, giving you the best refresh rate on your device.

On the other hand, the program features an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables you to access many of the program’s features easily. You will not need any experience in dealing with this program. Moreover, MSI Afterburner allows you to record video while playing, which gives it an advantage that makes it more comprehensive than others. And mentioning video recording while playing, you can read an article Live broadcast programs that professional gamers prefer To get the best programs. Returning to our program, we should mention that it is completely free.

Download msi afterburner

Game Fire is one of the best programs to increase and display frame rate

Game Fire is a free framerate program that allows you to increase the framerate refresh rate on your computer and helps you get the best possible performance for your device. The program allocates system resources to the game you are running and thus speeds up your game. It also dumps unnecessary data from your computer’s RAM. It also manages processes and controls periodic tasks, which means it gets rid of any unnecessary tasks on your computer.

On the other hand, the device features a virtual game mode through which it automatically improves the games that you add to the game mode when you launch them without any intervention from you. It also monitors the performance of the entire device and displays it to you on the gaming screen, which helps you improve your use according to what suits you.

On the other hand, the program is distinguished Game Fire With an easy-to-use interface that allows you to access all of the program’s options easily. Based on this, it can be said that Game Fire is one of the most comprehensive programs in the field of accelerating games and increasing frame rates. You can download the program through this button.

Download Game Fire

EZ Game Booster is a game optimization program for gamers

If you want to try other options with the same quality as the previous programs, you can try the EZ Game Booster program, which contributes to raising your gaming level to the best performance. This program was created specifically to eliminate the problems of frame freezes and stuttering, in addition to running games that require high performance.

The program comprehensively scans the device when downloading it to know the level of your device so that it can determine which games you can download. Through the overclocking tool, it also increases the speed of the processor, or what is known as overclocking, but keeps it at safe levels. It also does the same thing with the graphics processor.

On the other hand, the program EZ Game Booster By modifying the frequency range of random access memory. In addition to eliminating unnecessary operations to ensure the best performance. On the other hand, the program works to correct Internet connection errors, which gives you the additional advantage of getting the most out of your Internet.

Download EZ Game Booster

Important settings on the computer to increase the frame refresh rate

Finally, if you do not want to install any frame rate booster software on your computer, here are some tricks that you can use manually. While if you do these tricks using a framerate program, you will get amazing performance on your device.

  1. Defragment disks: Disk defragmentation helps in rearranging the disk space, which leads to better gaming performance. To do this, all you have to do is right-click on drive C and then click Properties. After that, click Optimize and we have finished this step.
  2. Set power options: Power options are one of the most important factors that affect frame rate, so you need to make sure you choose the appropriate option. You can do this by pressing the battery button with the right mouse button and then choosing power options. Thus, you will most likely find it on Recommended mode. Click on Create Power Plan and then High Performance.
  3. Customize CPU work: You must ensure that all processors are active in your device. You can do this by pressing Win+R and typing msconfig, then press Boot, then choose advanced settings and activate all wizards on the device.

There are some other settings, but they require a specialist, and if you manipulate them without knowledge, it may lead to disastrous results for your computer. For this reason, we will refrain from mentioning it in order to ensure that it benefits you without causing harm to you.

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In the end, if you want to increase your performance when playing, you will definitely want to get a powerful and professional framerate program. By relying on one of the four programs that we mentioned in the article, in addition to adjusting the settings manually, you will get superior performance for your device that enables you to play games with the best quality.

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