Explanation and review of the Binomo trading platform: Is Binomo a scam or reliable?

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  • January 7, 2024
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Have you come across an advertisement promising to get rich from trading on the Binomo app, and you are still confused about the credibility of the post? Believe me, I am not the only one who feels confused, especially since the field of working online from home has become a trend and more attractive compared to traditional jobs. In short, the Binomo platform allows trading in Binary Option contracts, which are known for their high returns, so today we will try to verify all the technical and legal aspects of the platform. Firstly, I would like to point out that binary options trading is classified as… The easiest ways to make money onlineIt is a field that does not require accumulating experience for a long time or risking large capital. If you are interested in learning about the rest of the methods of electronic investment, I refer you to review the proposed guide or section E-Commerce On the blog,

Explanation and review of the Binomo trading platform: Is Binomo a scam or reliable?

Our team explained and reviewed the Binomo trading platform to help you get to know the truth and credibility of the Binomo company closely and learn the best profit strategies from binary options trading.

What is the Binomo platform? Abstract

Binomo It is a platform specialized in trading binary options contracts (Binary options), which allows traders to bet on indicators and the direction of price movement over specific time frames. The Binomo trading platform is based in Cyprus and is authorized and insured by the Financial Markets Relations Regulatory Center (FMRRC).

Explanation and review of the Binomo trading platform: advantages and disadvantages

Binomo is one of the The best binary options trading platforms in the worldIt has a large user base and has been operating in the field since 2014 without facing any problems. The Binomo platform is professional and easy to use, and is equipped with technical analysis tools and indicators to provide an excellent trading experience. The most important feature of the Binomo platform is the possibility of concluding trades even during the weekend, but it is not recommended for beginners due to the market’s lack of liquidity and thus the absence of the necessary volatility to achieve some points. The platform also offers attractive deposit incentives and organizes competitions with large prizes, which makes it a preferred choice for binary options trading professionals. Also, to avoid problems with bans and audits, it is preferable to deposit an initial amount of no less than $500 without activating a bonus. This will help you gain the trust of the platform’s monitors, who are recruited to fight fraud and the use of banned Chinese candles.

The most prominent defects that you attack Binomo platform For trading, there is a lack of formal regulation from respected financial bodies. Does this really make it lose credibility? The short answer is no, and I will explain to you the reasons. First, the Binomo platform manages bets based on price movement and does not carry out any direct operations in the markets, and therefore it is not obligated to obtain any license from the financial authorities. Also, the Bynum platform does not support social trading, which is preferred by beginners, and also imposes restrictions on the timing of withdrawing profits depending on the type of trader’s account. Some clients also complain about freezing accounts or restricting their use, but this is a common behavior for all binary options trading platforms without exception. Any beginner who has difficulty understanding how the Binomo trading platform works or Binary Option contracts in general, I suggest browsing this article dedicated to… Explanation of binary options (binary trading) for beginners in detail.


  • The platform is professional and easy to use
  • Supporting different financial markets
  • Fast execution of orders
  • Open trades during the weekend
  • Attractive deposit bonus
  • VIP accounts have advanced levels and settings


  • Does not support social trading
  • The speed of withdrawing profits varies according to the type of account

Most important questions:

In this paragraph, we will try to quickly answer the most prominent questions about the Binomo platform, which will allow you to learn closely about all the services that Binomo provides to traders.

Is trading on the Binomo app legal?

Trading on Binomo app Legal, the platform is certified and has the necessary licenses to regulate betting on binary options trading contracts. It is true that it is not regulated by any official financial body, but it does not engage in any illegal activity and has insurance that covers all traders’ accounts.

Explanation and evaluation of the Binomo trading platform

Is trading with the Binomo platform halal or haram?

Trading on the Binomo platform is forbidden because it falls within the field of binary options contracts, which is fundamentally forbidden by Islamic law in all schools of thought, whether Sunni or Shiite. Anyone who claims the opposite is either deceitful or does not have sufficient knowledge of Sharia controls, and Mazhamir’s blog accustoms you to adopting credibility and remaining neutral.

What is the best deposit bonus on the Binomo platform?

You can use promo code XXX100PROMO to get a 100% bonus when you deposit for the first time on the Binomo trading platform.. I would like to point out that the maximum benefit from the deposit bonus varies depending on the account type and is not withdrawable, but it allows traders to guarantee a good balance to test trading strategies without risking the initial capital.

The best promo code for the Binomo platform


There is no doubt that trading on the Binomo platform offers a good opportunity to make some quick profits, but it is not that easy and requires sacrificing money and time in order to learn. Also, you should not bet on earning a fabulous return, as the field of binary options trading is high in profits and risks at the same time. According to my personal experience spanning years, maintaining a monthly profit rate within the range of 30% of the value of the invested capital is an excellent result, so it is preferable that the invested amount not be less than at least one thousand dollars. This ensures the trust of the platform staff, as well as the liquidity necessary to enter into many simultaneous trades while achieving a balance between profits and losses. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to share them in the comments section. We also invite you to support the site team by sharing the article.

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