Explanation and review of QNET direct selling company: Is QNET a fraud?

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  • November 30, 2023
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QNET has succeeded in creating a large media circle around itself, as it is classified as one of the major sponsors of various sports and entertainment activities in third world countries. It has also achieved tremendous popularity on social media, and the posts and comments are not without mentioning the advantages of working with it. QNET presents itself as the ideal solution for achieving financial independence, especially since its doors are open to everyone and does not require experience or large capital. Unfortunately, all of the above are just buzzy slogans to attract beginners, and today we will expose the dirty methods they use in order to exploit the poverty and misery of millions around the world. Our site does not like romance and emotional discourse, so some fools from the company’s marketers will often attack us with insults. my friend! Take a deep breath with a cup of coffee or tea next to you before continuing, as no one will tell you the facts that you will discover here.

Explanation and review of QNET direct selling company: Is QNET a fraud?

Our team explained and reviewed the direct selling company QNET in detail to help you discover the truth about its fraudulent operations and the ways in which it exploits victims in fraudulent Ponzi schemes.

What is QNET? Explain how it works in detail

QNET is a network marketing company based in Hong Kong and owned by the QI Group, which operates in the fields of health, nutritional supplements and entertainment. QNET was founded in 1998 by businessmen Visay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, and it previously operated under the name QuestNet or GoldQuest. QNET is based on the principle of direct sales, which allows it to pay marketers generously because it saves advertising expenses and managing commercial branches. It is true that QNET produces and markets many products in different fields such as health, skin care and accessories, but they are poor quality products and have no real demand. In theory, the method of operation is logical and legally justified, but it is merely a means to mislead new members about the reality of QNET, which adopts a high-risk and notorious pyramid marketing method.

The question now is: How does QNET work? It is common knowledge that QNET is primarily based on converting its marketers into customers, and this fact will not be told to you by the marketer who first lured you to join the company. QNET makes money by attracting as many new marketers as possible, who are tempted to buy as much bad and expensive products as possible in exchange for extra points and better commissions. The second stage is where marketers are blackmailed by threatening to deduct points if they do not achieve the specified sales goals, in which the new marketer often fails because logically it is not possible to sell a product that does not provide a solution to customers. Then the marketer finds himself forced to buy more QNET products despite the lack of potential customers, and thus the company succeeds in converting him into a customer and earns huge profits because he spends on the products out of the hope of points and not trading them to achieve commissions. If you want to work from home, I advise you to read this guide about The best sites for making money onlineWhich will save you a lot of time and effort while knowing the easiest way to earn your first dollar online.

How does QNET exploit members and marketers?

As information, QNET has been sued and its website banned in many developed countries, which has a legal arsenal that protects consumers from corporate mafia. Web Marketing. QNET’s exploitation of marketers and customers is a reality, and here are the most prominent points that raise suspicions about its credibility.

  • The products are valued at multiples of their value and are impossible to sell to any sane person, and it is just a way to cover up the pyramid marketing system in which you operate.
  • Converting marketers to the company, under the threat of deducting points and rewards due to a decline in sales achieved.
  • All positive reviews about QNET are fake and unbiased. They are either paid or published by fraudulent marketers.
  • Payment is made from the revenues of new members and not the company’s profits, so a decline in the number of subscriptions will cause the company to go bankrupt and lose all (the collapse of the Ponzi pyramid).

QNET victims: quick statistics

The number of victims of QNET amounts to millions around the world, and most of them are concentrated in the continents of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, which is known for its legal leniency with network marketing companies. The increase in QNET victims is mainly due to its reliance on direct sales technology, which is characterized by effective transfers. Most victims are lured to register with the company as a result of constant pressure from a family member or close friend. QNET also focuses its marketing efforts on targeting the poorest and most vulnerable groups in society, who often lack the financial and legal expertise to detect the fraudulent methods adopted by the company. Just a tour of one of the marketing conferences organized by QNET will confirm this to you. For example, you will notice that most of the attendees are limited to housewives and less educated women. The fraudulent QNET company also succeeded in avoiding many prosecutions because it sells franchise rights to local companies, which is the pretext it uses to disavow and absolve itself of any fraudulent operations related to it. This method is similar to DXN companywhich we previously published a detailed report on and the methods it uses to exploit customers.

Explaining the truth about QNET direct selling company

What is the secret of QNET’s success? Compound fraud recipe

There is no doubt that most new marketers at a company QNET He soon discovers the deception and fraud he was exposed to, but with all regret he prefers to continue the game to protect the pyramid and try to quickly compensate for his losses by luring more victims. What’s worse is that some marketers open up to new members about this, but they are blinded by greed and quick wealth and push them to engage in fraudulently engineering it to expand the base of the pyramid. Currently, there are some professionals specialized in network marketing, so new companies seek help from them to quickly develop their client network. This type of personality is characterized by fluency of the tongue, quick formation of social relationships, and keenness to appear elegant and attractive in any setting. For example, most of them take human development and self-development courses as a cover to expand their network of acquaintances, but they soon exploit their misery by tempting them to join network marketing companies in order to achieve the dream of getting rich quickly. Also, most of them rent houses and luxury cars and organize marketing conferences in luxury hotels. The truth is that these luxurious appearances are just effective bait to lure gullible and stupid victims.

What alternative is available to victims of QNET and other network marketing companies?

There is no doubt that most of QNET’s victims go through a period of severe depression. It is difficult to discover the bitter truth of a company on which you had pinned your hopes to achieve financial independence and improve your economic conditions. Also, withdrawing from QNET is not the end of the world, perhaps it is just a hard lesson that must be learned before moving forward in the field of entrepreneurship. Remember that any easy-earned money raises suspicions. Life is harsh, and any extra dollar you add to your monthly salary requires learning new skills or taking the risks associated with it. If you want to work from home online, I refer you to this guide about The best ways to profit from the Internetwhich will help you know the most important Electronic project ideas Which can be managed from home with minimal effort.

Also, people who are not fond of using computers have wonderful opportunities, which the site team has previously explained in detail in this distinguished article about The best profitable and successful small business ideas Which does not require previous experience or large capital. These projects have been studied in depth by the site team and are suitable for everyone, especially since they are simple and launching them does not require the hassle of searching for any additional funding. For example, launching your home project will only require learning new skills for free and purchasing some simple equipment, which are requirements that suit all groups of people with limited or middle income.

The most prominent questions about the credibility of QNET

In this paragraph, we will try to answer briefly and realistically the most prominent questions about QNET, especially since it targets a segment of customers that is poorly trained and does not have any experience in Freelancing Or project management.

Is QNET a scam?

In short, QNET is a fraud because it relies on the principle of network marketing, which is usually used in complex fraudulent schemes aimed at converting marketers into customers, not partners. Also, the products sold by QNET are of poor quality and priced at several times their real cost, and consumer reviews and reactions to them are very negative.

Is working with QNET halal or haram?

Working with QNET is forbidden according to Islamic law because it adopts the network marketing system in marketing products, which is forbidden by all jurisprudential rules because of the exploitation and untoward harm it entails.

Useful conclusion

QNET’s promises are just a front for a dirty scam and extortion, and unfortunately most victims do not discover the matter until it is too late. I did not address the issue out of spite or to rebuke, but rather just an attempt to spread awareness and fight this type of companies that exploit the poor and make them poorer while implicating them in additional problems that they do not need. Personally better Gambling on international betting sites If I trust QNET fraudulent agents, I will at least be comfortable with losing money as a result of losing bets and feeling gloating as a result of deception and deception. Now my role has ended by warning against the fraudulent QNET company, and the final decision to register with it or withdraw is up to you. Also, the above facts apply to all pyramid marketing companies that exploit widespread ignorance and misery, and it does not hurt to remind you that The dream of becoming a millionaire It is not easy to achieve because it requires good planning and sometimes luck. Finally, do not hesitate to share your evaluation and personal experience with QNET in the comments section. I also invite you to read the rest of the articles listed in my section. E-Commerce or Investment To develop your financial expertise and entrepreneurship skills.

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