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What countries give a job search visa in Europe?? Where the opportunity to obtain a work contract in Europe has become very difficult and it is not easy to find a work contract while you are in the Arab countries, but fortunately there are countries that you can go to without obtaining a prior contract through the job search visa that the chosen country gives you for a period particular.

What are the countries that grant a job search visa in Europe? What are the conditions for obtaining a job search visa? We will explain all these details to you in the following lines via the website Technical dot com.

Countries that grant a job search visa in Europe
Countries that grant a job search visa

Because of the difficult economic conditions that most of the population of Arab countries are going through, the idea of ​​searching for work in European countries has become the idea of ​​​​large groups of youth in society, until traveling at the present time and obtaining a visa are among the issues that face some difficulties.

But now you can travel to Europe through a visa called the job search visa, which allows you to stay for a certain period in order to search for work, and when you find this opportunity and get a suitable job, you can change the type of residence and convert it to permanent residence and continue with the new life.

And in the event that you did not get a suitable job opportunity during that period, you can renew this temporary residence and search for a job opportunity again until you get a job that suits you from all sides, and this is what we will talk about in this article in addition to talking about those countries that grant this type of visa.

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List of countries that grant job search visa in Europe 2023

Each of those countries that grant a job search visa has its own conditions and documents, as you can fulfill all the conditions required to obtain a visa, and below we will start by getting to know each of the European countries that grant a job search visa in Europe with all its details and conditions.

1- Looking for a job in Germany visa

The first country to grant a job-search visa in Europe is Germany, as Germany is considered one of the countries most in demand by groups who want to find suitable job opportunities for them because they believe in the appropriate opportunities that it offers, which help to succeed and achieve living stability, as it allows a large For applicants from outside the country and those with expertise and competencies to assume important positions and jobs, thus providing them with opportunities that are very suitable in terms of the value of the opportunity provided and in terms of the financial income provided.

Where a residence permit is granted for a period of six months, renewable three times, in the event that the person does not have a good job opportunity, and in the event of obtaining a suitable job, you can change the visa and obtain a German work visa that suits the nature of your work, and all of this includes conditions.

What are the conditions for a job search visa in Germany?

  • Proof of financial ability to spend the entire period of residence in Germany.
  • Obtaining a higher qualification from a German university or any other foreign university.
  • The priority of obtaining a visa is for those who have a professional experience of not less than 5 years.
  • German language proficiency.
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years.

Documents required to apply for a job search visa in Germany

After preparing these conditions, she must attach documents to obtain a job search visa, which are:

  • To provide proof of spending ability during the period of residence in Germany, through a bank account and a bank account statement.
  • Obtaining a health insurance certificate to meet the visa requirements of the German immigration authorities.
  • Preparing the application for obtaining a visa with the signature of the person concerned including the university degree + a letter of sponsorship from a German + a CV showing the professional history + a receipt for payment of the visa fees + 3 recent personal photos.
  • Residence permit.
  • Show the purpose of obtaining a job search visa with the duration of stay and the work plan followed in Germany.
  • A valid passport.
  • A personal status certificate that contains the data of the person concerned from the birth certificate and marriage certificate in case he is married and the number of family members, if any.

2- A job search visa in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is also one of the countries that gives the opportunity to obtain work inside the country by providing a one-year job search visa for foreigners, as people from inside and outside the Netherlands can obtain this visa, especially foreign students and ordinary people, and the following is an explanation of that in clearer detail.

For student job search visa

This visa is provided to newly graduated students from internationally recognized universities, and its conditions are:

  • Obtaining a university qualification from a Dutch university.
  • Less than 3 years have passed since graduation.
  • The requirement to apply for this visa is for one time only.
  • Follow-up educational attainment after the master’s degree for a period of one year in the Netherlands or outside the Netherlands, provided that it is in the English language, at a university that is preferred among 200 international universities.
  • Master’s degree exclusively from the European Erasmus Mundus programme.
  • Passing the Toffl Ielts international English language tests.

For residents outside the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the countries that provide facilities for obtaining a job search visa, but with certain conditions, namely:

  • Possession of a residence permit in the countries of the European Union or the presence of a family residing in any country of the European Union.
  • Complete the information of the visa application form
  • In the event that you were born in the Netherlands and then left, you must have a valid passport with a residence permit in the Netherlands and undergo a tuberculosis test
  • That the applicant for this visa is not convicted of prior criminal rulings within his country.

Documents required to apply for a job search visa in the Netherlands

After completing these conditions, there are documents that must be available to obtain a job search visa in the Netherlands, which are:

  • Bank statement proving the financial ability to secure travel costs.
  • A valid passport.
  • Proof of residence in the Netherlands.
  • Tuberculosis test certificate.
  • Translate all documents into Dutch with certified translation
  • Criminal record certificate.

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3- Sweden job search visa

Among the countries that wish to give an opportunity to every person who wants to work in it, as it grants a visa to search for a job for a maximum period of 9 months, while giving you enough time to search for a suitable opportunity, but within the conditions it set, which are:

  • A valid passport with permission to reside in foreign countries.
  • Having comprehensive health insurance Medicare.
  • Giving permission to the Swedish Council for Global Education to communicate with the Ministry of Education in the applicant’s country to verify the educational qualification.
  • Proof of financial ability to spend the length of stay.
  • Proficiency in Swedish as well as English.

Documents required to apply for a job search visa Sweden

These are the conditions, but there are documents that are required to apply for a job search visa in Sweden, which are:

  • Provide personal identification.
  • Comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Recent personal photos identical to passport photos.
  • Proficiency test certificate in Swedish and English.
  • Bank statement.
  • All documents must be translated into Swedish.
  • Receipt of application fee payment.
  • Academic qualification certificate.
  • A letter of approval to be granted by the Swedish authorities to confirm the academic qualification.

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4- Job search visa in Britain

Where the British Kingdom seeks to pay attention to everything that matters to educational attainment, as it provides facilities in order to increase the number of students and scientific researchers to grant them a job search visa for a period of up to two years for fresh graduates and three years for doctoral students, within the conditions set by the British government.

Conditions for a job search visa in Britain

  • Obtain a CAS admission confirmation number through the University of Birminghan website.
  • The applicant did not obtain a previous immigrant visa.
  • Certify the academic qualification obtained from the university and send it to UKVI.
  • Obtaining an accredited qualification from British Education.
  • In the event that the duration of the joint study program in which the student is less than a year, he must be present in the United Kingdom before the end of the period
  • Pay the application fee.

Documents required to apply for a job search visa in Britain

After fulfilling these conditions, all documents must be completed in order to obtain a job search visa inside Britain, which are:

  • A valid passport.
  • Place of residence in Britain.
  • Proof of completion of the applicant’s academic program.
  • criminal record.
  • Receipt of payment of the immigration application fee.

In the conclusion of this article, we hope that we have been able to provide benefit to everyone who wishes to immigrate to European countries in order to search for a better life and an advanced standard of living in those countries that grant a job search visa in Europe 2023, but there are other countries that also provide facilities to obtain a visa Searching for a suitable job, we will mention it to you in a later topic, God willing, to make sure of the necessary conditions and papers.

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