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Are you looking for a program that enables you to Fake WhatsApp conversations? Are you looking for a special program for Android devices that helps you to fake text conversations on WhatsApp? If this article is directed to you, we will get to know you better Program to make fake WhatsApp conversations for Android 2023.

Where there are many applications to make fake WhatsApp conversations for WhatsApp, through which you can joke with your friends by fabricating and forging texts using these programs, and we have previously explained a method Create a fake WhatsApp conversation for iPhone The topic liked everyone, but what about users of Android phones? Follow us to get to know better Programs for making fake WhatsApp conversations for Android.

A program to make fake WhatsApp conversations for Android

Many people ask about the way to fake text conversations on WhatsApp, with the aim of fun, enjoyment, and entertainment with others, especially friends, because these applications help to fake WhatsApp messages that you may think are really real and cannot be distinguished whether they are real or fake.

There are many applications in this field, as today there are many applications that can be used to fake text messages on WhatsApp, especially because it is the first application that millions or even billions of people use to communicate with each other, as the application includes many features that made it one of the best applications to communicate with others .

Questions have increased about the best applications and programs that can be used to make fake text messages on WhatsApp, so in our article we will present the best applications and programs that help to make fake WhatsApp conversations on Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and all devices that run on the Android system.

Programs to make fake WhatsApp conversations for Android

There are many applications that provide the feature of making fake conversations on WhatsApp for devices running the Android system, and they are classified as follows:

1. WhatsMessage program to create fake WhatsApp conversations

WhatsMessage program comes at the forefront of the programs that help create fake WhatsApp conversations, and this application is one of the popular applications among Android users due to the advantages it provides to users, as the application can create a complete user interface in the form of WhatsApp, and no one will notice that the interface used is not for WhatsApp But it is very real.

The goal for which the application was developed is to joke with others only and not with the intent of forgery or anything else that may be used for illegal purposes. The application helps you manage all aspects of the conversation to play its role in forming a fake WhatsApp conversation, and the application supports all media files So that the chat looks distinctly realistic.

The application supports distinctive audio recordings in addition to emoji icons, and the fake person’s account can be modified on the other hand by changing the name, adding status, profile pictures, and other various features.

Inside the application, you will find the search tool, which is a fake tool in order to give the destination in its well-known form on WhatsApp. It is also possible to set the fake message count indicator with the ability to rearrange the dates in the notes at any time and as you want. Finally, the calls page can also be forged within the application.

To download the application on devices running Android from here.

2. Fake Text Message making program

Fake Text Message is one of the most famous programs for making fake WhatsApp conversations with the intention of fun and fun with your friends, as this application provides many features that help the user to fake a WhatsApp conversation so that it is not possible to differentiate between them and the truth, so through this application, you can fake the conversation with anyone who may Think of it as a customizable program that can be simply made realistic.

The user can accurately modify the format of the dialogue with the ability to add a custom background if it is important. It is important to know that this application does not imitate WhatsApp or any other messaging application, but rather fakes the dialogue inside the chat page. If you are stuck in an embarrassing situation and want to get out From him you can do that through this application, as it helps you to do that greatly.

The application supports various aspects of dialogue such as media and other features. The application has an easy-to-use interface where all that the user must write short messages and choose the side of the dialogue. Moreover, the time of messages can be changed until their date, and the user name can also be set as you want, and finally it includes A timeline app to help you schedule messages.

To download the application on Android devices from here.

3. Chat Master for making fake chats

The Chat Master program is also one of the best programs used to create fake WhatsApp conversations easily, and it is a really unique application that has received a lot of positive reviews from users due to the features it provides to them in terms of chat scenarios. The application includes an automatic reply feature to messages, as it will provide you with different situations. You can reply to it.

In this regard, you will have two options, either to be honest with others, or you can laugh and deceive your friends, and make fake fake conversations with the intention of having fun and having fun with them. The application also provides the imaginary friend feature to talk to, and you will be able to choose and switch aspects of the dialogue.

But the application only supports fake messages without media files, and the number of messages is open and unlimited, which is represented in the number of dialogues that you want to imitate, and what is distinguished in the application is that it is completely free, but the annoying thing is that it includes a large number of ads, which is difficult for users and really annoying.

The application is available for Android devices only, and you can download it from here.

This was our article for today, where we presented to you in this article a unique and distinctive group of the best applications used to forge WhatsApp messages and have fun with friends and relatives in this wonderful idea where the Internet was found for fun, so you can use these applications to joke and forge their messages and make them not believe what is written as the process The forgery carried out by the previous applications is very realistic. We hope that the article has won your admiration, my friends. Follow us on everything that is always new.

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