Does the self-employment document affect the citizen’s account?


Many people ask, “Does the self-employment document affect the citizen’s account?” How often this question is asked on social media platforms. Through this article, we will show the relationship between the self-employment document and the citizen’s account, and does it really affect the citizen’s account?

What is the self-employment document?

The self-employment document is an official document that is granted to workers in various sectors areas of self-employment.

The document is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to individuals who wish to register for a number of activities, in order to enable them to practice work officially and independently within the framework of some professions or services approved by the Ministry for self-employment through its electronic portal.

Does the self-employment document affect the citizen’s account?

When a citizen submits a request for support in the Citizen Account Program, he is required to disclose his real sources of income, so that he is responsible for the validity of the information provided.

What is meant by sources of income is the total salary of the applicant, who is often the head of the family, in addition to other sources of income that he may have from the salaries of children, wife and others who depend on them in the same house.

The self-employment document is also considered as one of the other types of income sources as well, which he must disclose at the moment of providing the information when requesting to benefit from the citizen’s account.

In the event that the citizen reveals that the source of his income is from the salary and the self-employment document, which amounts to 15,000 riyals, for example, and if this amount compared to the number of dependent children exceeds the limit preventing the citizen’s account, then he becomes not eligible for support.

If the amount of subsidy has decreased for you in your account and you notice that you deserve more than that or otherwise, you should first check the amount of subsidy by means of the estimated calculator, and then compare the supposed due amount with the amount received in your account.

If you confirm that there is a defect in that and you wish to file a complaint, the Complaint Requests box will be available, after five working days of depositing the citizen’s account dues.

What are the conditions for obtaining a self-employment document?

A self-employment document can be obtained for each worker or service provider in the field FreelancingAnd obtaining it is free of charge, according to the following conditions:

The card holder must be a Saudi national and resident in the Kingdom.
The age of the applicant must be between 18-60
Submit proof regarding the nature of the service or profession that he masters, and the extent of his eligibility for it.
The applicant has an active account on the Absher government platform.

What is the relationship between the self-employment document and the citizen account?

Many people think that having a document to practice self-employment professions is an obstacle to benefiting from the citizen account support program.

However, this belief is not true in general, as the individual’s obtaining the self-employment document does not affect the eligibility of the beneficiary and his submission to obtain citizen account support.

But at the same time, the document affects the value of the subsidy, as the document is a form of income that is taken into account when determining the value of the subsidy for the citizen’s account.

Is it necessary to disclose the self-employment document?

Yes, it is necessary to disclose the self-employment document, which is a prerequisite for benefiting from the citizen account support.

On the contrary, the non-disclosure of the self-employment document and the lack of frankness or accuracy in the information related to the sources of income is a reason for blocking or blocking the citizen’s account and preventing him from benefiting from or obtaining the allocated support.

Is the self-employment document similar to the citizen account?

In general, the self-employment document does not resemble the citizen’s account at all, and at the same time it does not differ from it in an absolute way, and we can explain this in the following points:

The citizen account is a program that aims to support low-income families. This is done by providing cash amounts on a monthly basis, while the self-employment document is a license that gives its owner the right to provide remote services.
The self-employment document is valid for up to one year from the date of issuance. As for the citizen’s account, it remains valid until some conditions that prevent benefiting from support are changed.
This self-employment document meets the citizen’s account in that the employee can apply for both.

How to cancel the self-employment document?

This document can be canceled to obtain the full support amount from the citizen’s account, and it can be canceled through the following steps:

  • Enter the freelance platform
  • Register for your account
  • We choose to cancel the document.
  • A cancellation confirmation message appears, and we click Confirm.
  • So the cancellation is done

It can be canceled after one year of activating the document without the need to take these steps.

Objectives of the Citizen Account Program

The Citizen Account Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Raising the efficiency of government support adopted by the Saudi government through the development of the comprehensive system.
  • Providing financial support and providing many benefits that citizens need.
  • Distributing support to those who deserve it and need it.
  • Helping needy families in providing them with a decent life.
  • Giving many privileged powers to all low-income earners tax added value in the Kingdom.
  • Helps encourage the rationalization of energy consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Advantages of a freelance document

There are many advantages of the self-employment document that the holders of this card benefit from when it is issued in their favor.

In addition to using it in order to deal with various government agencies officially

It also allows the use of proof of work for the benefit of the freelancer with his work. The holder of this document can benefit from it as follows:

  • Being able to open a commercial bank account
  • Take advantage of the offers of the freelance portal
  • Providing a variety of digital payment solutions
  • Take advantage of the self-financing product
  • Granting the voluntary subscription service in social insurance

In the end, dear reader, we have answered all your questions about “Does the self-employment document affect the citizen’s expense?”

What is the self-employment document?

The self-employment document is a document approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development that allows individuals to register in a number of professional activities, especially online work activities or independent work platforms such as Pfeiffer or It means that it provides them with opportunities to practice work independently and legally within the activities approved by the Ministry through the electronic portal for self-employment.

What are the conditions for obtaining a self-employment document?

In order to obtain the self-employment document and start practicing their independent activity through the self-employment portal, the applicant must meet a set of conditions that are considered in their entirety to be simple.
Below are the most important conditions toIssuance of the self-employment certificate in Saudi Arabia:

The applicant must be a Saudi national.
The applicant must be at least 18 years old and not more than 60 years old.
The applicant must have an active account on the Absher electronic platform.

Does the self-employment document replace the commercial register?

issuance Free labor document You can start experimenting with creating a professional store and programming it, or starting your independent business through freelancing platforms, by opening an account and agreeing to the terms of use that define the responsibilities of each of the parties. Free labor document An ideal alternative to the on-site commercial registry, which was previously required to have one Commercial Record To link it with payment gateways.

Does the self-employment document affect the citizen’s account?

To answer the question, does the self-employment document affect the citizen’s account? A program spokesperson said:
In the event that there is additional income, it must be disclosed, and if you meet the eligibility conditions and eligibility criteria, you will be covered by the support.You can find out the value of your entitlement to support through the estimated calculator.


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