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what is freelance

What does freelancing mean

The definition of freelance is to work in a job without adhering to the main work conditions and adhering to long-term commitments, and this does not mean non-compliance with the accepted labor laws stipulated in contracts between the two parties or work etiquette and dealing.

And to clarify the idea

If you are an engineer, for example, and work for a company, then here you are restricted to completing the duties required of you to complete the work in a certain period

and perform more than one task, for example the tasks of finishing a building as a site engineer and making files and drawings, according to your job definition in this company for a long-term period,

according to what was written In the contract between you and the company and that the tasks here are multiple and the delivery time for these tasks is specific,

but it does not affect if it increases your contract with the company, and the individual here is affected by the laws concluded and accepted in this work, for example, by vacation and rest periods.

But if you were a freelance engineer and a company contracted with you to carry out the tasks of supervising a building in the finishes, then here you are bound by a contract between you for a specific period of time to deliver this building,

and you are required to perform one or more tasks according to the contract, but it cannot change or increase during work without wages or a contract When the project is completed, you are not bound by the company’s laws to take a break or anything else.

Rather, you can search for another project, take a break, or pay attention to any other matter.

This is from my point of view, and God Almighty knows best

As a term that has circulated widely among people, many have come to believe that self-employment means work on the Internet only, and many forget that self-employment can be local or international, and not only through the Internet, but through intermediaries.

This is the definition of work through the Internet.

It is work through an intermediary called freelance platforms via the Internet, and here we can understand more that this mediation, which is based on a specific ratio between the worker and the mediator (website or electronic platform), is the same.

It can be through local or international intermediaries with different tools for communication here, whether they are platform or directly.

And I will talk more, God willing, in another topic about the benefits and the reasons for the tendency of many to work through the Internet

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