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best Creative Business Name Ideas
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  • August 19, 2022
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When starting to plan a business, its owner or direct supervisor must implement a set of important steps by relying on the formulation of a financial and economic strategy that includes working on preparing a feasibility study before implementing the commercial project;

In order to avoid falling into any defect that may confuse the special plan in it,

especially before working on its actual implementation, and it also ensures the achievement of a large percentage of the project’s success in its first actual period of work; This success is measured by relying on the positive results that are achieved after people learn about the existing business by getting to know its name.

 One of the most important steps that must be studied before starting the implementation of any project is to choose the type of its commercial activity in order to determine the remaining components of it, and include the nature of the place in which it will be located,

whether it is a real or virtual place, and also it is important to study the demographic nature demographics; In order to help identify the target groups of the commercial activity of the project, and the general economic situation of the community must be known,

which contributes to determining the correct foundations to start working on the commercial project, but until this project is officially announced, it must have a special name and be known by it, The name with the trade name.

Suggested trade names There are many trade names that can be used with many types of activities in the commercial market, which help to identify their type of business, and Here are the catchy business names:

Business TypeSuggested brand names
HotelMyHotel, Hoteli
health and wellnessHealthit, betterhealthme
HospitalUrgent Healing
Rouse houseLilac flower
children’s play storeGames land
construction materials establishmentPeg, steel
clothing storeShirt and pants, fashion clothes
accessories shopKarabeeb, silver and gold
Men’s barber shopscissors and comb, handsome man
LiberaryPens, the useful book
car rental shopSpeed car, safe road

Trade Names

It is a name given to a business, and it may be a well-known word associated with the name of the business activity of the business, or a new word that depends on a creative method in its formulation.

Another definition of trade names is the use of a set of words and terms that add a name to a specific business, and contribute to giving this business a moral value before it acquires a material value in the future, especially when the trade name turns into a world-renowned and well-known name.

Specifications of Trade Names Trade names should be characterized by a set of specifications and characteristics that help make them acceptable names, the most important of which are:

The trade name must be used that corresponds to the type of profession or work of its own, for example, it is not permissible to use the word “natural juice” within a name A factory specializing in the soft drinks industry.

It is preferable to use abbreviated trade names, which help consumers and customers quickly save them. It is advisable to avoid brand names that bear the names of specific people.

The trade name must be considered one of the distinguished names, which contributes to making the difference between companies and commercial institutions that operate in one environment.

legality of the trade name; That is, the name should be within the provisions of the common law, and does not contain any words that do not comply with morals, or customs and traditions in society.

The trade name must be one of the names that consumers rely on; Which is characterized by being intuitive and easy to understand and know by people.

How to choose trade name?

When choosing an appropriate trade name that is compatible with the nature of the business, or the product of the merchant or business owner, care must be taken to adhere to the following matters:

Sufficient and logical thinking of the name that will be used to promote the business. Linking the trade name to the quality of the product that will be offered through it. Be sure to use the description in the trade name; That is, to describe the quality of work offered, for example, Happy Bread Bakery.

Designing a logo that matches the trade name and leads to the provision of the service to promote the business after its official launch.

Seeking the opinion of experts in the field of choosing trade names, especially those who have previously worked in the commercial field for which the name will be chosen. Registering Trade Names In order to register trade names, a number of important things must usually be done, namely:

Providing proof of identity, whether an identity card or a passport.

The approved commercial register certificate.

Documents related to the establishment of a business.

Obtaining the necessary legal approvals.

Go to the body responsible for registering trade names, which is the Ministry of Commerce, or the General Chambers of Commerce.

Pay the fees for the trade name registration transaction.

Submit the application to ensure, by the authority responsible for trade names, that the name to be registered with the rules, instructions, and laws related to the registration of trade names.

After completing all the procedures for registering the trade name, it becomes ready for use within the type of private business, and according to the legal statement that holds an official certificate of the trade name.

If you have’s find the suitable business name yet, you can check our best business name generator to shape it yourself.

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