Creating Block-Based WordPress Themes Yourself

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  • December 19, 2023
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Creating Block-Based WordPress Themes Yourself – already reality. It has become easier for users to create their own block themes in WordPress. And I’m sure this will soon become the norm. Creating block themes for WordPress – this makes it possible to make each of us a designer of our own theme. has released a new plugin called Create Block Theme, which allows you to create standalone block themes and child themes directly from your WordPress admin panel.

The idea is that WordPress users can create their own themes using full-featured site editing features, and then export their finished masterpiece as themewhich can be installed on any other WordPress site:

Creating Block-Based WordPress Themes Using a PluginCreating Block-Based WordPress Themes Using a Plugin
Block Themes – A New Way to Create Themes in WordPress

Thanks to WordPress 5.9 and the development of full site editing, it is possible to create a fully functional theme using only the site editor.

To experience the latest and greatest with full site editing, you need to use a block-based theme tailored to the latest features coming to WordPress.

After activating the block theme, a new Editor menu item will appear in the Appearance section. This editor opens up the ability to visually edit your homepage, templates, and template parts, allowing you to create more of what you want in more places.

Creating WordPress block themes in the WordPress admin areaCreating WordPress block themes in the WordPress admin area
WordPress site editor

You can create your own themes WordPress locally, and then transfer/upload a new block theme to the existing site. Cool! For those interested, read – Creating block themes for WordPress using the Create Block Theme plugin.

Create Block Theme – Plugin for creating block themes for WordPress

The Create Block Theme plugin makes WordPress theme design and creation more accessible than ever before:

Create Block Theme - Create WordPress Block Themes Create Block Theme - Create WordPress Block Themes
WordPress plugin for creating block themes

This tool can create individual WordPress themes from blocks and child themes.

Install and activate the Create Block Theme plugin. You will also need to install the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin.

Style settings. Manage palettes and standard colors for various global site elements. Define global styles for your site:

Define Global Styles for Your WordPress SiteDefine Global Styles for Your WordPress Site
WordPress Site Styles

Make changes to your site design using the site customizer and editor:

Change site design using customizerChange site design using customizer
Site Editor

Templates. Edit your templates using the site editor. For some things you may need to edit the template files later.

Edit Your WordPress TemplatesEdit Your WordPress Templates
Change Templates and Add New

Export. A new page called Create Block Theme will appear in your WordPress admin panel under Appearance.

You can add details for the theme. This data will be used in the style.css file. When you click the Export Theme button, a zip file will be downloaded that will contain all the files for your WP theme.

Export the current block with changes made to templates, template parts, and global styles. The export screen allows users to give the theme a name, description, and author information, which are saved in the new block theme’s style.css file:

Exporting a new WordPress block themeExporting a new WordPress block theme
Exporting a WordPress Block Theme

Users can export their work in the following ways:

  • Export the active theme with custom changes included;
  • Export the child theme with the active theme as the parent theme;
  • Theme Clone: ​​Create a new theme by cloning an activated theme. The resulting theme will have all the assets of the activated theme, plus custom changes;
  • Overwrite theme files to include custom changes as part of the theme.

Watch the video entitled Developing a Theme in the WordPress Editor, where designer Beatriz Fialho demonstrates the possibilities. She created a unique new WordPress theme using full-featured site editing features in just a couple of hours. The video has been sped up. Better to watch in full screen:

Developing a Theme in the WordPress Editor

With new tools in WordPress, you’ll be able to export a complete theme straight from the site editor, allowing any WordPress user anywhere to install and use your creation.

Creating Block-Based WordPress Themes Tips and Tricks

If you want to design in the site editor, here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Install a Block WordPress Theme. With a block theme, you will have access to a site editor that allows you to customize everything on your site. The video uses Blockbase, but you can use any of the block themes (Full site editing) in the theme catalog.
  2. Create demo content. Create three or four posts so you can see what they would look like in your index template.
  3. Create your own templates and template parts. Templates are the layouts of your site’s pages, and template parts are their parts, such as headers and footers. You can create them from scratch or start with theme templates.
  4. Use separators, padding, block spacing, or margins. These tools will help you create an open, spacious design.
  5. Use group blocks. In some cases, it may make sense to group blocks to organize template elements more neatly.
  6. Use a block of lines. Setting the space between a block of lines is a great tool for navigating layouts.
  7. Define global styles for your site. Global styles include settings for your site’s typography and colors. You can also customize specific blocks: for example, if you want a quote block to always have a specific font or color, you can do this in the Global Styles section of the panel.
  8. Check how the site behaves on different screen sizes. It’s always worth checking to see if the text is overlapping, broken in weird ways, or has any weird alignments.
  9. Enjoy your beautiful WordPress site!


It’s really interesting how much you can do if you want to develop a theme without touching the code as much as possible. With this new functionality, designers, theme developers, and ordinary users with no programming experience can create their own block-based themes within the context of WordPress itself.

I hope, colleagues, my post today was useful to you. Good luck and see you again!

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