Create a new Adsense account and prepare it to earn from it step by step for beginners


How to create and activate a Google AdSense account

In this article, I will show you how to create a new Adsense account and set it up for your website.

As a blogger, you must have heard of software adsense From Google, which is considered one of the best advertising software available.

there are many Adsense alternatives available The good ones are, but no matter which network you try, you will likely find that AdSense is the best.

If you have some marketing skills, you may also want to look into affiliate marketing. My article will give you about Affiliate vs AdSense My personal insights into both types of networks.

When I first started blogging, AdSense was a foreign concept to me. When I initially signed up for AdSense, I needed a lot of help from my friends, and I still wasn’t sure I was doing it right.

For the beginners who are not familiar with the Adsense program, it is an advertising program for publishers started by Google (See details), where contextual ads are placed on your blog and you will get paid when someone clicks on these ads.

In this article, I am providing a basic guide for beginners who are not sure how to apply for AdSense.

There are some requirements that you must fulfill before you can apply for AdSense:

  • First, of course, you must have a website.
  • You must also be over the age of 18, otherwise you will need to apply using the name of a parent or guardian who gives you permission to do so.

Steps to create a new Adsense account

Recently, AdSense changed the account approval process to include the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to Adsense
  2. Add Adsense ads to your blog
  3. Wait for your account to be reviewed and approved or declined
  4. Although the new AdSense account approval process is a bit lengthy, the process will ultimately help maintain the quality of AdSense for all users.

It is also important to ensure that your blog or website complies with the AdSense policies before applying.

Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions mentioned on the subscription page to learn more.

Step by step to create a new AdSense account

First, go to Adsense signup page .

How to create a new adsense account
How to create a new adsense account

Specify your website address, your e-mail address, and select the last option, yes or no, as you like.

If you do not have a gmail account, create one.

note : If you have a custom domain name and you are using Google Play for your domain email address, I suggest you use that to sign up for your AdSense account. When you use domain email addresses ([email protected]), the chances of getting approved for your AdSense application increase 3 times.

How to create a new google adsense account
How to create a new google adsense account

Select the country and agree to the terms of use

Select your country, then click the box to agree, then press the button to continue.

Specify contact information

How to create a new Adsense account - Basic information for an Adsense account
How to create a new Adsense account – basic information for the Adsense account

This is the most important part.

I remember making some mistakes in this part when I first signed up. Hopefully, if you follow this guide, you won’t make the same mistakes.

“Payee Name” is very important. Make sure to use the same name that you have a bank account with, as AdSense will send you checks or pay the money transfer and transfer them under that name.

If you make a mistake here, changing the payee name for your account will be difficult in many countries.

Once done, click on “sendOn the next page you can review your details.

Ensure all details are accurate and up to date!

You can use your existing email address to register, or you can create a new gmail id for adsense only.

In my case, when I tried to sign up with a public gmail address, I got rejected four times. However, when I applied later using a domain email address, I got instant approval from AdSense.

Once you sign up for Adsense, you will need to add Adsense codes to your blog. The Adsense team will review your application again after adding the codes, and your account will be activated using the Adsense ID that will be sent to you.

All this takes about 1-2 months depending on your geographic location, or two weeks or less in some states.

Once everything is set up, in order to get paid from AdSense, you need to complete two more steps:

  • Submit your tax information
  • Enter the pin

You will start receiving the payment as soon as your AdSense account reaches $100.

I hope with this guide you will be able to create an adsense account successfully. You can watch these videos as they cover many questions that you may face before or after creating an AdSense account.

How does Adsense work?

First, a free AdSense account for publishers! After creating an AdSense account, you must first install the ad code in your site – this allows the AdSense program to go to your site, match the keywords to your article and see what kind of content your website has.

The configured Adsense program then checks its ad inventory and pairs them with the ones that are relevant to your website. This is easily beneficial to all parties involved. For users, they can see advertisements that are related to what they are searching for. Advertisers get to view their products and get paid!

When there are multiple ads with the same keywords that match your website content, there will be a bid and the ad space will go to the highest bidder.

Google works on a CPC basis which means that advertisers will put an amount in the auction over the amount they want to pay for each click and the profit is 68:32 for the publisher and Google. For example; If you generate $100 worth of traffic on the ad, you will receive 68% and earn $68.

Keep in mind that all ads pay a different amount per CTR! Not everything will come in the same amount. Google gives the majority of the money to publishers to make sure they earn as much as possible. So yes, you still get the biggest profit out of this!

Not everyone gets approved by AdSense

One thing new publishers don’t realize is that just because you apply for a Google Adsense account doesn’t mean you’re automatically entered. AdSense policies are intentionally vague, which gives them enough room to reject and accept whomever they want.

Of course, it’s not all that confusing why so many people’s requests are rejected. People applying for an account can overlook considerations like privacy policies, contact pages, and having a good website.

It goes without saying that Google has high standards when it comes to the quality of its advertising network. Therefore, they have very strict requirements, rules, and regulations that publishers must follow.

So, before applying to Google AdSense, make sure you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have an active Gmail account that is not already associated with another AdSense account.
  • Have a live website that meets all of Google’s terms of service.
  • Your website is at least three (3) months old.
  • The content on your website is up to date and relevant – you should have at least 30 published articles that provide value to your visitors and should also have a contact page and privacy page.
  • You have a lot of website traffic (no minimum required here, but the more the better).

In essence, you should have already established a decent web presence in the eyes of Google. If your content is spam and lacks best practices Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google will not acknowledge your content or website as relevant or authoritative, and will likely reject you when creating an AdSense account.

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Make sure to follow Google’s instructions

Finally, it is imperative that you continue to follow the Google AdSense Guidelines. You can use your AdSense code for multiple websites, however, you only want to publish ads on other websites if they meet the above guidelines.

Also, remember to never click on your ads or ask others to click on your ads – Google will know what you’re up to and will shut you down. As long as you stick to the guidelines, you will have a long and fruitful relationship with Google AdSense.

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Frequently asked questions about how to create a new Adsense account

What is Adsense?

In short, Google Adsense is a free and simple advertising program that works across CPC (CPC) that allows users to earn money. Bloggers and website users earn money by displaying ads related to advertising on their sites. Advertisers will be targeted keywords Advertisers will also target their ads to relevant blogs and articles.

Why should I use Adsense?

As a blogger and website owner, it can be challenging to find sponsors and clients to keep your site up and running. Adsense provides you a time efficient and less effort way to earn money. Not only do you have to pay for this free software, but it also benefits you in more than just financial ways.

Will ads crash due to viewing?

AdSense displays ads based on the relationship between the ad and the content displayed on your page. When you first start using Adsense depending on your users you can either make a lot or a little money.
AdSense site owners need to be mindful of ad placement. You do not want your website visitors to become fully aware that you are monetizing your site and making money online. Your audience still needs to derive value from your website, even while earning passive income.
When using AdSense, start with a small number of ads and then grow those ads so they are less annoying instead of suddenly starting to show ads when your viewership is high.

Do you have any questions regarding the process of creating an Adsense account? Feel free to ask me in the comments section!

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