Conditions for accepting the YouTube channel in Adsense 2023

Conditions for accepting the YouTube channel on Adsense, a question asked by many novice channel owners who want to make money from YouTube. So what are those conditions? What are the reasons for requesting these conditions? What are the reasons for refusal to accept the channel on Adsense? All these questions we will answer through today’s article, stay with us.

Conditions for acceptance of the YouTube channel in Adsense

Became activation conditions Profit from YouTube More complicated in recent times, and in order to link the YouTube channel to the Adsense account and start profiting from it in 2023, you need to know Terms of profit from YouTube or called ” Eligibility requirements to join the YouTube Partner ProgramSo what are the conditions for accepting the YouTube channel on Adsense? Here is this report that details the conditions for you in a brief manner and without wasting time.

Conditions for accepting the linking of the YouTube channel to the Adsense account

In order for the YouTube channel to be accepted in Adsense, there are several conditions that must be met New YouTube rules It is recommended for content creators to read it, especially after the update, but as for the conditions for linking the YouTube channel in Adsense, there are 4 basic conditions, and these conditions are as follows:

The first condition: follow the monetization policies of the YouTube channel

One of the most important conditions for accepting the YouTube channel in Adsense is following the monetization policies for the channel on YouTube, as YouTube worked in September 2019 to change its profit monetization policy, after it was called (YouTube Partner Program Policy) is called the YouTube Monetization Policies.

There are also several standards for these policies, which are integrity in work, not deceiving others and not exposing them to danger, which is a prerequisite for making a profit from YouTube.

Therefore, you must not neglect it to maintain the continued success of your channel, as well as in order not to lose the profits due to your channel, as it may sometimes lead to blocking the channel.

YouTube channel monetization policies can be divided into four sections:

1- Security and policy guidelines

It is a set of general guidelines related to the nature of the content, whether it is allowed to display on YouTube, as well as a special list that includes content that is not allowed on the YouTube channel.

It must be adhered to and implemented if you own a YouTube channel, even if you are not a subscriber to the YouTube Partner Program.

2- Subscribing to the Google Adsense program

In order to be able to profit on your YouTube channel, you must subscribe to the Google Adsense program, which belongs to Google and work to comply with its terms, in order for your account to be accepted in the program.

3- Guidelines for appropriate content for advertisers

These guidelines are reflected in the nature of the content, whether it is acceptable or not.

Note that these instructions are for those who own a YouTube channel on which ads appear, especially for participants in the Google AdSense program.

4 – Terms of Service

It is a set of special terms related to the YouTube platform in general, whether you are a channel owner, viewer or content creator.

The second condition: that your channel has 4000 hours of active watch

This condition is one of the most difficult conditions in which you find it difficult to accept your channel on Adsense, as you deal with specific hours and during a specific time, and this requires you to upload more useful videos so that you can get a high view rate.

Note that YouTube works on the account of public views only, and not on the account of your views. If you achieved 4,000 watch hours before twelve months have passed, you will have passed the most difficult condition. You can apply immediately.

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The third condition: that your channel has at least 1,000 subscribers

Also, one of the conditions for accepting the YouTube channel in Adsense is obtaining 1,000 subscribers, as you are not allowed to apply for a subscription request unless the channel reaches a thousand subscribers or more.

However, it is preferable that the number of subscribers reach more than 1000 subscribers, and the reason for this is that someone may unsubscribe from your channel in the period between submitting the subscription request to the time of replying to it.

Therefore, you should not apply for subscription until the number of subscribers on your channel exceeds 1000 subscribers.

The fourth condition: that you reside in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available

This condition is one of the main reasons for achieving profit on YouTube, as this program has been made available in some countries of the world and is one of the reasons for the conditions for profit on YouTube. Fortunately, the YouTube Partner Program is available in all countries of the world, except for a few countries, and it is worth noting that Most Arab countries are eligible to monetize YouTube and have the YouTube Partner Program.

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Fifth condition: having a Google Adsense account

When you complete the two previous conditions, one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of public viewing, you can, through your channel, enter the Google Adsense registration link, and thus you now have a Google Adsense account that places ads on your videos and thus earns profits.

Sixth condition: You do not receive any active warning of the violation of the Community Guidelines on the channel

Likewise, you should not receive any warning or violation of the forum guidelines on YouTube, as it is a prerequisite for YouTube’s acceptance of Adsense, otherwise the account will be permanently closed.

What are the reasons that prompted YouTube to set the conditions for accepting the YouTube channel in Adsense?

Some may ask why YouTube makes it difficult to accept channels on Adsense, and in fact there are two reasons why YouTube sets conditions that some find difficult to make a profit, namely:

  1. The reason for setting the conditions for publishing content, as it is one of the conditions of YouTube, is that it is not permissible to work on publishing infringing content, as well as avoiding violence or whether it contains sexual insinuations, as well as promoting prohibited things, which makes YouTube a safe site for users.
  2. The reason for setting a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours, where these two conditions were set to know the people who are serious about the work from the people who are not serious, as the owner of the channel who is serious about profit works to publish more videos, by which he fulfills the two conditions, which constitute the path to success.

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Reasons for rejecting the YouTube channel to make a profit from Adsense

There are several reasons why YouTube refuses to make money from Google Adsense, which are:

  • Use copyrighted music in your videos.
  • Reused content.
  • Work on transferring a video from your old channel that was closed for some reason to your new channel.
  • Publishing live broadcast videos silently, as they do not provide any value to the viewer, and therefore it is considered content that has no value, and therefore the channel is rejected.
  • Putting deceptive titles that have nothing to do with the content in the video.
  • Post deceptive thumbnails that have nothing to do with the content of the video.

Here, my dears, we have learned through this article about the conditions for accepting the YouTube channel in Adsense 2023, and we also mentioned the reasons for setting conditions for accepting the channel on Adsense, as well as the reasons for rejecting it, with my wishes for benefit to you.

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