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  • December 17, 2023
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2023 On May 27, WordPress turns 20 years! WordPress, one of the most popular and successful CMS platforms, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This is an incredible achievement that highlights his success in the world of web development.

WordPress was created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Hunter. Since then, it has become one of the most popular platforms for creating websites and blogs on the Internet. WordPress has over 60 million active users worldwide and is one of the most downloaded applications in history.

In twenty years, WordPress has come a long way from the Cafe Log fork and now powers 82 million websites (43% of all sites on the web according to W3Techs) and has an ecosystem economic weight of $597 billion.

WordPress 20th Anniversary Commemorative WapuuWordPress 20th Anniversary Commemorative Wapuu
WordPress 20th Anniversary Mascot

Over the years, WordPress has undergone many changes and updates that have made it even more powerful and user-friendly. The platform was developed taking into account the needs of webmasters and allows create websites of any type and complexity. WordPress also offers a variety of free and paid plugins and themes that help users create unique and functional websites.

However, WordPress would not be as successful without the support and participation of the community. Over these 20 years, WordPress has become a real center of knowledge and exchange of experience between webmasters from all over the world. The platform has many forums, blogs and communities where users can chat, ask questions and get help from other users.

Despite the fact that WordPress has long become one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world, it continues to develop and improve. In the coming years we can expect even more updates and new featureswhich will make it an even more convenient and powerful tool for creating websites.

WordPress has big plans for the future, many of which revolve around improving the new block editor in WordPress, which aims to lower the barriers to entry for people at any stage of their learning curve.

Overall, WordPress is not just a platform for creating websites, it is an entire ecosystem that brings together people, ideas and technologies. We can only congratulate the creators of this wonderful CMS and wish it further success and prosperity.


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