Change the Windows 10 password… through the easiest of two methods

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Changing the Windows 10 password, whether on your laptop or computer, is one of the things that you should pay attention to and that you must do on your device, in order to ensure the maximum degree of security and protection, and so that your computer is not opened every time either. By your friends or other people you know.

In order to include the maximum degree of protection and security in order to protect your privacy on your device, whether your laptop or computer, you must take care of the password that you set on the lock screen of your device, and thus you can set a very strong password so that no one else can either. It can be guessed by your family members or friends. Users usually leave their devices locked with a very weak password that is easily guessed by hackers. Therefore, if something like this happens, you must be careful next time to enter a very strong password, and if your laptop is… If you are running an old version of Windows, you can update it by entering the famous Microsoft website, finding a copy of Windows 10, downloading the copy and installing it on the device. You can enter the Microsoft website through the link “hereOr you can download the Windows 10 version by clicking the download button below.

Windows 10

Change password in Windows 10Change password in Windows 10

There are many users who have devices running the Windows 10 operating system and these users believe that using this system is a bit complicated, so that some of the tasks and tools they need cannot be accessed on laptops, but in reality the Windows 10 operating system is much better and easier compared to other operating systems. Other low keys, this includes how to change the password to lock your device which is working With Windows 10 operating systemIt is very easy, according to what other users think, who open video clips to explain how to change the password of a laptop that is running Windows 10. In fact, you do not need to play a video on YouTube to learn how to change the password. All you have to do is Follow some simple steps to change your device password.

When you set a weak password to lock your laptop or computer, you are thus exposing your device to hackers, and therefore all the data and information stored in your device that belong to you can also be vulnerable to theft and hacking, so it is always better to set a password. A bit powerful to lock your device so it can never be guessed.

Tips to get a strong password for your device

Change Windows 10 password Change Windows 10 password

When you think about changing the password of your computer, whether a laptop or computer, and it is running Windows 10, you should avoid putting passwords that can be guessed, whether they are known to people close to you, such as friends and relatives, as you should avoid putting the phone number. Your phone number, or even the phone number of a family member or the phone number of your close friend, or any other phone number associated with you or closely linked to you, it is very easy to guess the password for your device as a mobile phone number, so if your phone number is not Your phone number should be your father, brother, or close friend.

Also avoid setting passwords that start with your date of birth, as it is often easy to guess a person’s password through his phone number or his best friend’s phone number, or even his date of birth. In fact, if it is not his date of birth, then it could be the date of a close family member. From the user, and accordingly, you can avoid this type of password, which can be easily guessed and known, and if it is known by hackers, this can lead to access to your personal data on your device, and this can lead to your data being stolen. Therefore, when you think about setting a password for your device, you must think outside the box in order to ensure and protect your data from hackers and theft.

How to change Windows 10 password

Windows 10Windows 10

You should know that changing the password on your Windows 10 device is very easy, so several methods have been made available to change the password, and therefore you can follow any method and all methods are also easy and you can apply them and start following the following steps, and there will not be any complications. In doing it.

First method: Change the Windows 10 password


1- First, go to the “Control Panel” on your computer or laptop. You can access it by pointing your mouse to the Windows window at the bottom and clicking on the “Start” option.

2- Now in the list of options that will appear to you, click on the Windows Settings option or “Windows System,” and then click on the “Control Panel” option.

3- Now on the Control Panel page, click on the “View by option” option until the icons are displayed in the largest size, and then click on the “User Accounts” option.

4- Now click on the “Manage another account” option.

5- Then choose the user account for which you want to change the password, then click on the option to change the password for this account.

6- Now all you have to do is write a new password so that the current or default password on your device is updated, and be sure to write a new, strong password that cannot be guessed by hackers, or anyone trying to open your device.

Second method: Change the Windows 10 password


1- In order to change the password by following this method, you must first enter the control panel on your laptop or computer, such as the first step in the first method, by clicking on the Windows window at the bottom, clicking on Start, and then moving to Settings in the same way. Steps.

2- Now in the control panel, click on the Accounts option.

3- Then click on “Log in” and you will find the option on the left side of the screen. Then click on “Change” and you will find the option below the password entry box on the right side of the page in front of you.

4- All you have to do now is enter the current or default password for your device, and then click on the “Next” option.

5- After moving to the next page, where you will find a new password for your account, you will find that there are three boxes to write the new password, the first and second box is to write the new password, and the third box is to write part of the new password, or you can write the last part. From the password itself, this option is also available if you forget the new password, so you can then write the last part of the new password that you remember.

6- Now after writing the new password, click on the Next option and Save, and thus you have changed your password.

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