Causes and solutions to the air conditioner icing problem

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The air conditioner is considered one of the most important electrical appliances in the summer, due to the increasing temperatures and high humidity. However, sometimes air conditioners are exposed to some problems, the most prominent of which is the problem of the air conditioner icing up or the air conditioner icing and not turning off. There are a number of reasons for this problem to occur, and there are also Ways to solve the problem as well as ways to prevent it.

In order to keep your air conditioner from freezing and working efficiently, you must know the reasons that lead to the air conditioner freezing andWhat causes air conditioner pipes to freeze? Therefore, website has prepared for you a brief article explaining the reasons for the air conditioner icing and how to solve the air conditioner icing problem in simple steps.

Causes and solutions to the air conditioner icing problem

The air conditioner is one of the most important necessary tools in the home. The air conditioner helps cool the house in the summer and warms it in the winter. A percentage of people suffer from the problem of the air conditioner freezing during operation. The flowing warm air turns into cold air, but it freezes in the air conditioner, and this problem has become common. widely among people.

Many people have begun to wonder about the causes of this problem, in addition to ways to solve it, and the Internet is the first resort to solve this problem and search for it. Therefore, today in this article, we will present the causes and solution to the air conditioner icing problem.

Reasons for the air conditioner to freeze

There are many reasons that lead to the air conditioner icing, and we will present them to you in full in this paragraph, where the most common reasons for the air conditioner icing are classified as follows:

1. Insufficient air flow

One of the most important reasons for the air conditioner to freeze is due to a change in the flow of air, and therefore the cold air will not come out at the appropriate temperature for the house. In this case, the air will condense and will automatically turn into ice, and the air conditioner outlets will be closed with ice. You can confirm that this reason is the main cause of this problem by examining the existing air filters. In the air conditioner, it is best to clean them, and if you notice that the filters are old and worn out, it is best to replace them with new filters.

After checking the air filters, try the air conditioner and turn it on to ensure that it is working properly. If this problem persists, you must in this case check the ventilation holes. It is possible that air is leaking from them, or it is possible that the ducts are blocked and closed, leading to the appearance of this problem. As we have seen, you can solve it in Start by checking the air filters and then checking the ventilation openings if the problem is not solved on the first try.

2. Mechanical malfunctions

One of the most important reasons for the appearance of the icing problem in the air conditioner is due to the mechanical faults that occur that lead to the air in the air conditioner freezing. The mechanical faults that may cause this problem are multiple. They may be the result of the cooling lines or if the fan is not working properly, and this leads to There is a change in the pressure of the air conditioning system, and ice will form in the air conditioner.

3. Low cooling

The air conditioner refrigerant has physical properties at different pressure levels and contains some substances that help the refrigerant and the air conditioner in general to cool. Changing the pressure in the air conditioner can change the way the refrigerant works because the flow of warm air from the house will affect the air conditioner evaporator and thus the air will condense. And humidity together in the air conditioner, and ice will form and it will become insulated from the outlets and will change the working system of the air conditioning. This reason could lead to the ice melting after a few moments, and thus water will fall on the air conditioner and it may be damaged. Therefore, you must fix this problem quickly before the air conditioner is exposed to damage. If you leave it on, it will become damaged and you will have to replace it.

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Steps to repair and solve the air conditioner icing problem

After we presented to you the causes of the icing problem in the air conditioner, there are many solutions that will help you solve this problem, which are as follows:

1. Turn on the air conditioner fan

Turning on the fan helps you solve this problem, but in this case you will have to connect the power to the fan and set the air conditioner to run the fan only. In this case, the air coming from the fan will melt the ice.

2. Open the air conditioner registers, i.e. the ventilation holes in the ceiling

We mentioned above that the air ducts may be blocked or curved and the air flowing through them does not flow well. Therefore, you must ensure their integrity by examining if there are bends in them, or if there are separate parts in them, or any leaks that lead to the emergence of this problem.

3. Check the air filter

If you conclude that the problem is with the air filter, you can solve it by replacing the filter. It is better to choose a high-quality one, and then you must change the filter every two to three months before the icing problem appears and you start suffering from it.

4. Check the refrigerant gas level

The low level of refrigerant gas in the air conditioner leads to the air conditioner icing, so you must check the gas level and make sure that its level is good. If you notice that the gas level is lower, you must supply it and test the air conditioner and ensure that the problem is solved.

5. Check the evaporator coil

The accumulation of dirt and dust in the evaporator leads to freezing of the air conditioner, so you must ensure that the evaporator is clean by examining it and cleaning it of the dirt that is stuck to it.

6. Check the cooling capacity

You can make sure that the problem has been solved once and for all by checking the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. If you notice that the cooling capacity is good or that the air coming from the air conditioner is cold enough, you can be sure that the problem has actually been solved.

The solutions that we presented to you above can be done personally and without the need to contact a technician to repair the air conditioner, but if you tried all the previous solutions and did not find any results, then you will have to contact maintenance in order not to increase the size of the problem and to return the air conditioner to its proper operation.

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Is air conditioner icing dangerous?

Leaving the air conditioner without repair in case of freezing will result in many damages, which are as follows:

  • Increasing the voltage on the compressor will lead to its damage, and repairing it will cost large sums of money.
  • Electricity bills will increase due to excessive air conditioner drain without result.
  • Many malfunctions appear in the air conditioner, thus increasing repair costs as the problem continues to worsen.


In this article, we have presented to you the reasons and solution to the problem of icing up the air conditioner. If you are suffering from this problem and are looking for the reasons causing this problem, you can learn about it in full from our article that we presented to you above. We hope that the article will be useful, hoping that it will benefit everyone.

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