Causes and solution to the problem of mixing water with oil in the radiator


Welcome dear site visitors Technical dot com To talk about the problem of mixing water with oil in the radiator, as the problem of mixing water with oil in the car is one of the most common problems in vehicles, and in this article we will explain what are the reasons for mixing oil with the radiator? And how do I know the mixing of oil with the radiator water, and most importantly how Solve the problem of mixing water with oil in the radiator. So follow us to know the details.

Solve the problem of mixing water with oil in the radiator

Today, everyone uses the car for their transportation within the city or even outside it, as it has become a part of every country that cannot be moved without it, as it limited a lot of time and effort to people, in addition to the many various features that the car provided to human societies.

But despite the features that cars possess, we all suffer from problems with the car engine, as the car comes with an engine consisting of a certain number of parts necessary to operate the car and run it properly, and each piece is an essential part of the car and has a certain life span and must be changed from time to time.

One of the most important problems that everyone suffers from is the problem of oil mixing inside the engine, although oil and water should not mix in the engine, but this warns of a mechanical failure in the car that must be repaired as quickly as possible.

As this mixing results in problems and damage to the engine in the short term, so you find many people asking about the causes of this problem and the way to solve it, which we will present to you in our article today in terms of defining the reasons for the mixing of radiator water with engine oil and how to solve the problem of mixing oil with water in the radiator.

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What is the form of mixing the radiator water inside the engine?

It is important to note that the mixing of oil and water does not happen easily, as it is difficult to mix them unless the amount of leakage is large, as in the event that the amount of leakage is large, the two liquids will remain separated from each other.

If mixing occurs, this mixture will appear light brown or dark gray.

How do you know if the radiator water is mixed with the oil inside the engine?

You can easily know this through the oil dipstick inside the engine, where you can use it to measure the oil and to see if the water has mixed with the oil through its color, as the oil should come out in its natural transparent color or a dark brown color if the oil is new or if the color of the oil is black It is burnt and needs to be replaced immediately.

But if the color of the oil is light brown, know immediately that there is a leakage from the radiator into the engine, and this problem must be resolved immediately.

You can tell if there is a mixture by holding the oil mixture. If it is light brown and heavy, this means that the water mixed with the engine oil.

What would happen if water mixed with oil inside the engine?

Some may wonder what happens to the car when oil is mixed with water in the engine? First, we must know that the main task of the car engine is to lubricate the internal parts of the engine during operation, and if water is mixed with oil, the oil will not lubricate these parts, and therefore there will be excessive friction between the internal parts, which will lead to breakage.

In general, in the event of any mixing between water and engine oil, you should know that the oil no longer performs its primary task of lubricating the main parts of the engine in addition to reducing its temperature, and thus will lead to a rise in the engine temperature and breakage of the internal parts in it, in addition to poor performance of the car and many others. Problems that will follow once this happens.

Therefore, pay close attention to this matter, as the damage will be material to you and morally to the car.

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What are the reasons for mixing oil with radiator water inside the engine?

In fact, there are many possibilities that can be expected that lead to water mixing with engine oil, but it is necessary to do a full examination of all possibilities that we will put in order to prevent the recurrence of this problem, and these possibilities are as follows:

1. Leak at the hem

There is a head gasket in the engine that is used in order not to limit any mixing or leakage. It is possible that this gasket does not work and started leaking water into the engine oil, so you must change it immediately.

2. The problem is in the cylinder head

There is a head gasket in the cylinder, as this gasket may be broken or have cracks that lead to water leaks into the engine oil, so you must change it in this case.

It is possible that these cracks occur if the temperature of the car rises.

3. Problems with the oil cooler

Some cars have an external engine oil cooler, and water and engine oil may sometimes mix together through these passages that connect the engine oil and coolant together.

According to the design of this cooler, water and oil should not mix together, as there is only contact between them.

4. Adding radiator water in the wrong place

It is a common thing in fact, as it is possible for a person to make a mistake in filling the water in the correct place and filling it in the place of the engine oil, and there will definitely be a mixture, and he will have to fix it immediately.

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Solve the problem of mixing water with oil in the radiator

In the event that you encounter this problem or have doubts about this, you must stop the car immediately, open the hood of the car and check the location of the coolant (water). If the level is lower than the limit that you remember, then you must diagnose the engine oil immediately.

Go to the location of the engine oil and check it in the traditional way. If its color has changed to the colors that we mentioned above, or if its viscosity has diminished greatly, you will have to repair it at the nearest car mechanic in order not to be exposed to more problems in the engine.

Where the mechanic will check the malfunction and the cause and change the part that led to this reason, and he will completely empty the car’s oil and refill it again.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article for today, my friends, where we presented to you a method for checking engine oil with the reasons that lead to mixing of radiator water with engine oil, and what is the appropriate way to solve this problem immediately before seeking the help of a car repair mechanic. We hope that the time taken to read the article will be useful. And wait for us in everything that is always new.

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