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Best Wordpress Hosting 2022-2023
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  • September 22, 2022
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Best hosting service for WordPress

Many WordPress website owners are looking for a premium WordPress hosting, so I am listing for you the 4 best WordPress hosting companies for 2022.

WordPress is the most popular and powerful content management system now that you can fully rely on in any website that offers any electronic service today.

Whichever hosting you choose from the following list, the three most important factors to consider when considering WordPress hosting are load time, uptime with a minimum of 99.94%, and technical support.

Our goal with this guide is to share more than 10 years of experience and insight about the top websites,

to help you make the right decision we have listed the details of each hosting company with the most important information you need in choosing the best WordPress hosting, with the nomination of the best WordPress hosting companies.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a hosting service used to host websites that run on the WordPress “script” program, where users create and manage their websites easily.

According to, there are some requirements that are common to the servers of the company that provides the WordPress hosting service, such as:

 PHP version 7.3 at least.

MySQL version at least 5.6.

It can be higher, and it is preferred that the hosting company provide the basic SSL (https) certificate as well.

WordPress works on older versions but earlier versions are more secure.

However, what are the types of WordPress hosting?

Well, the types of WordPress web hosting are as follows:

Shared WordPress hosting is a copy of regular shared hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is a fully managed hosting suitable for large and medium websites with high quality resources.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting

With the presence of millions of WordPress hosting companies, choosing the best “or the right one” for you is difficult.


It is usually advised to choose cheap hosting at first “just please don’t choose free hosting” and then upgrade it according to the growth of your site;

So choose scalable hosting as well.

Additional features and performance:

Additional features and the level of performance are the most important, consider the following points:

Does hosting support more than one WordPress site?

Does the hosting company offer a migration or relocation service?

Is there an SSL certificate?

Are backup services available? Is a free domain available?

Technical Support:

Successful hosting companies provide multiple methods of communication such as email and live chat.

Fastest WordPress hosting

Best web hosting for WordPress

Nowadays WordPress works on most web hosting companies, but the WordPress script needs special resources and PHP memory which made hosting companies offer managed services from WordPress hosting.

Here are the best companies that provide hosting service for WordPress sites only with great performance, strength and speed, and therefore these companies are the best WordPress hosting companies:

WooCommerce hosting:

1.      Bluehost is the best choice for beginners

top and best hosting websites
best and top hosting websites

Bluehost is the most popular and reliable WordPress hosting that is recommended by the WordPress website, it is an ideal option once you sign up that allows you to install WordPress right away, and you get an active site in just 15 minutes!

Bluehost is characterized by its reasonable prices compared to its high-quality services and also the plans are varied where you will get shared WordPress hosting with other sites on the same server;

So if you have high traffic your site speed may decrease, but frankly it never happens based on a long experience with the hosting company.

The quality you get from Bluehost is unbeatable, it’s powerful enough for all websites; So we recommend them widely;

Therefore, Bluehost is always the best choice, as it provides a set of features in WordPress hosting, as follows:

Get your one-click WordPress script up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Set up your hosting on the official WordPress website and update it automatically.

Free domain for 1 year with SSL certificate.

C-Panel with a site-specific panel, the storage disks are of the strong SSD type.

All these reasons made Bluehost one of the best WordPress hosting companies for 2022.

Before making any decision, refer to the Bluehost review and how to buy hosting and domain.

Alternatives to Bluehost:

2.      HostGator WordPress Hosting

best and top  hosting websites
best and top hosting websites

HostGator is a hosting that serves more than 10 million websites today, and one of the largest WordPress hosting companies, and websites of 2021 serving more than 8 million websites.

HostGator is distinguished by providing all types of hosting, from shared through to cloud and WordPress hosting, which are characterized by the following:

Open WordPress hosting

What does open hosting mean? It means its resources are unlimited, and therefore you have complete freedom to use, knowing that there are some conditions for unlimited hosting as well.

Hosting more than one website

Many web-hosting companies provide WordPress hosting, but not many of them provide hosting more than one WordPress website, and this is what HostGator provides,

so we always recommend to choose HostGator when working on more than one “ranking” niche to profit from Google AdSense.

Free site transfer

In case you want to move to HostGator, all you have to do is contact the customer service and request technical support,

which provides the possibility of moving your entire site for free, in addition to the technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the form of a live chat.

Low prices

HostGator is one of the cheapest web hosting companies

which provides its services with high quality. Despite this, we find the famous cPanel control panel in managing sites with an interface in Arabic and English,

which facilitates the management of the site.

All these reasons made HostGator one of the best WordPress hosting companies for 2022

3.      DreamHost

dreamhost best and top  hosting websites
dreamhost best and top hosting websites

Dreamhost is one of the best WordPress hosting companies today that WordPress nominates as unlimited hosting,

and unlike all the other companies that specify a cooperation policy for unlimited hosting, Dreamhost offers unlimited hosting in every sense of the word.

DreamHost’s hosting works at 99.98, which makes it very suitable for hosting your site on WordPress, the company’s prices start from $2.95 per month with a speed of 445 ms and an uptime of 99.90%.

However, from my point of view, you may face a problem in managing the site because Dreamhost does not use the cPanel,

but it relies on a control panel developed by the company that works in English only.

All these reasons made DreamHost one of the best WordPress hosting companies for 2022.

4.      A2 Hosting

a2 hosting best and top  hosting websites
a2 hosting best and top hosting websites

One of the most famous WordPress hosting companies today that provides its services with strength and stability that millions of customers trust,

and the hosting speed reaches 99.99% almost throughout the year with technical support and free services at competitive prices.

Do not hesitate to learn more about the company by reviewing A2Hosting.

Also, learn how to purchase A2Hosting hosting,

as it provides one-click WordPress installation on the cPanel and then works with super-fast uptime, which reflects positively on the user experience.

All these reasons made A2Hosting one of the best WordPress hosting companies for 2022.

WordPress free web hosting: is actually a website apart from the well-known WordPress software that is an actual application available and its original version at,

and the site makes it easy to create a website on WordPress.

Free WordPress Hosting Features

Ease of use through a dedicated WordPress management panel.

Unlimited bandwidth with 3 GB storage space.

Several free WordPress themes, so you can create a custom web design.

Free SSL Certificate.

WordPress is not required to be installed.

Disadvantages of free WordPress hosting

Advanced plugins cannot be installed on the free plan.

You need to buy a domain, unlike most hosting companies today that provide it for free.

Who Should Use is a great choice for non-technical or novice users who do not need to install additional themes, for professionals or experienced ones can use any of the previous hosts as it allows more flexibility in controlling the hosting.

It is worth noting that you will get a great experience if you are looking for a simple environment supported by a high level of quality and are not looking for special add-ons.

If a hosting plan is right for your site, visit now.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is known as a type of hosting service that provides the most powerful technologies for the WordPress site

these companies take into account all technical issues related to hosting from backup to customer service available all the time.

In fact, managed means more services at a higher price that help you manage your website, in fact it gives you the opportunity to focus on the content while you take care of all the technical aspects involved.

It is a service suitable for large sites that need strong hosting in all aspects, especially technical; So if there is high traffic on your site per month,

you can take care of the content and leave the hosting on the company, after choosing a managed hosting.

We recommend managed hosting only for websites with high traffic.

The managed WordPress hosting plan starts at around $16.95 per month, but what is the difference between regular and managed WordPress hosting?

The difference between regular web hosting and managed WordPress hosting is that managed hosting provides all the extensions that make your site work better,

that is, it uses systems and tools that improve performance, backup and advanced storage systems that increase the speed of the site as well.

Managed WordPress hosting is much better but you are sacrificing double the price of regular hosting while leaving all the hosting and WordPress issues to be managed by the company.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

As we mentioned before, the main advantage of managed hosting is that it works automatically and does not require you to have technical knowledge,

as the hosting company will help you keep your site in its best condition all the time in terms of speed and performance.

Thus, you can focus your attention more on creating content or marketing for your site, and the advantages of managed hosting are:

Sophisticated hosting suitable for WordPress as it can be installed easily.

A team of the best human cadres specialized in technical support.

Sophisticated environment with permanent backup.

Free add-ons and templates with the purchase of managed hosting.

An automatic storage system that increases the speed of the site.

Scan your site for any security threats for free.

React quickly to any problem you encounter on the site, ensuring quality performance.

The most important point is that the management will be from professionals who support millions of websites and therefore you can trust them especially if you are new to WordPress.

Disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting

The disadvantages of managed hosting on WordPress are as follows:


Dedicated plans are much more expensive than regular hosting, which may cost you less than $5 per month, managed hosting needs more than $10 and up to $30 depending on the company.

Loss of control and lack of personal development:

In my personal opinion, regular hosting helps you to know your site more and know the performance and the method of security as well, while you completely lose control and the hosting company manages everything, and only you can decide what you want!

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is the best managed WordPress hosting since the official WordPress site when it recommended the first ideal hosting company to work on WordPress was Bluehost “although there are other hosting companies now.”

Bluehost is one of the most famous hosting companies that offer strong performance and speed at affordable prices, in managed hosting you can install and update WordPress with a click on the cPanel.

Hosting includes the cache system and thus ensures the speed of the site that provides an ideal user experience that makes it come back to visit your site again and thus prefers you more than Google.

Moreover, a central control panel that gives you your site’s statistics first-hand and allows managing social media accounts, which facilitates management and increases your visibility and follow-up at the same time.

In managed hosting from Bluehost on WordPress, we find the following:

One website with 20 GB storage.

Bandwidth 20,000 monthly visitors.

Free transfer of your site with cPanel control panel.

The ability to develop and update WordPress.

Free domain, free backup and free SSL.

Bluehost price for managed hosting is $9.95 per month.


These were the best WordPress hosting providers, remember : read the hosting plan details carefully before you buy, and most importantly the support you will need during the hosting time.

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