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  • January 7, 2024
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As online transactions continue to dominate the world, the use of virtual cards is becoming increasingly popular as a way to make payments online. Virtual cards offer the convenience of traditional credit cards, but with added security features that protect cardholders from fraud and unauthorized use, while at the same time providing rich functionality for anyone involved in digital advertising, media buying and affiliate marketing. In addition, virtual cards can be created and managed entirely online.

Now let’s take a closer look PSTNET Which is by far the best virtual card provider on the market in 2023. This service offers high-quality virtual payment cards with platinum credit cards and 3D security support, starting from just $1. PSTNET’s virtual payment cards can be instantly charged with cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT, etc.) and other methods such as bank transfers, and the card can be used to pay for ads, goods and services around the world in USD and EUR.

Virtual cards from PSTNET do not have any restrictions on the number of cards, spending and deposits, as well as no hidden fees, so the virtual card from this service is the best choice for businesses and individuals who need to pay for services such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, Canva, Amazon, Ebay, Digital Ocean, Jira and almost any other service available, and they will be able to pay for these services even with cryptocurrencies. In addition, some virtual PSTNET cards can be added to e-wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, which increases their convenience.

Setting up a new account in a virtual credit card service usually takes a lot of time and effort (difficult registration process, KYC check, etc.), but PST does not have such problems. The registration process is easily completed in just a few clicks by registering with a Google or Telegram account or creating a new login and password. There is no need to provide any documents to get started, even if the account is used for business. The first Virtual Crypto Card (VCC) does not require any verification, although in this case the card deposit is limited to $500. For users who require more, several steps are available depending on the limits and functionality required. Each step involves nothing more than entering a few pieces of information on the website or uploading an image of a document, so none of the verification steps will take long.

PSTNET also offers special terms for teams and users with high monthly spending budgets ($30K USD per month), such as up to 100 free cards to test, $1 per card, and a 2% markup fee. These terms available through PST Private seem to be the best payment option in the virtual crypto card market in 2023.

Card charging methods include USDT, Bitcoin, Bank Transfers (SWIFT, SEPA), Visa & Mastercard. Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are also available, but must exceed $300 (it was $500 until recently, when PSTNET decided to lower the withdrawal cap in response to user requests).

PSTNET offers a variety of virtual crypto cards specifically designed for advertising purchases and a practical and fast way to pay and perform advertising campaign costs. Trusted BINs protect ad accounts from risk paywalls allowing them to run ads without any additional hassle.

Moreover, there is a special tool from PSTNET called BIN Checker which not only allows checking the information on all bank cards but also displays real-time statistics on internal bank identification numbers. The service reveals information about the percentage of approved/rejected transactions, average spending per card and billing limits.

PST offers special functions for teamwork. To get these functions, users have to contact customer support to obtain master account status. The Master Account offers a number of benefits, including the ability to manage staff (e.g., invite, comment, and change roles), set spending limits, instantly transfer cards and funds between team accounts, and access the top-up request system. In addition, key accounts can access the transaction history of all team members and also create and download operational reports in CSV format. With the upcoming launch of a spend forecasting system and the ability to set permitted Merchant Codes (MCC), Key Accounts will provide more tools to organize your business expenses.

There is also an extension for Chrome called Cardholder From PSTNET which allows users to receive 3DS confirmation codes directly in the browser, check the current balance and details of your virtual payment cards from PSTNET and enter card details into payment detail fields with just one click.

In general, PSTNET virtual crypto cards are a reliable tool to pay for advertising with the best terms on the market. PSTNET’s Platinum Credit Cards, 3D-Secure and BIN quality control system will provide an unprecedented level of protection against financial verification issues on all advertising platforms. Special terms and ease of use make these cards the best choice for buying advertising and affiliate marketing in 2023.


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