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  • October 18, 2022
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What is plagiarism?

Scientific plagiarism, or plagiarism, is one of the most prevalent phenomena in literary and scientific circles, and the most offensive to the scientific integrity that is supposed to be available in the scientific researcher.

And in the concept of scientific plagiarism, d. Sami Abdel Aziz says:

“…scientific plagiarism (or as it is known in scientific, academic and literary circles as Plagiarism), is the writer, author or researcher’s use of words,

ideas, visions or expressions of another person without attributing them to this person, or acknowledging his credit for them.
and scientific plagiarism as well.

It is for a person to attribute to himself things in which he has no merit without a basis from reality.

And to express ideas claiming that they are of his own thoughts and that they are original.”

Also, plagiarism according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 2, is:

“Stealing, passing on (other ideas or words) and using (the production of the other) without relying on a source, to commit plagiarism in presenting a new and innovative idea or product derived from an existing source.”

The danger of scientific plagiarism or plagiarism and its infringement of the intellectual rights of others, made many programmers develop programs to verify the authenticity of research, but the high cost of these programs and their being limited to universities in most cases,
would have made the discovery of plagiarism the preserve of doctors and in some universities only Were it not for the availability of websites that do the same work and for free in some cases.

In this post we will list the top plagiarism checker including:

best plagiarism checker for research papers

List of: best plagiarism checker software

Best plagiarism online checkers
list of the Best plagiarism checker

1. Grammarly plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is one of the best tools in detecting plagiarism, they offer free and premium plans.
The free version allow up to 1000 words.

Don't get caught plagiarizing Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader

2. SmallSeoTools

It is one of the most famous and one of the best tools for detecting plgiarims.
The free version also allow up to 1000 words

3. checkforplagiarism

Discovering scientific plagiarism

An important site for detecting scientific plagiarism, where you can upload the document you want to verify its authenticity and
provide the site with your data and email so that the examination report will be sent to your mail once the task is completed.
The free report includes only the percentage of originality of the document, and to get the detailed report you need to subscribe to the site.

4. plagiarisma

It is one of the best plagiarism tools that we have tried, as it is possible to verify the originality of the content in nearly 190 languages, including Arabic,
by pasting the text into the verification box, uploading the file or writing its link in the space provided.
Plagiarisma can also check Google Scholar which contains a significant number of articles, patents, legal opinions, flyers and Google Books.


5. Plagiarism detect

Another great and free plagiarism checking tool that has been proven effective in our testing with excellent results.
Although this tool is slow to show the plagiarism report, it is also accurate and can check the authenticity of a website’s content.

6. plagtracker

A good tool for detecting plagiarism, it has an attractive and elegant user interface. The free version of it enables verification of texts of no more than 5000 words,
but access to the pellagiarism report of this site requires providing your email and waiting for about 30 minutes at most to receive it.

7. double checker

Another excellent tool for checking plagiarism, it works on the principle of dividing the text into sentences and comparing it with the results of search engines.

8. Plagscan

Another research authentication tool, when you sign up, you get 20 free modules, each of which enables you to check a text of up to 2,000 words.

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