Best cybersecurity jobs in the world 2024

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In the era of information and communications technology in which we live, the field of cybersecurity has become more important than ever before, as technological development increases rapidly, and with the increasing challenges facing data and digital systems, and here the importance of the cybersecurity function in protecting the components of this digital world is highlighted, It represents a key point in maintaining the integrity of information and data of institutions, companies and their infrastructure.

But despite the importance of this field, the most frequently asked question remains: What are the best and highest-paid cybersecurity jobs in the world? How much do cybersecurity jobs pay? Come with us to take you on a quick tour in which we learn about the most important cybersecurity jobs and the average salary for each job.

Best cyber security jobs in the world

Best cyber security jobs in the world

Cybersecurity is considered one of the requirements of global markets at the present time, especially since the requirements for cybersecurity jobs, as well as salaries for cybersecurity jobs, have become the first step and the main motivation for everyone wishing to apply for the best cybersecurity jobs in the world. In today’s article, we will explain the most important details about these jobs, noting cybersecurity salaries in Germany and Saudi Arabia, and cybersecurity jobs for women.

Information Security Officer job

The job of an information security officer is one of the most important, best, and highest-paid cybersecurity jobs in the world, given the important role played by the person performing this job. It also supervises the privacy and safety of information contained within a company and exchanged between companies affiliated with an organization.

It is worth noting that the salaries allocated for such a job are conditional on the experience possessed by the applicant, so it is not possible to specify a fixed salary for all applicants. Especially since you work as an information security officer, detailed study is necessary for the applicant for this job. But an annual average of up to $185,000 can be determined.

Those wishing to work in it must have agility and quick wit to deal with possible errors, in addition to knowledge related to privacy policies, security protocols, and encryption and confidentiality documents for information.

Application Security Engineer

Application Security Engineer, or what is known in English as (Application Security Engineer), is the person responsible for developing the company’s applications with the aim of keeping pace with updates and updated security policies.

Anyone wishing to apply for such a job, which is considered one of the best cybersecurity jobs in the world, must have a high-level programming thinking mechanism. The reason for this is because he is responsible for keeping up with how the application connects to the Internet, as well as the confidentiality of transferring the customer’s information to the company.

We also note a course in achieving compatibility between protection and encryption protocols between the sending and receiving party within the company or between branches of the company itself. Therefore, he is considered one of the people who have a sensitive and influential role in the company’s productivity.

The average salary for the holder of this job ranges between 95 and 100 thousand US dollars annually. We must mention the role of the application security engineer in ensuring that applications work correctly and effectively.

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Information security analysis

Have you ever wondered who is setting up protection systems and on what basis is this based? Would you like to know how to establish a protection policy for workers in a company? Of course he is the information security analysis officer.

This person monitors the traffic of data, or what is known as traffic jam, coming in and out of the company as a whole, whether this data is private or public. He looks at the path he took and creates scenarios in case the transfer fails.

He also implements a set of mechanisms aimed at protecting the company’s database and customer information from theft, meaning he is the person who monitors the company’s security and its effectiveness against any external or internal threat.

This job is one of the best cybersecurity jobs in the world, and the applicant must have insight and careful pursuit of information exchanged, and create effective scenarios in the event that the digital system faces a threat. The average annual salaries of workers in this field range from 70 to 80 thousand US dollars, according to the applicant’s years of experience.

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Cloud Security Engineer

A person with the ability to create policies to protect critical company information such as employee contracts, private privileged customer data, and agreements authenticated with a digital signature.

The reason why companies are interested in this job position and considering it one of the best cybersecurity jobs in the world is due to the spread of cloud storage services and their adoption as data stores instead of companies’ local servers that cost money and take up unnecessary space.

The applicant for such a job is required to be able to deal with the problems of storing data permanently, preventing its corruption, and making backup copies of it. In addition to building systems that deal with cloud services.

The annual salary for someone interested in this job is about 140 thousand US dollars, given his important, vital and sensitive role in the company’s work on a daily basis and around the clock without interruption. This is why this job is considered difficult to obtain for beginners in the field of networking and information security.

Database engineer

A database engineer is the person responsible for building places to store data temporarily and some data permanently, relying on his skill in selecting the most flexible software data structures that are compatible with the daily updates to which our digital world is subject.

The applicant is required to have extensive knowledge of the most important global software updates that have improved the software concepts in building the data structure correctly and without errors, and to deal with new software effectively and within a short time.

This person also provides periodic monitoring of data to ensure that it is not damaged, and that it is arranged and organized into tables, making it easier for employees and customers to access it. Preventing or granting permissions to some employees but not others from accessing the organization’s sensitive data. The salary applied for the job of database engineer, which is considered one of the best cybersecurity jobs in the world, is about 37 thousand US dollars on average annually.

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Risk Officer job

He is the person responsible for getting back on the right and safer path to business in the event that the company’s system is exposed to danger or threat. The role of this person is to ensure the safety of the information and services provided by the company in the first place, and then to avoid danger with the least possible losses.

As we mentioned previously, he is a person who is fully prepared to deal with potential risks at any time, quickly and effectively without affecting the effectiveness of the institution as much as possible. It is worth noting that companies employ an integrated team to manage risks, and the reason for this is that one person is unable to deal with a risk within a few seconds on his own, no matter how experienced he is.

The average annual salary for workers in this sector ranges from 60 to 80 thousand US dollars. Knowing that this salary may increase with the increase in experience and problems you solve during your work.


At the conclusion of our article about the best cybersecurity jobs in the world, we note the importance of the previous jobs and their influential role in the work of companies. We must highlight that workers in all previous jobs cooperate together to avoid risks and provide the best possible protection policy available. This makes companies safe from any threat that may affect them.

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