Banque Misr customer service number hotline 2023

How do I make a complaint to Banque Misr? How do I contact Banque Misr from outside Egypt? Is there a WhatsApp number in Banque Misr? And many questions asked by Banque Misr customers about how to communicate with Banque Misr to file complaints or inquire about some services, for this reason the website presents this article. Banque Misr customer service hotline numbers To facilitate communication with customer service both from home and abroad.

Banque Misr customer service hotline number

Most Egyptians, merchants, and owners of capital depend on banks in most of their financial dealings, as they save a lot of time, effort, and the individual. After the spread of banks in Egypt and their provision of many distinguished services, many Egyptians have become dependent on them.

With the increase in the area of ​​trade and its transformation from local markets to global markets, money dealing through banks has become much easier than traditional dealings. Today, there are many banks in Egypt, and each bank includes unique and distinct services from the other bank.

Banque Misr is one of the most famous and best banks in Egypt, and it has a large customer base in Egypt alone. It is a leading bank in Egypt, and its founding dates back more than 100 years ago. The number of bank branches spread across Egypt reaches approximately 600 branches.

It includes approximately 12,000 employees in its various branches, and despite the wonderful features and services that Banque Misr provides to its customers, some customers face problems during their dealings with the bank, which requires communication with the bank and inquiries to solve these problems. Therefore, we will work in our article today by presenting Customer service hotline numbers for Banque Misr.

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Banque Misr customer service hotline number

Communication with Banque Misr customer service is easy, as the bank provides this service throughout the week and around the clock. The service can be contacted from any landline or mobile phone by calling the following number: 19888.

After calling the previous number, you will hear the voice service provided by the bank. Follow this service to reach one of the bank’s representatives and explain to him the problem you are facing. As we mentioned previously, you can call at any time, as the service provided by Banque Misr is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A customer service representative will help you solve the problem you are facing immediately. You can also get help in financial procedures if you wish. It is also possible to inquire about your balance in the bank through a customer service employee or inquire about loan programs and others. All of these methods are available to you. You can benefit From them, by simply calling the Banque Misr customer service phone number mentioned above.

Banque Misr customer service number from outside Egypt

If you reside outside Egypt for a visit or for some purpose and wish to contact Banque Misr customer service from abroad, you can do so by calling the previous hotline with the same number, but it is desirable to add the international key for the Arab Republic of Egypt, so the number becomes as follows: 0020219888.

Through this number, you can contact the bank from anywhere in the world outside Egypt, whether using a landline phone or through a mobile phone.

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The identification number of the voice service, Banque Misr

Many Banque Misr customers ask about how to know their identification number. In fact, the identification number can be obtained through the voice service provided by Banque Misr, as each customer in Banque Misr has an identification number. To obtain the identification number, you must contact customer service at the following number: 19888.

After contacting Banque Misr customer service, press the number 1, then press 4, and you will reach your personal identification number with absolute ease.

Bank Misr customer service chat

Banque Misr has worked to provide an automated assistant that helps customers access a page from the official website of Banque Misr. Most of the time, you find this assistant at the bottom of the Banque Misr website page, and as soon as you ask questions to the automated assistant, it will give the closest answer to the question.

This chat is called the interactive chat, where the user gives the closest answer to the question with a feature called the interactive chat, and the questions are answered through a database linked to this assistant and found on the site.

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What are the advantages of communicating with customer service at Banque Misr?

There are many services that can be obtained by contacting customer service at Banque Misr, and these services are as follows:

  1. First, the bank provides the service to the bank’s major customers.
  2. By calling the customer service number, you can inquire about all the bank’s services and products, such as certificates, cards, transfers, loans, and other services provided by the bank to customers.
  3. The customer can inquire about the value of the balance in his account at Banque Misr, along with details of the account’s movement in its various types, whether it is from savings accounts, from current accounts, or from day-to-day accounts.
  4. Benefit from customer service by inquiring about nominal transfers from them or any transfers sent to the account.
  5. The customer can inquire about Banque Misr’s locations and appointments with the locations of the personal bank machines.
  6. You can inquire about the Swift number of the Banque Misr code.
  7. It is possible to receive customer suggestions and work hard to study their applicability.
  8. Contacting customer service to solve a problem, whether it is a product or a service, and work on resolving it according to a pre-specified period of time by the bank.
  9. You can cancel all wrong password attempts, regardless of the type of card.
  10. It is possible to activate credit cards and payroll cards.
  11. You can benefit from customer service by creating or changing the credit card PIN.
  12. Take advantage of customer service to stop the card in the event that it stops working or malfunctions.
  13. Customer data can be modified by contacting customer service to delete, modify or add.
  14. Activate the voice service by contacting customer service.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our topic for today, as we have provided you with the customer service hotline number in Banque Misr, so that if you have a problem and want to solve it, whether you are inside Egypt or abroad, you can solve it by calling the number that we mentioned above, and you can also benefit from many services Provided by the bank by contacting customer service, we hope that the article has won your admiration.

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