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Monitoring software is software applications that allow you to track your child’s device data. They are installed on the device after giving them access to the device’s data, sensors, and APIs.

This allows apps to track vital information such as GPS data, call logs, text messages, social media account information, browsing history data, emails, and saved media such as photos and videos.

These applications work in stealth mode so that they can continue to track the device without interruption and without restrictions from the device user. The only exception is when the user runs an antivirus scan. Once this happens, the app can appear as malware, prompting the child to delete the app.

Other restrictions include connecting to the Internet and unlocking the device. Apps need Internet access to transfer data to servers so the subscription holder can access the information. The subscription holder also needs to physically unlock the device when installing the app for the first time.

What is the best app monitoring software for Android?

Application monitoring program for AndroidApplication monitoring program for Android

Since there are a large number of monitoring apps in the market, it can be difficult to choose an app monitoring software for Android that is reliable, easy to use and can be put in incognito mode all the time, and does not alert the user to background monitoring activity as well.

Moreover, many tracking apps only provide basic functionality and lack advanced features like remote control, sensor activation, social media profile monitoring, and location tracking. Therefore, you must choose your program carefully, to ensure that all your needs are met.

There is only one application that offers these advanced features, is reliable, easy to use, and has few drawbacks: Xnspy.

What is XnSpy?

XnSpy is an app monitoring software for Android that can track most Android devices with ease. Even if the phone has received several security improvements, Xenspy monitoring suite can bypass the device’s security measures without disabling its incognito mode.

This is because XnSpy integrates well with your child’s device’s operating system, making it impossible to detect. Even if it was manually deleted from the list of installed programs.

The application circumvents the operating system by performing a large number of necessary operations and system instructions before sending data to Exenspy servers.

The retrieved data is not kept on the application servers for more than 30 days to keep it safe from prying eyes.

After installation, the monitoring application quickly uploads data to your web account. Allowing you to scan the target device’s data whenever you want. After logging into your account, you can select any of the app options from the menu on the left.

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What apps can Xnspy track?

Can XNSPY variant for Android Track multiple social media apps and instant messaging apps. Some of these applications include:

Facebook Facebook

Xnspy enables monitoring of Facebook activities, including:

  • Messages: Allows access to incoming and outgoing private messages, providing insight into conversations.
  • Timeline Activity: You can view posts, comments, and other interactions on the monitored Facebook account.
  • Media: Access shared photos, videos, and other media files on Facebook.


Xnspy provides extensive tracking features for WhatsApp:

  • Chats: Captures real-time conversations, including group chats, individual messages, and multimedia files shared in chats as well.
  • Call Logs: You can access call logs, including details such as time, duration and contact information for WhatsApp calls.
  • Media: Xnspy allows users to view and download multimedia files shared via WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger

Similar to Facebook monitoring, Xnspy provides:

  • Chat logs: Access your Messenger conversations, including text messages, photos, and other shared content.
  • Timestamps: Details about the timestamps of the message and the contacts participating in the conversations.

Instagram Instagram

Xnspy enables tracking activities on Instagram:

  • Direct Messages: Monitor direct messages exchanged on Instagram.
  • Timeline Posts: View posts, comments, and interactions on your child’s Instagram account.


Xnspy provides Snapchat monitoring capabilities, including:

  • Snapshots: You can view sent and received snapshots with their timestamps.
  • Chat Logs: Access conversations, messages, and media shared within Snapchat.

Telegram Telegram

Xnspy provides Telegram tracking features:

  • Chats: Access individual and group chats as well, including texts, photos and other media files shared on the platform.
  • Call logs: Details about Telegram calls, such as time and duration as well as the contacts involved.


Xnspy allows monitoring Tik Tok activities:

  • Activity Tracking: Access videos watched, liked or shared on your kids’ TikTok account.
  • Messages: Track direct messages exchanged within TikTok.

YouTube YouTube

Although it’s not as comprehensive as some social media platforms, Xnspy still offers insight into YouTube activities:

  • Watch History: Access the history of videos your children have watched on YouTube.
  • Comments and Reactions: Monitor comments posted and reactions made to videos.

What other features are included in Xnspy?

Some of the advanced features included in Xnspy are:

  • Recording ambient sounds
  • Track your web search history
  • Block applications
  • Determine the geographical location of the child’s device

Let’s check it out in detail.

Recording ambient sounds

You can turn on the microphone of your monitored smartphone and capture sounds from its surroundings using XNSPY’s Ambient Recording feature. Xnspy surreptitiously records ambient noise as an audio file, which is then uploaded to your internet account.

Find the file in your Surround Sounds folder after logging into your dashboard. It is a useful tool to monitor the child’s surroundings and find out what he is doing and whether there is danger to him. Moreover, there is the option to export the audio file to store it on your computer if you want to hear it later.

Track your web search history

The ability to track your browsing search history is another powerful feature. With the help of this technology, you can monitor your kids’ web browsing history even if they clear their browser history. Where you can be sure that he does not follow any offensive materials.

ExnSpy uploads your internet browsing data to its servers regularly, creating a copy every few seconds, which is why it is able to view browser history data even after it has been removed from the target device.

Moreover, Xnspy displays your kids’ favorite websites that they have saved. You can use this information to find out what kind of websites your children view when they are alone.

Block the application

App blocking is a popular feature of Xnspy. As it is clear, through this feature you can block any application from your child’s device. Whereas without XnSpy you have to unlock the device and manually search for the program you want to remove on your child’s device.

However, after downloading Xnspy, you can select apps from your dashboard and block any app remotely with one click. This way you can disable any apps that you may consider to be overly addictive or distracting to your children.

It could be social media apps, mobile games or anything else. To disable an app, locate it in the Installed Apps section in the left side menu and press the switch next to its name. Press the switch again to unblock the app.

Geolocation tracking

XNSPY Geo Location Tracker allows you to view your child’s device position in real time. It extracts the phone’s GPS signals and forwards them to its servers that you can access from your dashboard.

You can also view time/date stamps for each location and view your child’s device location history. This helps track which smartphone it is installed on without the need for additional hardware.

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What Android version can Xnspy track?

Xnspy is compatible with several versions of the Android operating system. It also receives frequent updates that improve its performance, download speeds, and data load times and comes with several bug fixes and minor feature improvements.

The current XNSPY app version allows you to track all Android devices running Android 4.0 and above.

Experience the XNSPY user interface

The user interface of Xnspy is simple, easy to use, comfortable and prefers a traditional dashboard.

The user interface has a red and black color scheme that gives great contrast, making navigation easier and faster. All labels have simple definitions that explain function in an easy to follow manner.

Purchase and installation experience

Buying xnspy is very simple. You can simply visit the official website, check the pricing page, and purchase the subscription that suits you the most. The application is offered in two versions, basic and professional.

The basic version has basic tracking functions like call logs, text messages, and web history. While the advanced version contains features such as tracking geographical location, social media, tracking instant messages, blocking applications, and hearing ambient sounds as well.

Purchasing a one-year subscription also provides the biggest savings you can get. The payment process is secure and confidential thanks to the SSL encryption page.

Once you choose the version and subscription period the credentials will be sent via email along with the XNSPY phone monitoring app for Android APK file.

Simply unlock the device you want to install the app on, download the APK file, run it, and grant all necessary permissions. Once you grant all permissions, the app installs in just a few minutes and hides itself from the home screen automatically.

You can view the extracted data you need to log in to your dashboard via the credentials sent to you at the time of purchase.

So as you can see, purchasing and installing the app is quick and easy and will only take a few minutes. This is among the many reasons why it is the best app monitoring software for Android


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