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Our mission is to facilitate the long search for learning and acquiring skills for you, and to provide solutions to problems you may encounter during this. For this reason, if you are a student or an employee and want to provide an additional source of income with good profits, you can learn a simple new skill to increase your income.

Our goal, at ProfNet, is to provide correct information from reliable sources and spread awareness related to the areas of e-marketing, social media, and work on the Internet.

Rehab Net is an Arabic website that specializes in presenting explanations about e-marketing, freelance fields, and social media accounts, and we also discuss ideas for profitable projects that you can implement through the Internet from home.

About Founder of profit net

Peter Gabriel is an Egyptian online marketer and founder of Rehab Net. Almost four years ago, I was a person working in a field completely different from e-marketing and freelance, and I do not believe in areas of work on the Internet, but I criticize everyone who tries to talk about it.

However, I had a friend completely unlike me, who was very passionate about the Internet and the field of work on it, and he had already left his field and turned to the fields of work on the Internet. In the beginning, I was very critical of him for leaving his major and heading to this imaginary job “from my point of view at the time.”

After the passage of time, my friend had passed a lot of time and had already grown his business in the field of e-marketing in particular. I noticed that he had plenty of time to spend with other friends and family, and also the apparent financial stability he had reached. What I liked most about it is that he does what he loves.

On the other hand, I have taken the traditional job. After the passage of time, I became bored with the traditional routine and restricted my thoughts that I had been dreaming about since I graduated from university.

The traditional job did not get me what I hoped for. The responsibility of life has increased, I don’t even have free time to spend with my family and friends, I started to feel the full control of my boss even in my personal life, and also I can’t save an amount of money to build my future.

The turning point

One day, I decided to ask my friend what his business is and find out what it is all about. And he has already begun to explain everything related to the areas of work on the Internet, especially electronic marketing. I began to be attracted to this field and found that it is the field that gives me what I am looking for and achieves what I wish for.

What is this? Isn’t this work something I criticized so severely before? What happened?

At first, I thought that this work was just fiction and not realistic, and I did not even give myself the opportunity to search for its credibility. But later, when I saw what my friend had achieved, my curiosity began to explore this field. I found that working on the Internet is a reality and not a fantasy as I thought.

I started searching on the Internet a lot to learn and acquire skills. I used to read foreign and Arabic articles and watch a lot of videos to learn. Approximately, I used to spend an average of 3 hours a day to learn this skill. I got a lot of online courses on platforms like Google, Hubspot.

Then in 2019, I made what I imagine was the hardest decision of my life, I decided to quit my job and actually start my own project. I worked in the fields of freelance and got my first money in dollars. “I do not forget how happy I am at this moment.” During this period, I discovered many different ways to work online and anyone without experience can start it.

I have already started acquiring the skills that qualify me to build my own project and freelance business on the Internet. But the search and learning process was exhausting. I was browsing through many articles and videos until I got to correct and real information, and it took me a lot of time and effort.

In the end, I decided to create a profit net site and try to help other people so that they do not follow the same difficult path of learning that I took before. In this blog, I try to provide useful information to all visitors so that they can easily access useful learning resources, and I try to explain everything I have gained.

I hope you have benefited from the real experience I had.

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