A site that measures your beauty percentage (for women and men)


How do I know the proportion of the beauty of my face? How do I know my beauty standard? Is there really a site or program to measure the beauty of the face? All of these questions have been raised very frequently in recent times, and what is meant by knowing the percentage of beauty is an advanced technology that analyzes the face electronically through accurate calculations in the external shape of the face, and programs and websites specialized in Measurement of beauty ratio.

Of course, in a previous article we talked about A program that gives you your shape and you are great Using very smart technology and receiving high ratings, and in the same series, today we will learn about a site that measures your beauty percentage, so if you want to test the percentage of beauty from your photo, follow us to learn the details.

A site that measures your beauty percentage

People depended on each other to measure the proportion of their beauty, as beauty was counted in the first ranks of the human form, and by beauty meant any form of the external beauty of a person, and in the past years there were specific committees that played their role in determining the proportion of the beauty of each person.

There were competitions dedicated to measuring the percentage of beauty, and the winner in this competition gets prizes and job opportunities in many fields of various kinds, the most important of which is the advertising field for specific products.

But with the advent of technology in our current era, measuring the percentage of beauty has become easy compared to the past years, as today there are websites and applications that can be downloaded on the smartphone specialized in determining the percentage of human beauty, and these websites and applications work in an electronic analysis method.

It relies on accurate and appropriate measures to give a percentage estimate of the percentage of beauty, and this topic has spread widely on social networking sites, where you find many users sharing their beauty percentage on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, which prompted many users to search for sites and applications to measure the percentage of beauty for that In our article today, we will present the best sites and applications for measuring beauty.

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Sites to measure the percentage of your beauty

There are some websites and applications that have appeared recently that offer the advantage of measuring the percentage of human beauty, and many users are looking for them to measure the percentage and evaluate the percentage of beauty, and in this paragraph we will classify them as follows:

Pretty Scale is a beauty measurement website

Pretty Scale is one of the famous sites used by many people to evaluate the proportion of beauty, and they publish the site link on social networking sites in order to share their beauty ratios with friends on the Internet such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

It is a really unique site, fast and easy to use, as it can be used easily without any problems, and it gives the result of the percentage of beauty within a short period of three minutes, after executing the requests that the site requests from you.

And if you want to try the site to measure your beauty percentage, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. First, go to the site by clicking on the site link from here.
  2. After you authorize the site, the site will ask you to upload a suitable personal photo so that the site can measure your beauty percentage correctly and with a good percentage according to the electronic analysis standards that the site has, or you can take a current photo immediately.
  3. There are some commands required by the site from the user, such as directing the line to the left and right facial features, in addition to the right and left eyes, chin and nose.
  4. After these commands are executed correctly, the application will take a few seconds, and the result of the electronic analysis will appear in front of you to measure the percentage of your beauty for this image.
  5. What is unique about this site is that you do not need to create a special account in order to be able to benefit from the services provided by the site, and you do not even need to download the site’s application on your Android phone.
  6. Men and women can upload their photos directly to the site and measure their beauty percentage easily.

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Beauty Calculator

The Beauty Calculator is one of the easy and unique sites for directly estimating and evaluating the beauty of the face of the person who uploads his picture to the site.

It is distinguished from the previous site in that it does not ask the user for any orders to measure the percentage of beauty, but rather works on that electronically, and the user is only required to upload his picture to the site only, and you will get a reward of a number of points.

The site is completely free and there are no subscriptions or financial fees for users, and a specific gender is not required to measure the percentage of beauty, as the site can use its services for men and women as well.

After uploading the image, some information related to the age of the user will appear in front of you, such as face shape, skin color, facial expression ability, and other information.

How to use the Beauty Calculator website

If you want to try the site to test your beauty percentage, you must follow the following steps to be able to measure your beauty correctly. The steps are as follows:

  1. In the beginning, you must enter the site by clicking on its link here.
  2. You will find an empty rectangle in front of you on the site asking you to upload your photo to analyze the percentage of its beauty. Click on the browser button to choose the photo and upload it to the site.
  3. After choosing the appropriate image, press the green button, and the site will measure your beauty percentage, and the result will appear in front of you, which is a set of points.

Golden Ratio Face Program

Away from websites, the Golden Ratio Face program is classified as one of the best applications for measuring a person’s beauty and attractiveness, and many users use it.

The application can read the user’s personality through his facial expressions and provides many tips for better skin care. It also recommends to the user names and brands of masks that are beneficial to the skin, so it is considered the best program for measuring beauty and giving the necessary advice to increase your beauty percentage.

The application has received many positive reviews from users, and the number of users is increasing day by day, and the application is available for phones running the Android system and can be easily downloaded through the Google Play Store via the direct download link here.

This was our topic for today, where we presented to you a list of the best sites that give the user the percentage of his beauty based on his personal image, in addition to the best application that is used in this field. Many statements have stated that the previous sites are working to measure the percentage of beauty seriously based on some scientific methods to measure the percentage of beauty Beauty If you love beauty and want to measure your beauty percentage, do not hesitate to do so. Stay tuned for everything that is new daily.

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