A project idea with a future in Tunisia 2023


A project idea with a future in Tunisia. When it comes to financial success in Tunisia, there are thousands of ways and sources through which one can earn money.

A project idea with a future in Tunisia 2023

And with thousands of ideas Small projects in Tunisiawhich provides various services to the general public, except for some who began to fear the future of projects, especially since the world began to witness a huge boom in technology and its dispensation with many things, so you may start with a project as a successful project at the present time, and you may be surprised with the passage of time that the demand for it started It decreases day by day until you have to close the project and thus fail.

This is because you do not know what projects Tunisia needs in the future, and it is often a search for ideas Unpublished projects In the market or unconventional, it is the one that obtains a higher success rate than other projects due to the lack of competitors in the Tunisian market.

So, if you are planning to start your own business and are looking for a successful project that has a bright and secure future, and the demand for it will not decrease in the future? We invite you via the website Technical dot com Get to know some ideas Projects have a future Mashreq is in Tunisia and the demand for it continues.

Projects with a future in Tunisia

Many Tunisian youth are looking for projects that will bring them abundant profits, but the projects vary between large projects and small projects, where you can choose between them depending on your financial circumstances.

But the point of obtaining a project, whether it is large or small, is that it is profitable and has a prosperous future for the long term, and not just because the demand for it is high at the present time.

And in the event that you are confused between a large number of options that you have, then we will make it easier for you to choose, in our article, which will show you a number of projects that you can establish in Tunisia, commensurate with the industries in Tunisia and the most attractive to customers.

The first project: tomato drying project

One of the most encouraging things for establishing a tomato drying project is the global level that Tunisia occupies in the production and cultivation of tomatoes, as it ranks 10th in the world in tomato production. In order to establish a tomato drying project, a number of factors must be met, including:

  • You need to secure a large area to establish your own factory.
  • You have to provide the tools and equipment you need.
  • Provide a warehouse with a cooling system to keep tomatoes from spoiling.
  • Providing the project site with water.

What are the tools you need to provide for your tomato drying plant??

  • A large plastic tablecloth and a number of wooden and metal pegs.
  • Special cutting tools to maintain even sizes and high quality.
  • A large tub for cleaning tomatoes.

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The second project: opening a tourist hotel

The State of Tunisia is considered one of the active countries in tourism, as the number of tourists who come to it reached 9.5 tourists annually, but this percentage decreased due to the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, and after the end of this pandemic, the State of Tunisia began to restore its tourism activity, so the opening of a tourist hotel is considered one of the successful projects at the present time and it has a bright future given The number of tourists is increasing day by day.

However, there are some basics that must be met in order for your hotel to be more desirable to tourists than other hotels, and to make your project have a bright and secure future.

What are the basics that you must provide in your tourist hotel to be successful and attract tourists?

  1. Choosing a large area for the hotel, so that the rooms are large and comfortable.
  2. Providing recreational services within the hotel, such as a special massage section, a steam bath section, and a sauna.
  3. The provision of a card for room service is characterized by tact in dealing.
  4. Ensuring cleanliness and employing cleaners who are keen to clean the rooms on a daily basis.
  5. Competitive prices for other hotels and monthly offers.
  6. Reception staff can speak fluent English.

Features of the tourist hotel project

  • Abundant and continuous profit permanently.
  • A non-lossable project because it works on an annual and permanent basis.

The third project: a shop for the maintenance of electronic parts

In light of the development and modernity that we are keeping pace with today, technology has become essential in our lives, and we depend on it in a large and wide manner. Therefore, the project of opening an electronics maintenance store in Tunisia is considered one of the thriving projects at the present time, which is greatly needed and generates abundant profits, but electronics maintenance falls under a number of types of maintenance. Of which:

  1. The first type: maintenance of phones from external and internal faults.
  2. The second type: maintenance of computers and laptops of all kinds.
  3. The third type: maintenance of inverters used in solar energy systems.
  4. The fourth type: maintenance of television screens and Playstation.
  5. Fifth type: maintenance of household electrical appliances.

How can I get started to open an electronics maintenance shop

  1. First, you must undergo a maintenance course to master the basics and professionalism of the profession.
  2. You have to purchase complete maintenance equipment.
  3. You must follow the latest developments in the electronics market to keep abreast of all updates.
  4. Buying a store in an area densely populated, especially areas where people from the financially prosperous class abound.

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The fourth project: mediation by commission between two parties

A lot of merchants are looking for people who secure customers for them in return for a large amount of money. You can be this person who is a mediator for buying and selling between two parties in return for a large sum of money. This work does not require much effort or a certificate or courses. All you have to do is mediate between both parties.

How can you enter the world of paid brokerage?

There are several ways to enter the commission brokerage business, and they differ, but they lead you to a wide spread and the brilliance of your name among the merchants.

1- The first method

You can rely on social media, especially since it has become one of the most prevalent things in our time, where you create a page for work and put a name for it that makes it clear to everyone who logs in that it is a page for paid mediation and you publish the goods on it after you have agreed with the merchant on your brokerage fees and the prices of the goods you you will show it.

2- The second method:

You can create a special program or application for you to display the goods in and download it in Android stores and Apple stores, and this method is considered one of the most common methods among brokers today.

3- The third method:

You can buy an office in commercial areas, register your business within it, spread the name of your office among merchants, and enter the trade market quickly.

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The fifth project: a store selling sports clothes and accessories

Nowadays, sport has become a common thing among young people, so the establishment of a project specialized in selling sports equipment in Tunisia is a successful and profitable project, and the future is good because sport has become one of the interests of millions of Tunisians.

What products can you sell in a sporting goods store?

  • You can sell sportswear made of raw cotton that does not cause allergies and itching, as sportswear is one of the important things that a player is looking for.
  • You can sell home sports equipment, especially since there are many women who cannot go to the gym and do their exercises at home.
  • You can deal with sports companies and clubs to secure the supplies they need.
  • You can sell balls and bats.
  • You can create promotional ads for the goods you offer and add imported foreign goods to increase demand from your store.

These were the best project ideas with a future in Tunisia, where you can find an idea that suits you to start your own business to achieve long-term success.

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