A program that gives you an English word every day


Do you want to learn English vocabulary in the easiest possible way? Are you looking for the best Program for learning English Single every day? If this article is directed to you, because we will get to know you better A program that gives you an English word every day.

Where this program is considered the best application for learning the English language in a simplified way, it gives you an English word every day with listening to it and pronouncing it in Arabic, so that you can memorize it correctly, if the topic interests you, follow us more to get to know a program that gives you “Every day an English word“.

A program that gives you an English word every day

English is the first language in terms of use in the world and has become required in most practical fields, especially when working and hiring in commercial companies. It is also required as a basic thing when traveling outside the Arab world.

It is difficult to communicate with others, especially at work, without having the skill to write and speak English, so you find many people today looking for the best training courses to learn English without other languages, but today’s routine activity of studying and working prevents a lot of people from learning the language English.

So you see them using the Internet searching for the best applications to learn English, as the phone helped today in learning English quickly and practicing it on a daily basis in a simplified way for people who need more time to memorize English words.

Since the percentage of searching for applications to learn the English language has increased, we will work in our article today to present a program that gives you an English word every day to help you learn the English language in case you do not have enough time and free time for full learning.

A program that gives you an English word every day

Many people think of learning the English language after the need for it has increased in most areas of life, especially in the labor markets, so obtaining a program to teach the English language is very useful, especially since the application helps you to learn carefully and appropriately the amount of an English word every day so that you can reach advanced levels in the language English over time.

This program is one of the useful programs for learning English, and if you want to try it, you must download it to your smartphone by following these steps:

  1. First, you must download the application on your smartphone, and you can download it from the Play Store by pressing Here directly.
  2. After you have finished downloading the application from the store and installing it on the phone, go to the application icon and click on it to open.
  3. After opening the application, you will be asked to specify the level of words that you want to be sent to you for learning by the application.
  4. Click on the level you want to select, and a large group of English words that you want to learn will appear in front of you.
  5. When you click on the word, the program will take you to another page that contains a detailed explanation of the word, such as the pronunciation of the word, its classification, an example of the use of the word, and some additional notes about the word.
  6. In the application, there are a number of different tasks that you can use and benefit from in learning English.

What are the advantages of every day English word program?

As we have seen in the method of using the program, it is detailed and clear and provides a learning method for English words in a distinctive and unique way. These features are as follows:

  1. The application sends you an English word every day to increase your vocabulary of English words and to be able to memorize faster.
  2. The words that are sent to you through the application are kept in the application and you can refer to them in case you forget to learn and memorize them again.
  3. The site gives many examples that help you to memorize more English words and to be able to understand English grammar well.
  4. Finally, the application helps you to memorize words thanks to the points it includes in terms of memorizing words and learning proper pronunciation without any linguistic errors.

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The best apps for learning English

There are many applications that help you learn English and provide many features such as listening pronunciation and some examples of English words and others. These applications are as follows:

1. Apply Duolingo

Duolingo comes at the top of our list of best Applications for learning English It is one of the popular applications among users, as the application provided a distinctive experience in teaching the English language, as the application comes with an easy-to-use interface, available in Arabic and English, and provides a basic educational curriculum divided into many levels.

It helps you, beginning with grammar training, with teaching how to pronounce it correctly, and you can climb to the next level when a test is conducted by the program to ensure the user’s educational level.

Finally, the application is provided for all mobile devices that operate on the Android system and that operate on the iPhone system, and it is a very suitable and distinctive option for beginners who want to learn English.

2. Apply memrise

The MEMRISE application is one of the most famous applications for learning the English language, and it has received a lot of comments and high ratings from users, as there is a large percentage of people who depend on the MEMRISE application in learning the English language, as it helps them to learn in the easiest and simplest way, in a way that suits the level of the user and makes periodic movements to remind the user Teaching English.

The design of the application is wonderful and distinctive and helps the user to deal with it and includes many levels commensurate with the level of the learner and includes two British and American dialects so that the user can choose the dialect that he wants to learn and can listen to the pronunciation of the word through a short video clip speaking with that word.

The program also associates each word with a picture in order to help you remember it in the long run, and it reminds you of new words that you learned recently, in addition to a set of tests that the application sets to test yourself with what you learned from the application.

Finally, the application is free, but if you want to get conversation training, you must download the paid version of the application.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion of our topic for today, where we have provided you with the details of downloading and using the “English word every day” application, in addition to presenting the most important and best applications for learning English correctly, clearly and for free. If you want to learn English and are looking for applications to help you learn, the previous applications One of the most prominent and best applications for this subject.

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