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  • January 7, 2024
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Are you looking for the best successful and profitable project? In this article, we will share with you the best successful projects according to the size of the capital, in order to increase the chance of you finding a project idea that is compatible with the capital you have and may be your gateway to starting a successful business.

Before that, we would like to mention the most important factors that help the success of any business:

  • The decision to start the project should be based on a study of the market and demand, and not a random entry.
  • The amount must not be borrowed, because the interest on the debt will weaken or kill your profits.
  • Do not start your first project with large capital or risk everything you have.

In this article you will learn about:

  • 3 small profitable projects (less than 100 thousand riyals)
  • 3 medium profitable projects (between 100 thousand and one million riyals)
  • 3 large profitable projects (more than one million riyals)

– The best successful project with a small capital

1- Turk Food Project

Turk Food requires only a small capital and generates excellent income. The implementation of this project is no longer limited to job seekers only, but has also been taken up by professionals. This project requires cleanliness, good food to achieve the desired results, and a mobile vehicle suitable for the project.

capital The invested capital for the project is 90 thousand riyals. The project will fully recover the value of the invested capital within a period of (4.3) years from the beginning of the project’s actual operation. The project requires a workforce of 2 “managers and workers.”

Expected return The annual rate of return on investment is estimated at about 27% during the first five years after deducting the total costs. The average annual revenue of the project is 230 thousand riyals and the average of all annual costs is 190 thousand riyals, with an average annual return of 40 thousand riyals.

2- Self-selling machine

Self-vending machines provide an opportunity to start a small and profitable business at the same time. The demand for such machines has become essential in many places. One of its advantages is that no experience in sales is required for the success of the project, as the machine markets itself with its products and its location, as the location of the machine is the basic pillar on which the success of the project depends.

Used self-vending machines For many and varied products Such as coffee, drinks, sweets, ice cream, newspapers. These devices are used in Many sites and places Health facilities – colleges and institutes – hotels – parks – malls and exhibitions – government institutions and departments – sports facilities and health clubs – car dealerships – gasoline stations…

capital The capital of the self-vending machine project is about 25,000 riyals (prices vary depending on the quality and type of machine, and prices for one machine start between 1,500 riyals and 35 thousand riyals.)

There is the possibility of renting the machine instead of purchasing it, and it may be a very excellent option for those who own a business or any store that is frequented by many customers or is located in a tourist location or that many people pass by. There are specialized companies that provide these machines for monthly rental on the condition of contracting with the owner of the activity to locate the machine.

Expected return The profit return in this project is considered excellent. After subtracting the costs of raw materials and site rent, the net profit for the machines is high. The location of the machine is the fundamental basis on which the amount of return depends. Choosing a site is the most important step in this project.

The project achieves an excellent rate of return (40%) and an appropriate payback period (the second year). To achieve profitable returns, you will need to purchase a used machine (about 5,000), a trusted person to help, and a signed rental contract with Kahraba, in addition to regular maintenance.

4- Becoming a partner in a successful project

Since small capital is an obstacle to opening some successful projects that require capital much larger than 100 thousand, you can enter and participate in an existing successful project. If you succeed in becoming a partner in a successful business, you will avoid risk and any potential loss. It will also be much better than resorting to borrowing or being forced to open a small project that matches your capital, which means less profit.

– The best successful project with medium capital

5- Commercial cleaning services company

Commercial cleaning service is a 100% profitable project that does not require any special skills or technical experience. With low initial investment, quick return on investment and easy business management. Unlimited market demand for the service, no inventory or storage, excellent growth potential…all of these are compelling reasons to start this type of business.

All large stores, companies and institutions have one thing in common: they must be cleaned regularly in order to appear well in front of themselves and their business partners. This fact creates a huge opportunity to obtain returns and profits. The best way to market is to visit every business in your community. Explain the benefits of cleaning in general and your service in particular. However, if you set a goal to visit ten potential customers a day and were able to win only two, you will achieve 40 new customers every month and you will be on the right path to establishing a successful and profitable project.

6- Packaging project

The idea of ​​the project is to package a food product in small packages such as a kilo, half a kilo, or a quarter of a kilo… and then redistribute it. There are no limits to the products that need to be packaged, packaged, and distributed (nuts, spices, legumes, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, spices, and many other foodstuffs).

The project’s capital is average, sufficient to purchase goods in bulk, packing supplies such as bags and some simple machines, and a good car suitable for distribution. The project can be expanded, opening multiple branches, and distributing to larger places.

The packaging sector is one of the successful projects that generate high profitable returns exceeding 30%. However, the success of this project depends on the success of marketing, which starts from the packaging method and reaches the quality of the food product. One of the conditions for the success of the project is the availability of good marketing capabilities and experience in managing the business at all its stages.

7- Perfumes industry

Perfume is a commodity in high demand in Gulf society, and everyone uses perfume on a daily basis and on all occasions. While a European consumes 300 ml of perfume throughout the year, a Saudi consumes 2 and a half liters of perfume annually!

The perfume industry is considered one of the fastest growing cosmetic sectors with annual revenues in the billions of dollars. Everyone uses perfumes on a daily basis, even people with limited income. This is what makes the perfume industry the best successful project for those who will first learn all the secrets and details of this industry.

One of the advantages of this successful project is that it does not require a large area to establish it, it does not require labor, especially in its beginnings, and the lack of equipment required. The perfume industry does not require huge sums of money. It is very possible to establish a perfume factory initially at a cost of 100 thousand Saudi riyals.

– The best successful project with a large capital

8- Block factory

Block, or what is known as cement brick, is an essential material used in construction works and urban projects. The large and continuous demand for the manufacture of cement block molds makes the block factory a successful project.

The cost of establishing a block factory varies depending on the production capacity of the factory and the equipment that the factory contains, as well as on the electronic system that operates the factory, whether it is semi-automatic or automatic. (For information Costs of an integrated block factory)

9- Contracting Corporation

The contracting company is also considered one of the successful projects due to the continuous demand for construction, reconstruction, restoration, renovation with decorations and changing paints to keep pace with everything modern and new. This sector is one of the most popular sectors in the world.

If you are interested in this project, learn about the terms Open a contracting companyAnd you can see Feasibility study for a contracting company pdf.

Investing in real estate

Relatively stable assets such as building condominiums, or purchasing land in steadily growing areas is a good way to build long-term wealth. Although most investments involve an inevitable amount of risk and do not provide a complete guarantee of profit, investing in real estate throughout history leads to significant gains and is considered one of the solid foundations of wealth. (7 tips for a successful real estate investment)


These were some of the best successful projects and there are still many successful ideas. You may be inspired by a project idea mentioned above, but you may not find in it something that matches your inclinations, experience, or capital. No problem in that! You just need to realize that the best successful project is every business that either targets basic needs for which there is a large and continuous demand, or targets a gap in the market (supply is weak compared to demand). This article reviews 8 ways to have a successful project.


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