8 tips to properly operate a deep freezer for the first time

The deep freezer is considered one of the most important electrical appliances that must be in every home to preserve foodstuffs from damage, but when approving the purchase of the “deep freezer” freezer, there is an important stage that must be paid attention to, which is how to operate the deep freezer, as there are instructions and instructions when operating the deep freezer Freezer for the first time must not be underestimated in order not to make a mistake that causes damage or malfunctions in the deep freezer.

So, dear reader, if you are wondering how to turn on the deep freezer? Follow us to find out when the new deep freezer is running, what are the most important tips when you turn on the deep freezer for the first time, and how to set the cold to a degree, so follow with us to know the details.

8 tips to properly operate a deep freezer for the first time

Today, people depend on deep freezers to keep food icy cold, within appropriate health conditions, and that deep freezers are present in every family today. If you enter a house today, it must be in this modern electrical appliance, which has become necessary to have it in the house, without it food cannot be preserved Or supplies, as some people call it, for long periods.

Despite the popularity of this home appliance, there is a section of people who do not know how to use it for the first time, or they use it in a wrong way that leads to the deep freezer malfunctioning, although it is still new, but the method of use and operation for the first time is wrong. In this case, the deep freezer will malfunction. Fraser, of course.

And that this reason is due to people’s lack of education and their lack of knowledge of the existence of specific tips that they must follow when operating the freezer for the first time. Therefore, in this article, we will provide tips that must be followed when operating the deep freezer for the first time, so continue reading, dear reader, to know all the details.

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8 tips to properly operate a deep freezer for the first time

There are some tips that must be followed when operating the deep freezer for the first time, and some believe that the tips for operating the deep freezer differ from one brand to another, or even differ as soon as the deep freezer differs in the horizontal or vertical itch, but the tips are the same and must be followed correctly to operate the deep freezer in the correct way. Those tips are as follows:

1- Choose a suitable place for the deep freezer

One of the first steps that must be followed is to choose a suitable place for the deep freezer in the house, for example, the place must be away from dampness and even away from any source of direct heat, and even if the place is permanently exposed to water, the deep freezer must not be placed in it, and it is important It is very important to leave a safe distance between the deep freezer and other electrical appliances that emit heat. For example, the deep freezer should not be placed close to the stove, as the heat emitted from it may negatively affect the performance of the deep freezer.

2- Wait 2 hours before operating

After selecting the appropriate place for the deep freezer, you must wait two hours to start it for the first time, as the transportation to the house will have affected the engine gas, so it is necessary to wait for at least two hours, and then connect it directly to electricity.

3- Do not put the deep freeze plug in a joint connection

It is important not to put the deep freezer plug in a multiple joint connection, which is a big mistake that many users make, as many people, when operating the deep freezer, put the electric plug in one joint with many other devices, which leads to increased pressure on the electrical subscriber and thus leads to It may be damaged and may explode, causing damage to the electrical appliances connected to this multi-subscriber, so stay away from this topic as many places as possible.

4- Make sure to put the deep freezer in a well-ventilated place

It is important to place the deep freezer in a place exposed to good ventilation, especially when operating it for the first time. It is known that ventilation is good and necessary for electrical appliances and necessary for devices that work on freezing or refrigeration. Therefore, a good ventilation distance must be placed so that this distance allows air to pass to cool the motor, and this distance is estimated With 15 cm from the sides of the deep freezer, whether the type of deep freezer is horizontal or vertical.

5- Do not use the device at least 6 hours before

When operating the deep freezer for the first time, no foodstuffs or any type of food should be placed, whether meat or vegetables, as some people test the freezer for the first time, which is wrong. It is necessary to leave the freezer empty for a period of up to six hours, while the Freon liquid settles to start the cooling process After that successfully, and if you want to test the deep freezer, you can do so by placing one cup of water in it, and it will test the cooling and freezing.

6- Adjust the thermostat to 3 degrees

When operating the deep freezer for the first time, the thermostat must be set at 3 degrees, as it is the natural temperature of the deep freezer. In the event of a need to raise the cooling or freezing, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the thermostat.

7- Keeping the guarantee certificate

You should not get rid of the warranty certificate in order to immediately report any problem you encounter during the operation process. Every deep freezer of any brand includes a warranty certificate that extends for at least one year, starting from the date of purchasing the product. Therefore, in case you encounter any problem or malfunction in operating the deep freezer Freezer For the first time, contact the company’s customer service to either return the product or replace it with another.

8- Not operating the deep freezer cooling temperature to the maximum

The cooling of the deep freezer should not be turned on at the maximum level, as doing this is wrong, as many people believe that operating the deep freezer with great power helps to freeze food more quickly, but the matter is the opposite, as doing so may lead to malfunctions in the motor and reduce its life span Therefore, you will need to repair or change it after a short period of time.

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How long does a deep freezer need to freeze food well?

Many people need to freeze food well, either because of leaving it for a long time or because it is needed for travel, and the time that a deep freezer needs to freeze ranges between three and four hours.

How long is the fast cooling of food in the deep freezer?

The deep freezer can be placed on rapid cooling, and the foods will be cooled within a period of one to two hours, but this feature should not be used except in necessary cases such as the need for frozen food for travel, and it should not be used always, as we mentioned above, this leads to a reduction in the default engine life.

This was our topic for today, as we presented to you the most important tips that must be followed when operating a deep freezer for the first time. If you buy a deep freezer and want to run it for the first time, you must follow the previous tips and you should not do anything from resorting to the company’s catalog or asking the specialists in the deep freezer. Stay tuned for all that is new, my dear.

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