7 mental game sites to develop the mind and strengthen memory


Are you looking for Mind games To strengthen memory and focus, whether for adults or children? Then this article is directed to you because we will show you 7 mental game sites to develop the mind and strengthen memory.

Many of us spend most of our time using smart phones, and we often spend this time without any benefit, so why not use your mobile phone to activate your brain through sites and games that depend on deep concentration, which in turn helps to activate brain cells and maintain their continuous growth and development.

So how to strengthen the mind and do mind games really increase intelligence? What are memory games? If you want to download mind and intelligence games on the phone, then this article is directed because we will get to know the best and most popular mind games sites that develop the mind and entertain at the same time.

7 mental game sites to develop the mind and strengthen memory

The mind is the adornment of a person by seeing facts, realizing knowledge, achieving desires, and being able to face difficulties and troubles, and the ability to make a right decision.

Just as there is food for the body in order to grow and become strong and maintain it, there is also food for the mind in order to maintain its health and help in its growth, development and staying active by acquiring knowledge and skills, through reading, receiving useful information and following healthy habits and instructions.

Perhaps one of the things that help activate the brain cells is playing mental and mental games. What do you think about our article today that we learn about the benefits of these games?

Follow us, my dear friends, to learn more about mental games to develop the mind and strengthen memory. Let’s learn more about this topic.

The benefits of playing mental and mental games

Some people may think that playing mental and mental games is just for fun, but what they are ignorant of is that these games are the biggest helping factor in developing the cells of the mind, which is a muscle. If the cells are not activated and not used, they will atrophy and damage.

Practicing mental and intellectual activities helps to acquire high mental abilities, in addition to stimulating memory, as well as helping the flexibility of the mind and the ability to focus and solve problems.

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Here are the best mind games and meditation sites for developing the mind

With the spread of thousands of mind and intelligence applications and games, below we will show you the most famous and most important sites that help develop the mind, as follows:

Happy Nouran website

This site includes a rich and varied group of mental games and different activities divided into five basics, which are language, memory, executive tasks, in addition to attention and visuals.

You can choose what you want from them in order to develop your skills, and this site also allows you to follow the progress you have reached and the level of mental development you have.

It should be mentioned that these games have been developed specifically based on accurate and reliable scientific foundations, so they are considered one of the most popular mental games.

Website entry link happy-neuron.

Lumosity website

Lomo City is considered the best site for mental games that help develop mental abilities. It was launched for the first time since 2005 and was widely known for giving a satisfactory result.

Lomo City is a website through which you can learn and have fun at the same time, as it offers a wide range of mind and intelligence games that compete with children and adults.

It also provides many features, including:

  • It helps to strengthen memory, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving, using the numerical numbers available on this site.
  • When you choose any game on this site, it works to clarify a brief definition about it, and on which part of the brain this game focuses on.
  • This site provides the ability to specify the number of daily games that you want to exercise your brain on, and it also works to alert you every day to make sure that you are done with it.
  • Through the Lomo City website, you can subscribe to it either for free or for a fee, which provides you with more exercises, but nevertheless, in both cases, the site will follow up on the progress and development you have reached and the extent of your mental growth.
  • The most amazing thing is that this site works to provide a mobile application for both the Android and iPhone operating systems.

To enter the site from here.

Calm app

It is one of the most important applications that helps focus and develop the mind, and gives the ability to endure comfortably, whether for the mind or the body.

Calm is a unique and wonderful site that includes many stories that make you focus on the events in it, which contribute to activating the cells of the mind as well as calming the body.

In addition, it contains sessions dedicated to rest and sleep in order to relieve anxiety and stress and enhance the focus of the mind at work.

  • You can download the application for Android from here.
  • Download the Calm application for iPhone from here.

torch application

If you are looking for a mind games program in Arabic, then “Shoglah” is your preferred destination, as the Shola application is considered one of the most distinguished mental applications available in the Arabic language, by providing the possibility of creating a special account on this application and making a daily training program, of your choice, in accordance with Your desires to develop the skills you would like to develop.

Which deals with the basic mental aspects, namely concentration, memory, knowledge of quick reactions, in addition to the skill of flexibility, as well as problem-solving.

You can do this through the application of a torch through the mental games available on that application in addition to having fun and conducting tests based on modern science research.

Coindom website queendom

Queendom is a great and varied site that enables you to learn more about yourself as well as develop your mental skills. It also has a lot of personality tests and opinion polls in addition to brain teasers such as interesting mind games and general information quizzes.

Coindom is a completely free website that you enjoy without any conditions and restrictions, and you can access it directly from the following link queendom

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If you want to enhance your meditation and concentration skills, you can use the Yoga Glow app, as it contains several options. Through it, you will be able to prepare your own mental exercises according to your desires, in addition to the possibility of the duration for which you want to practice these exercises.

What is more beautiful and more enjoyable is that you can enjoy yoga sessions through it, which in turn helps to purify and develop the mind.

  • YOQAQLo download link on Android from here.
  • Link to download YOQAQLo on iPhone from here.

Braingle website

This site is considered one of the most available sites where mental games are available to develop the mind and help focus, which increase mental abilities and stimulate the growth of brain cells.

Among the most distinguished features of this rich site is that:

  • Pringle offers more than ten thousand puzzles.
  • Various mental exercises and games are also available.
  • An integrated community exists on this site.
  • You can design your own game according to your desires and goals.

Login to the site from here.

Here we come to the conclusion of talking about the best sites for mental and meditative games to stimulate the mind, and the importance of these games in enhancing mental abilities and working on their development and development, with best wishes that we have achieved the fullest benefit for you.

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