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If you are thinking of establishing a project in Morocco and are looking for the best successful project that has a future, then this article is directed to you, as we will present it to you through the website Technical dot com group ideas Projects with a future in Moroccoas we will answer the question which is better small projects successful in Morocco.

Although Morocco is considered one of the developing and civilized countries, the population density of the country has increased the unemployment rate in it, so the Moroccan government encourages investors to establish projects in various fields to eliminate the problem of unemployment, but with the presence of thousands of successful project ideas, many are confused in choosing a specific project. In the presence of intense competition, that is why, through this article, we deliberately selected a group of profitable project ideas in Morocco that have a bright and secure future.

Projects with a future in Morocco

Projects with a future in Morocco

Opening a successful project without financial loss or exposure to the risk of future loss is a very difficult matter, as many people, especially young people in Morocco, seek to carry out distinguished projects in their countries that provide them with a large monthly income and economic renaissance without the need to immigrate to foreign countries to work.

Morocco is considered one of the very distinguished countries, due to the diversity of industries and raw materials in it. But what project can I open in Morocco that has a long-term future? In our article, we will give you the correct answer by presenting a number of projects that you can start to collect money without losing.

1- E-commerce project

After technological progress, our dependence has become huge on the Internet and electronic shopping, and in light of the recent circumstances in Morocco, such as the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, which caused the closure of markets and quarantine, electronic commerce spread widely and began to expand until it got a special name, which is Ecom Local, and for this reason, the idea of ​​​​starting such a project is considered E-commerce is one of the successful ideas and it has a very big future, as the world is heading towards the Internet and dispensing with the traditional methods of shopping.

What are the basics of e-commerce?

  • First of all, you have to confirm that what is sold via the Internet must be one of the products that are most requested and desired by people in Morocco or outside Morocco in the event that your project also targets customers from outside the country, so you must make sure of the type of goods that you will offer and whether there is a great demand for them. Firstly.
  • You must carry out promotions for the products you sell by creating professional videos of your goods and displaying them on social media.
  • Direct your attention to posting ads on the Facebook program, as it is considered one of the most desired social networking sites, and the number of Facebook users is large and of different nationalities, where you can display your goods in groups designated for sale within Morocco.
  • You must confirm that any request that will be requested from your project will reach its owner correctly and without any obstacles in order to gain the trust of people, and you can confirm requests by communicating on the Internet or by phone number.
  • You must confirm the existence of a delivery service within your project, either by contracting with Moroccan delivery companies or by employing people who have a means of transportation and a driving certificate to deliver orders to their owners.
  • You have to raise the quality of your products, keep pace with modernity, and offer modern and international products that do not fall under the Moroccan industries only.

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2- Food distribution project

The idea of ​​distributing foodstuffs is one of the projects that guarantees success and is free from loss, as foodstuffs are considered among the products consumed on a daily basis, especially since the population percentage is high in Morocco. This makes it a safe project idea that has a long future.

But you should know that this project does not require a large amount of capital, and you can start with a small capital and start buying food products from various companies and owning one car that enables you to deliver products to grocery stores and shopping centers.

Advantages of opening a food distribution project

  • It does not require you to obtain raw materials and enter the industry, because all you will do is buy canned, packaged, and ready-to-market products from catering factories or food companies.
  • Abundant profit due to the great demand for food.
  • You do not need experience or university degrees, all you need is a small capital and a car to transport the products.

How to start a food distribution project:

  1. First, you have to choose the products that you will distribute, as you will not be able to distribute all food products.
  2. You must choose a suitable means of transportation to transport the products. You certainly will not be able to transport food products on a motorcycle.
  3. Finding a place where you can store foodstuffs that has a suitable temperature to keep the materials from spoiling.
  4. Determine the companies that will distribute their products in the event that you are asked about the companies that contract with them because there are many food companies whose products are questionable and people do not want to buy their products.
  5. Work at the beginning of your project in the places where your acquaintances are located, so that your name shines, develops, and becomes your business in all regions of Morocco.

3- A travel agency project

In the event that you love to travel and seek to open your own project, what do you think about opening a travel agency in Morocco? However, you should pay attention that if you decide to open a travel agency, there are some things that you should pay attention to and work on in order to have a successful project that will bring you abundant and very large profits, due to the great desire of the Moroccan people for travel and tourism and choosing a comfortable and safe travel agency, so the project of a travel agency is within A list of projects that do not exist in Morocco, this matter can be exploited to achieve success and earn profits.

How can I start opening a travel agency

  1. First, you have to plan for the beginning of opening your agency, because although it does not fall under the industry or trade market, it needs an elaborate plan.
  2. You should look at the Moroccan markets and know the costs of travel and whether you will need a financial loan or you can start with a small capital.
  3. You must make sure that your agency is legally licensed because no one wants to get an illegal trip.
  4. Choose a brand for your agency that distinguishes it from the agency market.
  5. Choosing a suitable place for the agency Do not choose the location of the agency in areas devoid of housing or with an address that is not easily accessible.
  6. Choose employees with experience in the field of travel, customer service and tact in dealing.

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4- The project of opening a fish restaurant

What distinguishes Morocco is the presence of a very large fish wealth on its coasts, in addition to the presence of rare types of fish in nature, and although this project is considered one of the somewhat small and traditional projects at the same time, it is one of the profitable projects, due to the great desire of the Moroccan population to Having the best restaurant that serves seafood in a distinctive, modern and delicious way, in addition to foreigners who come for tourism and cannot leave Morocco without trying one of the seafood available in Morocco. This makes it a unique project idea with a future.

What do I need to open a fish restaurant?

  1. Obtaining a suitable and strategic place close to the tourist areas or coasts to open your restaurant.
  2. Ensure that you get the best quality fish, as well as the foodstuffs and vegetables that you will use in your dishes.
  3. Find a fishmonger who fishes daily and provides fresh fish daily and contract with him.
  4. Choose employees who are tactful in dealing with customers.
  5. Choose the chef who will prepare the dishes carefully, because fish is considered a delicate food and must be handled expertly.
  6. Promote your restaurant and post signs indicating its location and the quality of what it offers to get a large number of customers.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion of this explanation, through which we got acquainted with the ideas of profitable projects that have a future in Morocco. Start it with a small capital at the beginning of the project and then you can develop it if it is successful.

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