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  • January 8, 2024
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Everyone is waiting for the group of films announced to be released in 2024, and everyone wants to watch those films the moment they are released, with Arabic subtitles. Who does not like films, but the most important question here remains: How will you watch your favorite films? You will need fast movie download sites that provide high resolution. Do not worry, we here at ComputerG strive to ensure that you get the best. Accordingly, here is a list of the best movie download sites for the year 2024, knowing that they are completely free.

Cima4u is one of the best sites for downloading various movies

Cima4u - movie download sitesCima4u - movie download sites

It is considered a site Sima for you One of the most famous movie download sites in the Arab world. It provides many international and Arab films and series with Arabic translation. The best thing about it is that you can watch all movies on it for free, even those taken from Netflix.

You can watch a lot of movies and series on the Sima4U website. You can also watch new movies and series shortly after their release. Through this site, you can also watch or download any movie through its powerful servers and with several available resolutions.

Site features Cima4u:

– Powerful servers give you the best viewing experience and fastest download speed ever.

– The site is completely free and you will not be asked for any fees to download or view.

The site provides the service of creating a favorites list to save favorite movies and series in it for later viewing.

– Excellent picture and pure sound no less than Netflix, which maintains an ideal user experience without cutting or distortion.

– You can download or watch your favorite movies and series without having to log in to the site.

Website disadvantages Cima4u:

The site is full of advertisements. Before watching any movie or series, the site must receive two or three advertisements.

The site may not contain translations of all films and series, especially old ones.

When watching a movie online, the quality of the movie may change depending on the resolution, although this problem does not occur when downloading it.

In the end, with all these well-known flaws in all sites for downloading movies for free, the Cima4U site remains the closest alternative to the godfather of those sites, EgyBest. Especially in light of the absence of the latter and the spread of imitations.

Cima4u website

Watch Shahid4u, the best movie site without a subscription

Shahid4u - Movie download sitesShahid4u - Movie download sites

It is considered a site Watch 4U The best sites for downloading movies in terms of use. It is considered the easiest site to use, as it is characterized by an organized design that is easy to understand. It also displays the contents in an easy way for users, where the classifications can be easily accessed. On the other hand, the site provides 80% of international films and series with Arabic translation, all for free.

The Watch4U website is distinguished by its remarkable diversity of content, where you can watch and download various categories of films and series. In addition to the presence of cartoon content for children. It also features respectable and fast download servers that provide the user with a great user experience.

Site features Shahid4u:

– Perfectly suitable for new website users due to its ease of use.

– Fast servers for downloading and watching.

– The Shahid4U website is completely free and will not require any fees for viewing or downloading, and you do not have to register for it.

The wide variety of content displayed makes it a suitable site for all families.

– The site is updated on a daily basis, which increases the security of the site and downloads everything new at the moment.

Website disadvantages Shahid4u:

The site contains many advertisements that are annoying to users.

– Arabic content is more dominant than other types.

In the end, it can be said that the Watch4U website will be perfectly suitable for watching and downloading films, especially for fans of Arabic works.

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Shahid4u website

Alooy tv is the most prominent site for downloading movies and series

alooy tv - movie download sitesalooy tv - movie download sites

If you want various and prestigious movie download sites, this will be the site Alloy TV A suitable option for you. This site provides you with the latest movies constantly. It also displays films from some paid platforms, most notably Netflix, and all of this is completely free.

The site displays all content categories, in addition to providing some sports channels that show live matches. Thus, it can be said that viewers who are interested in sports are the ones who follow this site the most, in addition to watching and downloading films and series from it.

Site features Alooy tv:

This site features many servers that ensure watching and downloading movies without interruption or interference.

– It constantly displays everything new, with translations available in Arabic.

– A suitable option for sports fans, as it displays live broadcasts of some matches.

– Completely free and you do not need to pay to view or download, and you will not need to register on the site.

Website disadvantages Alooy tv:

– The site contains many advertisements that appear constantly.

– If you are looking for old movies and series, you may not find them on the site.

In the end, the Alloy TV website is suitable for seasoned movie and series followers who do not miss any new movie. This site ensures that they stay informed of everything new.

Alooy tv website

Akoam is the best foreign movie site for free


If you are a fan of foreign films and specialize in them, this is the site Heaps Your perfect choice. This site provides you with all old and modern European and American films. In addition, it provides many Arabic, Indian and Turkish works.

Through this site, you can download movies and series and watch them without any interruption or interference. It is also easy to use. No matter your age, you can use this site easily and without any problems. On the other hand, the site provides more than 20 translation languages ​​to watch the movie according to your language preferences.

Site features Akoam:

– Powerful download servers ensure enjoyable viewing without any interruption or decrease in sound quality.

– Easy to use, you can use it no matter your age.

– He replaces EgyBest in terms of European and American business.

– You can watch your favorite works for free and without the need to log in.

Disadvantages of Akoam website:

The site contains many ads that make the user experience somewhat annoying.

– Turkish and Arabic content may be somewhat scarce.

– Image quality may decrease if your Internet connection is weak.

Thus, the Akwam website can compensate you slightly for EgyBest if you are looking for the best sites for downloading foreign films.

Akoam website

My Cima is the best site to download movies for free

my cimamy cima

location My sima It is one of the oldest and most famous movie downloading sites in the Arab world. The site contains a comprehensive encyclopedia of works for all countries in the world. It also contains a wide range of servers to ensure fast loading and enjoyable viewing.

On the other hand, the site has an elegant and easy-to-use graphical interface through which you can access the classifications and sections easily. There is also a favorites option to watch movies later, in addition to the ability to control the video speed and change the display screen size.

Site features my cima:

The site guarantees viewing and downloading of works from the fastest servers in the world.

– Easy to use interface, favorite options and video settings.

– Few ads compared to other sites.

– You can watch your favorite works completely free of charge and without the need to register on the site.

Website disadvantages my cima:

– The display resolution may decrease if your internet speed is poor.

-You may find it difficult to access some old movies.

In the end, it can be said that MyCima is one of the most reliable and comprehensive sites among movie download sites, as it contains options that satisfy everyone.

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my cima website


In conclusion, there are many and varied sites for downloading movies on the Internet, which may reach thousands of sites, but in this list we have chosen the most suitable and best sites for the Arab user. We hope you enjoy watching as we approach the new year. Watch the latest movies with these five sites.


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