10 Websites that pay you on a daily basis

10 websites that pay you money
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  • February 12, 2022
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10 Websites that pay you on a daily basis (within 24 hours) for doing easy tasks

There are dozens of websites that provide the opportunity for thousands of people around the world to engage in self-employment activities and make money from home. Nowadays whether you are highly skilled in certain fields or you are a beginner, you will find the right place to earn a good amount money online. But few sites allow users to withdraw their fees at any time they wish, without any restrictions in minimum amount. Therefore, through in post, we will learn about 10 foreign sites that pay you money on a daily basis (within 24 hours) regardless of your balance, if you finish the tasks assigned to you.

10 websites that pay you money without any prior restrictions

Many people who deal with the previous sites or similar sites, find it difficult to get their fees within a short period. As in most cases there is a minimum amount for transferring money to a freelancer, which is usually $50 or higher. Or we find other sites that transfer the money earned by the person every month or two.

However, there are well-known sites to make money online that allow users to earn money within a short period of up to 24 hours only! To help you find it, we have created this list.

All the sites that will be mentioned are foreign sites that are guaranteed and not false, as we have verified them and searched for user reviews to ensure their reliability. We found that thousands of people around the world use it on a daily basis and get paid when they want it without having to meet a minimum or wait for a week, a month or more.

1.Field Agent

This premium site can pay up to $12 an hour to do a range of different tasks, including going to stores and taking pictures of some of the products they order from you or filling out store-related surveys, different jobs like traveling to retailers and doing product audits or Retail and other experience. You can start using the Field Agent either through the website or by downloading its application, which is available on Android or iOS systems.

Currently, there are more than 2 million people using this site, who require users to perform these tasks in order to collect photos, videos and other information about retailers and products for use in the store search market. The user is usually given a specific time to complete these tasks, so try to read the instructions completely before accepting the task.

The main reason to take these product photos is to help companies see how their products are actually displayed in stores and to assess the quality. One of the negatives of the site is that it does not support use in Arab countries, so if you are a resident of a European country, Australia, America or Canada, it will become easier for you.

2. Qmee

Qmee is a browser extension for Google Chrome or can be used as an application on smart devices for Android or iOS systems, which allows users to earn money and prizes by sharing their opinions on various topics or interacting and shopping from many international brands. The site or application is based on the principle of paid opinion polls, and in a previous article we talked about the easiest job to make money online | Participate in paid surveys.

One of the most important features of the site is that there is no minimum for receiving payments, more clearly even if your balance is only one dollar, you can withdraw it to your PayPal account. Not only that, but you will get these payments in just a few minutes! In addition, the use of the site is completely free, and additional prizes are usually awarded after completing a certain set of surveys.

3.Google Opinion Rewards

From the name, we note that this site is from Google itself, and therefore its use is 100% reliable, as is the case for ten foreign sites that pay you money mentioned in this list. The site’s application can be used to answer surveys or evaluate certain products and get a financial return for it.

But the revenue from this site is not great, as you will receive between $0.10 and $1.00 for each completed survey. The amount can vary and depends on the number of questions in the survey and the amount of time it takes to answer the survey. In addition, you can participate in the available tasks when you are notified, as you have up to 24 hours to participate in the task from the moment you are notified of it.

4. Gigwalk

This popular site is similar to the aforementioned Field Agent, which is a smartphone site and app that pays you to perform small tasks (aka “Gigs”) based on your location. Companies looking for Gigwalkers are usually retail stores looking for brand audits or product reviews and product offerings. Thus, the app will ask you to visit the stores as well and take some pictures and videos.

It is true that the duration of tasks assigned to users may exceed 30 minutes or even reach several hours, but at the same time this site or application pays up to $100 sometimes for such long tasks. All tasks can be found through the application, which can be downloaded for free, whether for Android or iOS systems.

In addition, Gigwalk pays you directly after completing and submitting a task.

5. Bird

Bird is affiliated with a foreign company that puts scooters on the streets to help people move around in cities, where a person can find a scooter on the street and use it to move around for money. And the way you can earn money through this site is by working with something called Charger Through Bird.

As the company pays money to people who take the scooter from the street, charge it electrically and then return it to its place, so that these means of transportation remain permanently charged and usable by the residents. To start working with them, you have to visit their site and then create a new account and put your personal information and address.

They will then mail 3 chargers to your address that you can use to ship your Scooters. They usually pay $5-20 to charge one scooter. But one of the negatives of using this site is that it is preferable for a person to own a car so that he can transport more than one scooter to his home at the same time, as it becomes more difficult without a car, but it is possible.

In addition, this service is available in many countries, including European countries, America, Canada and others, with the exception of Arab countries. Another similar app that offers similar services is Lime.

6. OneSpace

This site is similar to popular sites like Upwork and Fivver where users are offered freelancing opportunities in different fields and they are paid for the tasks they do. And working through this site can include different fields, such as working in content writing, working in the field of translation, working in data entry, graphic design and many other fields.

But what distinguishes this site is the possibility of obtaining material fees on a daily basis, that is, the money you earn through this site can be withdrawn within 24 hours. Another thing that distinguishes this site, is that freelance opportunities through it are linked to famous international companies and not to specific individuals, here we are talking about companies such as: Staples, OverStock, Wal-mart, eBay, Instacart and others.

The idea of ​​the site is to turn a large task into small tasks by dividing them and then outsourcing the work to get the work done faster, cheaper and more reliable. You will need to create your account by filling in your profile information, and once the account is created, you can access various online tasks that OneSpace offers depending on your level of competence.

7. Scribie’s

Scribie is a global company that pays you to work transcribing speech into audio or video recordings and transcribing it. So if you have listening and writing skills at the same time, you can earn money by working on this site from home.

Scribie usually pays $5-25 for a 1-hour audio recording, and the audio or video recordings you receive to work on are usually at least 6 minutes long. Typically, a 6-minute audio recording earns you between 1-2 USD. And the most important feature of the site, as is the case with the rest of the foreign sites that pay you money in this list, is that there is no minimum to transfer money to you, even if you have one dollar that you can transfer to your account.

To create a free account on this site, you must go to it and search for Apply Now and then you will undergo a simple test to ensure that you are able to do the tasks that will be assigned to you and after passing the test, you can start working and earning money through the site.

8. ClearVoice website

This site is similar to the previously mentioned OneSpace site, as it offers users the opportunity to perform a set of freelance tasks in different fields such as content writing and others, and these tasks are also done for the benefit of large international companies and not for individuals.

To work on this site, the first step is to go to the site and search for “For Freelancer”, then register and create an ePortfolio, choose the amount you want to earn for the work, and then the site will provide the tasks that you can do. Also, it is a site that pays you the money you earn without any prior restrictions.

9. TestingTime

This distinguished site pays users to try or test new products via Skype or Zoom, and it is also possible to complete studies or opinion polls and many more. More clearly, it is the expression of making an evaluation of specific products by making video calls with the owner of the product and submitting your evaluation to him. These products may be a website, app, commercial products, etc.

This helps market research companies learn what users say about their products and like their ease of use. Through this site, some people earn up to $55 per hour of work. To start working on the site, go to it and click on “Become a Test User”, then you can create a new account and registration is completely free.

10. TaskRabbit

This famous site mainly relies on distributing tasks to users through its application on smart devices, whether for Android or iOS systems. It is mainly based on showing you the tasks that you can do in the area where you live, such as helping out with workshops, making purchases for someone, helping with housework, taking care of animals and many more work tasks.

To start working on this site, go to it and then click on “Become a Tasker”, then you can create your account and put the money you require in exchange for the tasks you can do, and you can also set the appropriate working hours for you, and then the application will send you notifications Always as long as there are opportunities to do business in the area where you live. However, it should be noted that this application is not effective in most Arab countries.

And as soon as you finish working on the task that has been assigned to you, you will get the financial return in the same day. And if you are lucky and manage to find people who need help in the long run, then you can get additional financial return for a long period of time.

These were the top 10 websites that pay you money for doing different tasks, and in fact, the advantage that the money can be transferred to your PayPal account within 24 hours, makes these sites outperform many other famous freelance sites.

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